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Updated on July 28, 2009

Beware of Psychic Scams

 I have just read a website that was very upsetting to me. I found a local website advertising a Psychic- Medium in my area, her only gift was the ability to scam money from desperate people. I remember many years ago, when I was working in a Diner in New York. I became friendly with a very nice man that was a daily customer. We immediately hit it off as friends, and one day when we were hanging out, riding horses, he told me that he was seeing a Psychic every week. I was curious and I asked him why he needed a Psychic.

Cooking Oil

He explained to me that he was broken hearted over the break up of his marriage, and he found this Psychic that told him to bring her 2 half gallons of cooking oil every week, and her reading cost $ 200.00. This so called Psychic had convinced this man, that the ritual she would perform with the oil, that he never saw, would bring his wife back to him.

I told him to save his money, and this phony must love to eat fried foods. The website that I read tonight, was very well put together, to give the reader the illusion that , she had any real qualifications . I went a step further to play two of her video's, and sure enough I could see the perfected technique, of asking leading questions.

Expert Mumble Jumble

I became more agitated when I read that she is an expert, assisting  people that have experienced the death of a loved one, which would be the most vulnerable people to scam.I went further to check out her fees for her service, and it did not surprise me. The fee charged for a one hour reading is $ 350.00 an hour. The fee for a couple to have a reading is $ 395.00 an hour. In all my years, I have met two real Psychics, one would ask for a donation, and the second one, who actually was a Psychic for The Queen Of England, tracked me down and invited me to her home for tea, no charge.

Okay, I Admit

There have been times, at Barnes and Noble when I entered the store they had Psychics present to do readings. They approached me, to sit down. I play with them on purpose. I sit there and stare at them and say nothing. Remember, I already know that they are not by any means "real psychics" and I wait to see what they will do. They can not do anything. The reason they will get no where, is because they need their leading questions to be answered.

One Time

My girfriend heard about this guy who was a Psychic and she bothered me until I would go with her. When she was done, I went into the room, and sat down infront of him and said nothing.  He looked at me and starting laughing, and he says " You can not fool me, I can see that I am dealing with another Psychic". I smiled and said nothing, and he turned on his tape recorder and started speaking. He was real.

My Point

It appears that the schemers are using the bad economy, peoples desperation to profit. It is a free country, and if you want to spend that kind of money, it is your choice. However,a  true psychic does not need you to speak, to answer, or to confirm anything they have told you.

My Experience

I have been gifted all of my life. I have never financially benefited from any readings. There are times, with certain people that a Psychic will get nothing. I have never used cards, or crystals, or past life regression, or claimed to heal people. I know that I can read, without the person actually being present, I am in touch with the spirits that have crossed over. I also have visions of impeding danger. Spirits have come to me, to show me what has happened to them. I did give my assistance to a group that was formed to find missing children.

In Conclusion 

The gift that I have been given is not a easy gift to have. I have not been told yet, what it is that I am exactly suppose to do with the gift. I do know that I am in a constant battle between good and evil. I firmly believe in truth, and it is very hard not to speak when I discover phonies operating to take peoples money. AS they say buyer beware.


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