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A Place to Fill

Updated on April 1, 2017

There is
A place to fill.
His purpose
Must be our will.

Our Shepherd
Is our guide.
We follow
Close by His side.

There is
A battle.
Shepherd leads.
Take the saddle.

Is victorious.
Battle is won.
His name is Glorious.

The lost.
Save their lives.
This is the cost.

Gave His life.
So we can live.
No more strife.

He forgives.
We must, too.
They are precious.
There's work to do.

They are lost.
He paid it all.
His life the cost.

My reason,
I must tell.
They need not be lost.
I'm saved from hell.

The battle
Is His.
I've joined the fight,
Glorious armor is.


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