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A Paranormal State of mind

Updated on June 13, 2015
Jokerjensen profile image

While I have only been formally studying psychology and working in research for the last 3 to 4 years, It is one of my favorite topics.

The definition of paranormal is an event or experience that can not be explained by any known form of scientific reasoning. The definition itself seems to be much less bright and interesting when we compare it to what we consider paranormal in our every day lives. Nowhere in that definition does it say "impossible events" or even " spiritual events". I feel that this is important to recognize because while there is much that we have learned about the world around us, there is also even more still that we do not know. We live in an instant age where there is very little time to dream about the impossible between the rings of our phones and the inhuman need to post pictures of felines. Where , if there truly is any, is the magic in today's world? Where is the mystery? A lack luster world view seems to have taken hold in our time.

Disinterest seems to haunt the masses and draw them away from the uknown. With an instant resource offer almost limitless information in our pockets or sitting on our desks at the office, what is there left to discover? Eveything that could be considered even mildly interesting has already been tweeted, instagramed, or shared by someone before you had even recognized. It would seem that in this instant age, we have swopped our childlike wonder that was once held for the world around us for this false belief that there is nothing left unknown. A false belief that the unexplained can always be explained and that phenomena are simple tricks or gimmicks waiting to be debunked.

I want to help rekindle the passion and curiosity of the public by sharing the unkown or more specifically the paranormal. There is so much that science has yet to explain and that is exactly what I intend to share with my hub pages because I believe that someone out there may very well read some of my work and chase a topic to it's conclusion. Someone may even find something worth sharing with the world that would have otherwise been forgotten or lost.With all of that said, I invite you to enter into a paranormal state of mind with me and learn more about just how amazing our world is.

Perhaps there is something that you wish to have researched that you just do not have the time for.Share your couriosity with me and I will share with you what I find.

"I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”
― Socrates


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