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A Psalm from Noturningback

Updated on January 19, 2012

A Psalm

LORD, my Lord, how could it be that you know the plans to prosper me, when I can’t seem to find relief in this present time.
My heart aches in this time of trial; indeed I have known more prosperous times, times of joy, times of peace, yet, even now how I suffer. My God I know you are near; this time of sorrow must be for my benefit and instruction. May the wisdom I receive be as plentiful and as deep, as the waters of this earth.

Father, how I long for those days past by; yet I know no glory will be as sweet without the experience of sorrow. You are my God and I will serve you and no other; remember me oh LORD, remember this son who has not always been your pleasure, but your mercy is great. Praise be unto you LORD, you who know us all by name and seek our adoption as sons and daughters.

If I must indeed be instructed through these means, let it be thorough and complete, for I know it is for my life. When I am weary, be there to give me rest.

Praise your Holy name Oh God; I know you are my God who loves me.


Make no mistake, a relationship requires work and also compromise. If the yield is to be reaped in abundance, then what is expected must be sown fervently in anticipation. This can be applied in practically ALL relationships and is an essential part of faith.


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