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A Personal Experience With Haunted Houses And How To Cleanse A Space From Unwanted Spirit

Updated on November 20, 2012
google image for country cottage
google image for country cottage

Case 1 - A Haunted Open Home

A few years ago, when I was looking to buy a property, I had a very paranormal encounter with a house that defied logical explanation.

It was a lovely weekend, one of those days with such brilliant sunshine and gentle breeze that made me temporarily forgot the capricious nature of Auckland weather. It was during the time when Manukau’s Totara Park was my favorite haunt for half day bush walks. On one of my trip to the park, I noticed a charming looking colonial house nearby was for sale.

That weekend, my brother, his wife and his son accompanied me to the open home. It was a surprisingly large home that was very tastefully refurbished. A lovely Tuscan style courtyard for entertaining guests and families. Someone had brighten it up with gorgeous flowering hanging baskets here and there. My brother and I looked at the large open spaced kitchen and dinning room with admiration. We could easily imagine a few fabulous family dinners on that large wooden dining table that could comfortably sit 10.

Then we made our way up the stairs to investigate the bedrooms. The rooms were surprisingly small comparing with the large living space downstairs. The hastily made up beds gave an impression of how the habitants must have had a sleep in and only managed to vacate the house with little time to spare.

When my brother’s family was still investigating the smaller bedrooms, I made my way to the master bedroom. Just as I was about to walk into the room, when my body was easily where the door would have been had it been closed, I felt an invisible hand shoved me square on my chest, pushing me with a great force to stop me from entering. It was a clear, heavy, physical “boof” like some heavy bouncer stopping some unwanted visitor from entering the pub.

I was more than spooked. I took a quick glance at the room that I had just been “refused entry”, besides being a little messy with a blanket thrown half way across the bed, there was on one in sight. I totally freaked out and did a complete turn, grabbed my brother by his arm and shouted to his wife and son, “Let’s Go! We Have To Go NOW.”

I ran down the stairs and out of the house like it was on fire. My brother and his family looked at me like I suddenly had two noses on my face.

I had been to places that make me feel eeky, but I had never been shoved out of a room so unceremoniously by an invisible hand before. I knew I wasn’t imagining it because I distinctly felt the push and bear the blunt force on my chest. If a real person did that to me I would have called him rude. But when the person who did the pushing was invisible, I thought it was better to flee than stay and argue the fine point of politeness.

My cat Twinkle in my house, Kaiwaka, NZ
My cat Twinkle in my house, Kaiwaka, NZ | Source

Case 2 - I Had Invisible Squatters

This happened when I was still flying for the airline as a flight attendant. I had been living in my dream home in the country for a few years and totally enjoyed the beautiful protective energy of my sanctuary.

One day however, I had a not so nice surprise when I came home.

I must have been away out of the country for three or four days, which was very normal for my job. I would flew back to Auckland International Airport after a 14 hours shift, had a quick sleep at my parents place. Then jumped back into my car for the two hours drive to my home in the country. As usual, my two darling cats would greet me at my drive way, happily thrown themselves tummy up on the driveway for a tummy rub as soon as they saw me before racing to their food bowls in the kitchen. I would oblige them by giving them fresh food and water if my kind neighbour had not already came over to give them food.

All was well that day, until I went to my bedroom to get changed.

Something was not right.

The furtherest away corner of my bedroom felt all wrong.

It was a matter of pressure. Even though I couldn't see anything, every time I went near that corner my body felt like it was going through a pressure chamber. It was extremely heavy and dense, a very unpleasant feeling for my body. I had not experienced anything that "heavy" in energy before. I felt my usual cleansing method might not be sufficient in this very heavy case of invisible spirit. I had a feeling that it was to do with the Maori spirits of the native land, and it was not at all my specialty. Luckily, I had a girl friend who was very adept with respectful dealings with the native spirits of the land so I immediately gave her a call.

I was lucky she was available and came over as soon as she could. She was a very gifted healer and communicator with spirits. She was in my bedroom for about 15 to 20 minutes. After she finished, she confirmed that they were indeed several heavy weight Maori spirits. She also explained that there were an increase Maori spirits activity in the area recently, which meant she was kept extremely busy with helping out the native land and their inhabitants. I felt so lucky to have her as a friend, who gives so generously and genuinely in the service for the greater good of all.

I went into my bedroom and the unpleasant heavy feeling was indeed gone. Of all the six years that I lived there in the country, this had remained an one-off incident, never happened before nor after.

goggle image
goggle image | Source

Case 3 - A 3 minutes ride turned into 30 minutes

The following story is told to me by my father:

My dad's younger brother passed away a few years ago. My father didn't like the funeral home the family used to store his brother's body for funeral. My father thought it was too remote and often used for the bodies of the unfortunate homeless. He felt it was haunted. But it was all decided before my father made it back to his family home, so his complaint went unheeded.

Upon finishing his visit at the funeral home, my father took his deceased brother's motorbike to make his way home. According to him, it was normally a quick 3 minutes ride on the motorbike. But it took him 30 minutes to get home! He would start the bike, went a little bit, and the bike would stop. Start, stop; start, stop. When he finally made it home, he took it straight to the garage, the mechanics there couldn't find a single thing wrong with it.

To this day, my father believes it was a prank played by other disembodied spirit hanging around the funeral home.

google image
google image | Source

Case 4 - The Old Doc Checking On His Colleague After Hours?

After I left flying, I worked as a qualified therapeutic massage therapist at a Chinese acupuncture clinic for a few months before I went to the art school.

My intensive massage training meant each of us had to go through intense massage therapy ourselves which helped our bodies to detox very effectively. As a result my innate clairsentient ability became even more heightened. During a massage session, I could sometimes feel some of my client's physical problems in my own body and they would either be shocked or amazed by what I describe it to them. If a particular client's body was in a very fatigue state, I would even yawn all the way through the massage, which was actually quite funny.

As I acquired a lot of returning clients for the clinic, my boss was happy to assign to me the newly refurbished therapy room upstairs. Since the main clinic acupuncture therapies and activities were downstair, the room upstairs was very roomy and quiet in comparison. One day, my client was running late. It was my last appointment of the day and it meant that the Chinese clinic would be closed before my session would finish. It was the first time I had to lock up the clinic myself but I didn't see any problem.

I usually finish the massage with a brief healing while I place my hands over the head of the client. It usually sent the client into a very deep sate of relaxation and 9 out of 10 of them would start snoring immediately as soon as I commence healing even if they were talking a few seconds beforehand.

As I was finishing up the massage that day, sitting on a chair with my hands over the client's head, she was sound asleep and I was feeling very relaxed myself. Suddenly, out of the blue, my heart started RACING. My body was still. I was in a comfortable sitting position. My mind was still. Nothing changed. But my heart rate went crazy all by itself. I calmly took notice of it, sent my client away after the session and locked up the clinic.

The second time it happened, I was again alone after the clinic hour with a late client. Nothing was out of the ordinary, except the sudden racing of the heartbeat in the middle of the most calming setting. After the second time, I told my boss of my experience. I told him we might have an invisible after hour visitor upstairs. He chuckled enigmaticly. Then he began to explained to me of his own experience when he first started up the clinic a few years ago. He said, he was the only Chinese doctor when he started his clinic and he only had the room upstairs. He said it used to be the local medical clinic for very many years until the old GP passed away. He said he used to stay up there late to finish some study, and he often felt a friendly presence "after hours". I agreed with him about the friendly nature of the presence, as I did not feel any ill effect that I normally associate with less cordial spirits. Just the racing of the heart beat as my body tries to tell me I was no longer "alone".

goggle image B777
goggle image B777

Case 5 - An Unexpected Passenger On B777

This incident happened to me and my fellow crew member on our flight from LAX to AKL. Please click on the link to read the full story (at the bottom half of the article) and find out one method of cleansing energy in my following hub:

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I've had similiar experiences too. I think they were demonic forces. I don't believe in ghosts but I do think demons masquerade as ghosts to trick people and scare them.

    • Violet Flame profile imageAUTHOR

      Violet Flame 

      6 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      Hi Anne, I think you are absolutely right about the young couple! Especially that feeling of wanting to get out and get away from the place is particularly telling. I'm so glad your friend didn't stay there for long, she must have known either consciously or intuitively. There were a few times when I went into a shop or a place with a friend just to turn around and walk right back out, leaving the poor friend to scratch his/her head, lol. I think our body is very intelligent and is always communicating to us, and the majority of us need to pay closer attention to the messages from our own body. :-)

    • Violet Flame profile imageAUTHOR

      Violet Flame 

      6 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      Hi cryptid, Thank You for dropping by and for your lovely comment. I guess I enjoy paying very close attention to all encounters large and small, visible or invisible. It gets a bit frustrating sometimes when no one else is feeling it but you and they think that you must have lost your marbles, LOL.

    • bac2basics profile image


      6 years ago from Spain

      Hi Violet. There is no denying that you can feel the presence of spirits, I myself have experienced this on a number of occasions. Reading about the lovely house you went to view reminded me of going to visit a friend many many years ago. It was the first time I had been in her house and it was such a cold and unwelcome feeling inside I couldn´t wait to get away, and as soon as we left I told my husband about the bad feeling inside that house. Shortly afterwards my friend moved and as soon as I set foot in her new place it felt totally right, warm and inviting. The young newly married couple who bought her other house split up just 10 months after moving in, and said they had nothing but problems and arguments from the moment they moved in, and I think it all stemmed from whatever presence was in that house.

    • cryptid profile image


      6 years ago from Earth

      Very interesting stories. Sounds like you lead quite a life!


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