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A One On One With Oprah

Updated on February 12, 2010

Changing Lives Starting With Her's And Mine

I read an article online about Oprah and her beliefs and I have seen clips of her saying that there is more than one way to God. She had a thought while sitting in a service that really changed her outlook on God and how the universe gives you what you believe. Someone in the audience said that Jesus was the only way and she disagreed. If memory is serving me correctly this is what I heard.

I thought about it and thought she was wrong. And I wondered why she believe that. She had gone to church, read the Bible and I know she's very intelligent. And I know what you're probably thinking. She's been deceived by the Devil. I'd say she needs a encounter with Jesus (smiling). It's been on and off my mind for about six months and I've had different thoughts about it.

I woke up this morning and Oprah was on my mind again. I thought of writing to her personally but didn't think she would even get what I wrote. And then I thought what if I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with her one on one; how would I say what's on my heart to say? I decided to write it here and maybe somehow, someway it will reach her as well as others. My thoughts:

I believe that what you said has a lot of truth in it but it's missing, in my opinion, the main ingredient. And I can say that as I thought on what I heard it actually helped me to see what God was trying to get me to understand. Understand that confessions and faith brings into existence the things I'm believing to happen: whether its good or evil. I got that from the part you said about the universe giving us what we say and think on. Remember how you said you believe you got the color purple role? I believe that.

What if, God would honor faith and works of faith wherever it is displayed? So many passages of scripture comes to mind; like whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap. I believe that goes for saved men and unsaved men. "God rain on the just and the unjust." Another passage Jesus simple said, believe only! What if, the universe was created by God, belongs to God and He's the ruler of the universe? I believe that would make Him the Supreme Being. What if the universe was God; like in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Further down in St. John first chapter it reads and the Word was made Flesh (Jesus) and dwelt among us. Would that make Jesus God in flesh?

We know by bible that God created the heavens and the earth and man that dwell there in. We know how the first man, Adam had domenion over everything. God gave him everything; he didn't have to work hard and he walked with God in the cool of the day. And we know there are fallen angels here on the earth. I believe you know the story. How the serpent deceived Eve and Eve gave to Adam to eat of the forbidden fruit. And sin fell upon man. Before Adam sin against God command, mankind had the best life had to offer and was never to die but live and enjoy life. God made man for His pleasure. God loved man so much that He made man in His own image. So we could act like God, think like God, and just be like God. But that was lost when Adam disobeyed God. Mankind was cursed.

God loves His creation (mankind) so much that He didn't leave man in that sinful, cursed state. He made a plan on how to redeem man back to himself; to put man back in his first state before Adam sinned. We (mankind) came through the old convenant commandments and living under the law to the new convenant of Grace and Truth by Jesus Christ. Jesus was the sacrificial lamb that took away the sins of the world! And now if we look unto (accept) Jesus, we will have eternal life.

The Apostles lets us know that there is no other name given under heaven whereby men (we) must be saved but by the name of Jesus. That's in Acts 4th chapter. The teachings of Jesus let us know that all power was given unto him by God. And anything we ask God the Father for in Jesus name will be given to us. Another passage Jesus says, "no man comes to the Father but by me. And if you come any other way; the same is a thief and a robber." Jesus also taught a parable (story) about a man going into the wedding chamber without his proper garments on and when it was discovered he was cast out into outer darkness.

Part 2 will explain the above statements in more details. However, I mentioned those passages because they are the keys to going to heaven. I believe that was Jesus main message and purpose and to give us an abundant life here as well. He came to redeem mankind back to God and to show the love of God and what God intended for mankind to be and have before Adam sinned. What it would be like if Adam never sinned? God wanted to put us back in that state before Adam sinned. Now, to have a good life here on earth was apart of that state and to be able to go back with the Lord when judgement day comes is the key elements. Most of us focus on the earth, life here but not life after death. We want to have it all good here and no thoughts about the after life. Some thinks when you're dead you're done; not so. There is a Hell and there is a Heaven. Hell's for those that didn't accept Jesus and Heaven is for those He did accept Jesus as Lord and savior. It's God's judgement.

Ms. Winfrey, I now have to say that you are right about the things I heard you say. Because there are 2 ways to be saved. Save to go to heaven and saved on the earth from the attacks of the Devils. Next is Part 2


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    • Jisblessed profile image

      Jisblessed 6 years ago

      Thank you for your comment. I believe it's just as easy to be deceive by the Devil by compromise or ignorants of the word of God. If we don't rely on God's word; accepting it as final authority in our lives; which require a mindset change; being open to God's Truths and study to show thyself approved, you'll believe in something else which is deceptive and error. That goes for all faiths. But God promise to lead and guide us into all truth, we have to desire truth. God promise to fill us, give us His righteousness and His Spirit to guide us. I believe He's well able to get Truth to us. Thank you for reading my hub, I pray God's blessings and Truth for you always.

    • profile image

      Judy 6 years ago

      It's easy to compromise, when we want to avoid an argument; but I think Oprah believes in New Age theology and looks forward to the time when there'll be one central religion (a watered down version of the Bible in which the Buddhists can believe in their gods, the Muslims can worship Allah, and the Christians can worship their own ideas about Jesus). I don't want to go there, myself.