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A Psychic Livens Up a Family Reunion

Updated on July 21, 2015

Kathleen Meadows, M.A.

Kathleen just before her sixtieth birthday.
Kathleen just before her sixtieth birthday. | Source

Family Reunion to Celebrate 60th Birthday

I was invited a couple months ago to do readings at a family reunion. The family was being brought together to celebrate one of the women’s sixtieth birthday. The festivity, which took place over this past weekend, included about 20 people of all ages.

I don’t do many tarot parties but the fact that it was a 60th birthday made it irresistible since I had mine just last November. I couldn’t refuse another woman celebrating such a momentous occasion!

Kathleen in front of Lake Louise, AB on her move in 2013 to Victoria, BC, Canada
Kathleen in front of Lake Louise, AB on her move in 2013 to Victoria, BC, Canada | Source

An Awkward Relationship Initially

The first professional readings I ever did were actually at a Tarot party in Toronto in 1985. There were more than 20 women crowded into a tiny house. I was such a nervous wreck, all I noticed was a sea of smiling faces upon entering the living room. The hostess, with bustling efficiency, led me to a tiny bedroom upstairs whereupon the women filed in for their readings one at a time for their allotted 20 minute readings. Very organized, respectful and fun.

Last night the hostess handled things similarly. She had set up a small table in the bar room and everyone who had expressed an interest in having a reading were arranged in an order to have their which the hostess had earlier determined. Of course the birthday girl was first.

I think I did seven readings, all women except for a single man at the end.

I always feel anxious before a party. Actually if I’m honest the anxiety begins almost a week before! I’m tempted days before to make some excuse like I’m ill, so sorry I just can’t make it. But then I stop myself. Sternly admonishing myself that I agreed to do this, that canceling on them now is just not the right thing to do. I made a commitment and by all the emails often exchanged beforehand, I know they are counting on me attending.

I’m nervous about meeting so many strange people at once. It’s an awkward relationship initially. I’m not a friend, I’m more like the hired help but somehow my position garners more respect. After all everyone will be sharing their deepest feelings with me. Their fears, desires, secrets. Not typically what you do with “hired help”.

Victoria, BC, Canada

1725 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC:
1725 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC V8R 6J2, Canada

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Hosting a Psychic Makes Hostess Nervous Too!

I think the people that are hosting the party are often a little uncomfortable too. They are not sure about me. They have read my website, likely seen some of my videos and read a few of my articles and perhaps even read some of what other people have said about me. They have some idea of the way I am but you really don’t know a person really until you clap eyes on them and shake their hand.

Initially there is always a rather mortifying awkwardness, shyness, and tension. I am by nature a shy person and facing a large group of people in a strange home is daunting. Even doing readings in a strange environment that I’ve never set foot in before, gives me a case of nerves. I’ve done parties where the environment was less than suitable – the music so loud I can’t hear myself or them – the room so hot I couldn’t take off enough clothes and still remain modest – sitting outside under a warm tent with a sea of curiosity seekers standing around.

As I arrived there was two men standing around in front of the garage. Of course they had no idea who I was and why I was there.

I introduced myself and as it turned out the host was one of the men. He led me into the hall calling out in a loud voice, “The guest of honour has arrived!” My heart skipped a beat. He led me in to meet his wife (the hostess I had been emailing with over the past month) and she led me out to the back deck where everybody was congregated eating their last vestiges of their barbecue meal. Already I was squirming as everyone turned their attention to this new curiosity.

Warmly the hostess invited me to grab a plate and help myself to the food which I politely declined. My stomach was in no mood to be further disturbed. I was astounded actually that she imagined that I would sit down and eat! But of course she is in her own home.

She introduced me as this is a very famous reader and psychic who, “had kindly agreed to join us and do readings for anyone who is interested. Kathleen Meadows is her name and she’s been on TV, and in the newspapers across Canada and has for people read all of the world. She’s very gifted and talented.”

I could feel my face getting uncomfortably hot and I didn’t know where to look. I glanced across a sea of faces all perched around the BBQ. Some were looking sympathetic, most were just curious. I got a strong overarching feeling of welcoming however; a generosity and openness that warmed and instantly relaxed me.

The questions tended to be around the same issue. The sisters were concerned about one sister’s health. The younger family members brought more typical questions about love, work and career.

This would be a strange environment indeed!  See my instructional videos on youtube!
This would be a strange environment indeed! See my instructional videos on youtube! | Source

Each Psychic Reading Individual & Remarkable

I had a lovely time. I always do.

I got to spend a glorious summer evening getting to know a lovely family that had expressed only loving concern for each other. Each reading was individual and remarkable. They all expressed how excited they were by the readings and couldn’t wait to talk about them later to the group.

Often this is one of the most compelling reasons why a hostess will invite a psychic to a festivity. Readings help to break the ice. Readings nudge people to speak of topics that are of concern to them which facilitates a culture of intimate sharing often sadly lacking at functions. Readings can serve to help trim away the small talk and competitiveness that imposes a distance between people.

Not surprisingly it was the hostess who explained to me is that she just hates small talk and since the whole family had not been together like this for more than 12 years, she didn’t want it to be spoiled with silly stiffness and cocktail gab. She wanted a gathering with heart and meaning. And I think she got one.

As I was leaving, I peeked around the corner and everybody was sitting now in the living room, intent on their conversations. They were engaged, listening, and really seeing at each other. I felt so happy and relieved I held myself to my commitment to go. I always am.

Free Online Dream Dictionary

Free online dreams dictionary.
Free online dreams dictionary. | Source

A Psychic Party

Have you ever been to or hosted a party where a psychic has done readings for the guests?

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