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A Point to Consider

Updated on October 1, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

The pre-flood world problem

When we read about Noah and the flood, we are told in Genesis 6 that all the people, except Noah and his family, thought about was evil. There was no break as Genesis 6:5 uses the word continually.

That term tells us that the people of the pre-flood world strayed so far from God that they would not even consider thinking about God or his ways. They loved darkness that much.

We also learn that the people were so wicked that parents would not ask Noah or his family if they had room for their children, their babies or even their spouse. Even big sisters and brothers did not look out for their younger siblings or their friends.

In all the flood stories that we have that are secular works, not one mentions these acts taking place. They do not record Noah and his family rejecting any pleas for salvation for those they were responsible for. Neither does the biblical record.

The pre-flood miracle

Even the pre-flood miracle did not sway the pre-flood world population to reconsider their decision to ignore salvation from God’s coming judgment. What was that miracle? The animals of course.

Now we cannot be sure how many came to the ark and were let in. Even if it were a small parade it would be a unique spectacle to behold.

Here are animals coming by 2s and in heterosexual pairs no less to the ark. Anyone of the pre-flood world who witnessed this act should have given it a thought or two as to why these animals were doing this.

Yet, there is no indication that even this miracle made any impact on the minds of those who refused to enter the ark with Noah and his family.

Think about it

The Jewish religious and political leaders told Jesus that if he saved himself from the cross, they would believe in him. Yet Jesus knew that he couldn’t do that. Not only would he be defeated and his purpose for coming to earth be ruined, he knew that the doubters would not believe anyways.

Miracles are not going to change the hearts of those who have already made their salvation decision. There is going to be a time in today’s world that even miracles will not stop evil men from doing and thinking about evil.

Think about that. No matter what Noah did, what his family said to their friends and neighbors and so on, everyone had made up their minds and nothing was going to change it.

Think about what can be done now before it is too late for the people in your area. Ask God to help you find news ways to reach them before their final salvation decision is made and nothing will be strong enough to change it.

God won’t do it even though he is strong enough. The reason for that is because he allows men and women to freely choose where they want to be and whom they will follow.

He respects a person’s choice and lets them face the consequences of that decision. Oh and God does not change his rules.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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