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A Postcard From Hell.

Updated on June 2, 2010

A Postcard From Hell.

©-MFB III All rights reserved

It arrived scorched,

smelling of sulphur,

combined with flesh rot

and still quite warm to the touch.


The gnarled old hand that gripped it

trembled when he saw the return address.


He had known some form of bad news

would eventually catch up to him

here in Bum-fiddle, Minnesota.

where he'd hidden out since World War two

as an entirely new person

with a history that would curl pubic hair.


His arm actually almost made it

halfway up into the stiff armed reaction,

when he saw who had sent the post.


There was no picture per say

just a hideously, distorted, melted face,

with a scalded look in a permanent scream,

and a troubling bit of a fuller brush

under the sender's nose.


The image was singed badly but familiar

and the horror in those eyes

glaring out from that postcard,

made the intestines of the old man clench

and his bowels moved

in his jockeys like the brown blur

of a race the finish line.


But it was no run for the roses.


His fingers tingled

for this mail was unnatural,

not of this world or my next

but he knew he would be

personally returning it to the sender.


On the back side

of the cursed postcard it simply read...

"It's horribly hot here....

makes the crematories

we built together

look like tanning booths. Ha,ha,ha!!

There is choking gas.....

endless starvation and thirst

I'm a living, imprisoned pile of bones

experimented on..raped and tortured

every second in all orifices

Wish you were here....instead of me...

but I hear I'll be seeing you soon!!

........Sin-sear-ly....Adolph Hitler.


A few minutes later

a fist of cold stone

gripped his heart.

He broke into a cold sweat

and almost immediately

woke up in flesh peeling

walls of flame, demon' s prods

and acid enemas screaming,

"Oh, Hell...Hitler....Hell..Hitler!!"

as the tissues of his throat

became black encrusted scabs.


His last human memory before agony

removed all traces of what used to be

was that Postcard from Hell...


But now at long last judgement

had been served, for the Devil's

entire collection of World War II

Nazi's and Nazi sympathizers ,

was now... at long last complete.


"Peace to all men, and equal rights to all races..faiths and lifestyles"


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    • Ghost Whisper 77 profile image

      The IGNITER vs Corrupted Governments 7 years ago from The U.S. Government protects Nazi War Criminals

      Bum-fiddle, BILLINGS MONTANA!!!

      I am crying my head off right now! I am overwhelmed with this postcard--yes-yes--true--true--true--and I will try not to hurt so much for those that this happened to--because I hurt so badly for all of them-it upsets me so greatly!!!

      Do you mind if I use this (With your name on it of course!) Actually I would love to mail this to Heim-but I will wait and mail it to him in prison!

    • Mekenzie profile image

      Susan Ream 7 years ago from Michigan

      WOW - What a prolific PICTURE of HELL. Wonder if the Power Trip was worth it. NAH - I know NOT!!! There is a day of reckoning that awaits us each! Choose THIS DAY whom you will serve.