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A Point to Consider 2

Updated on October 1, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Life isn’t fair

That is something millions of children were taught when they complained about different treatment as they grew up. Life won’t be fair in the eyes of many people when they get to be adults.

This unfairness can be seen in how Pastors are paid. Mega church and larger church pastors get a great salary while others unfortunately get the short end of the stick and wind up with a group of people who are a little bit stingy and do not pay that well.

It isn’t right, it isn’t fair and it isn’t spiritual to have such inequality in Pastors; salary.

Keeping them humble

That is one of the main excuses used by many church elders boards who determine the pastor’s salary. They feel that if the man serving God and preaching to them is kept poor, they will some how be humbled and be better pastors.

Sadly, it does not work that way. For one thing, it is not the church’s job to keep the pastor humble. That is God’s duty and the church should not take that task away from Him. Only God knows the heart of the Pastor and only he can decide if the man is getting a little too big for his britches.

Keeping a decent salary from the man God has called to serve him is not right nor is it a spiritual thing to do

A low salary hurts not just the pastor

One area of church life that is rarely considered when an elder’s board is determining what to pay the man they have called to preach to them is the effect such a low salary will have on the man’s family.

The Pastor may be gracious and Christian about accepting the low pay, but what about the impact on the pastor’s wife? His children? Low pay and their constant struggle for even the necessities of life can have a negative affect on them

In fact, it can open a door in their hearts and let evil have a chance to take them away from their faith and ruin the Pastor’s ministry and career. It can also open the Pastor’s heart up to leaving God and his faith as well.

Evil did it to Judas who had first hand experience with Jesus. It did it to King Saul as well. Men are not immune to the attacks of evil and it makes it harder for them to resist when they are offered better pay and rewards from secular sources.

The Pastors’ families are not immune from such things either. They have eyes and can see the difference in lifestyles. They also have stomachs which tell them who is fed better in a majority of cases.

Why risk losing the Pastor and his family to evil when they are not paid properly?

It is an insult to the man and God

Low pay can be seen as an insult to the man and his family. The church does not think that much of him or his loved ones so they short him in the salary department. The man will work hard for God and the people no matter the pay but insulting him makes it easy for him to become bitter in his heart because the insult is real and he feels it even if he does not say a word about it.

Then the low pay is an insult to God. Here God has provided a shepherd for the church. He is a man who will guide the church, lead them to the truth, comfort them and so on yet they think so little of him and God’s provision that they make the person lack for their basic needs.

Some final words

This article is not suggesting that pastors be paid huge amounts of money every year. In fact, this author feels that many mega church salaries should be reduced significantly as the pastor’s job is not about becoming rich.

The salary offered to all pastors, no matter the size of the church, should be fair, it should be spiritual and it should be enough so that the man is not insulted and his family is driven away from God.

Money does affect a person’s spirituality,. It may not affect the Pastor but there are more people involved than just the Pastor in this issue. There is is family, his siblings, his parents, his wife’s family, siblings and parents and so on.

Paying a pastor properly will help them all remain spiritual and humble as they and the families see that God is taking care of them. A Pastor’s reward in heaven should not influence the elders board salary decision.

That is a horse of a different color.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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