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A Psalm Of Gratitude

Updated on December 23, 2013

I was once told that all that there is to be written in the Tanach has been written. Of course those were the words of my Rabbinical Teachers, having been sent to an orthodox cheder for my learning, but even then I asked a simple question, "WHY?" Why was it that nothing more was to be written? Why would there be a time limit that says only Jewish religious writings from the 12th to 5th centuries BCE would constitute all that was religious and everything afterwards would be considered secular? Why was it that only those earlier writings were truly inspired by God and everything since then was merely the thoughts and creations of men? And more to the point, why would I listen to those that have been wrong about so many other things regarding Judaism and believe their point of view? Truth of the matter is, I didn't, and even today I believe God speaks to many of us through a variety of means and it befalls us to listen, to see, and to know, that nothing ended back in the 5th century BCE, it was only the beginning.

A Psalm of Gratitude

I can climb taller,

Taller than the mountains that touch the sky,

I can dive deeper,

Deeper than the darkest of seas that is wide,

I can reach higher, higher than the falcon soars on its outspread wings,

I can achieve all this knowing that You stand here by me.

I can run further,

Further than the eagle's eyes can see,

I can strive harder,

Harder than the rocks exist since eternity,

I can feel softer,

Softer than the kiss of a summer's breeze,

I can achieve all this knowing that You will always help me.

I can dream clearer

Clearer than the crystal water's waves,

I can think wiser,

Wiser than our most gifted sage,

I can love purer,

Purer than the light of each dawning day,

And I can achieve all this knowing that You will always love me.


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