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A Revelation, Our God Is

Updated on November 29, 2011
all rights reserved     THE SICKLE TO HARVEST IS PREPARED!

God Is

We are here, so our God, is He,

in His plural or singular form, to be,

One powerful spirit, or in three,

was revealed to us in our Holy Trinity.

An awesome force, all powers divine,

we've read in scriptures, in every line,

He made us each, a universal truth,

this we've learned, from our youth.

In Genesis verses, we are so told,

of a loving God, from the times of old,

Created all, the earth, did He,

the sun, moon, and stars, for us all to see.

Then within all men, life's seed was placed,

belief in Him, if we're each so graced,

A world of beauty for us all to behold,

and us to live until those times foretold.

The decision, our belief, left up to each,

beyond all sects and what we preach,

Him, to accept, as our own Father, do we,

regarding His miracles and love we all see.

Within every man, woman and a child,

a heart that beats, in the times so mild.

With an ever changing world to be faced,

Enduring all, as hard times are embraced.

Those great in stature and so, the small,

Everyone, our Lord God loves us all,

He gave us life and the fine places to live,

then asking not, our faith to give.

To each his own, and as for all the rest,

a forgiveness of sins, to Him confessed.

Then we're taken in to his house on high,

As darkness descends, and on earth, all cry.


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