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A Purpose to Find a Purpose

Updated on April 26, 2019

A Purpose to Find Purpose

What is Purpose? It is something we tend not to look at in detail because we’re so influenced by western culture. Below we will explore the reasons why it can be difficult to find our purpose, as well as what the true definition of purpose really means.

We are each on this earth for a purpose, and our position in the human race is at the pinnacle of the creative realm. We now live in the days where opportunities come at a faster pace; however, though it’s to have resources for life to be easier, it can also create discouragement. This pursuit can be a distraction to finding purpose: there are many reasons that some have difficulty finding purpose and originates in the mind.

Instant gratification has become the theme of western culture. We see it advertised all the time. As part of a society in which we promote competition, comparison is elevated to an extreme, leading to an unhealthy mindset. When we compare, we are actively blocking our own journey to find purpose. The discouraging feeling that overtakes us which creates a feeling of urgency: we think that we need to rush to find our purpose today!

We tend to think this way when we're stressed: to feel like we have to do it now. We get so caught up in trying to find that “aha” moment, we forget what purpose really means.

Purpose doesn’t necessarily accompany financial gain. There’s nothing wrong with having a great opportunity. It’s not all about the money when it comes to purpose. Yes, do make money to survive, but do not look for your purpose in money. Making and losing money is a never-ending cycle. Some have found purpose before it became financially rewarding.

So what IS Purpose? It is the reason for which something is done, created, or for which something exists. We are creative by nature, finding reasons for action. Your calling should help you grow. It is a feeling you cannot embrace alone. We are surrounded by people to help us find it.

It can be discouraging when we see other people living out purposeful existences when we feel the lack of it in our own lives. Alternatively, those same lives can be a great source of encouragement. It is all about the perspective with which we view them. Look at the people who have brought much curiosity and awakening to our lives through the legacy that each left behind.

Pain heightens our senses which in turn, change our outlook on life.

Inspiration is the reason we strive for purpose: as others find purpose, they in turn can inspire yet others to do the same, setting off a beautiful chain reaction, helping all humanity grow.

This is the real reason behind purpose and why it's so important to find. Love is the most important inspiration for purpose. It starts with the love in our hearts, as you cannot inspire others without love.

For example: Jesus Christ. His purpose on earth was to inspire others to love. His existence on this earth was to teach the world how to love and he did it on many levels. He wasn't always looked as the son of God. First, he inspired people as a carpenter. Do not fall prey to the illusion that purpose is something to wait for in life. We are made on this earth to inspire the next generation: to help, love and grow.

Purpose is a part of God and it will come to you in many ways. There are many aspects of our life’s discovery. We have ONE goal. To inspire others to love.

By: Joey Davis

© 2019 Joey Davis


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      11 months ago

      Gained some new insight and perspective after this read. Very nice!


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