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Sagittarius and Sagittarius Make for a Powerful Couple ♐️

Updated on March 22, 2021
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Andrea has been an online writer for 8+ years. She mostly writes about dating, couples, weddings, travel, interior design, and gardening.

When Sagittarius and Sagittarius Fall in Love

Identity relationships are when two people of the same Sun sign couple up. These couplings usually are strong because people can get on the same wavelength. Two people with the same signs have similar goals, ambitions, and personalities.

Usually couples that are more similar stay together. Sagittarius is a free and wild spirit, a source of superior intelligence, humor, and they are generally spontaneous.

The challenge will be for both people to commit. Both people have a tendency to want to be free, to date others, or even to be single.

Commitment confuses Sagittarius types. The sign doesn't like to take things too seriously nor get tied down. They want to keep their options open. They want to live spontaneously, and sometimes being in a relationship is counter-intuitive to them. Two Sagittarius people who are both non-committal will make it difficult to form a cohesive bond.

Sagittarius likes to be free more than any other sign. They hate being a stick in the mud. Spontaneous combustion is their type of flame. They need options. They can't stand for things to be boring, mundane, and routine. They thrive in areas where every day is different. They need someone who amuses them, not someone who is predictable and easy to understand. They prefer someone who is weird, complex, a little bit of a rebel, oozing charm, indistinguishable, varied, and dynamic.

They do not do well with relationship formulas. They want a house with a little bit of spark, not boring walls and minimalist furniture.

Two Sagittarius people would do well together because they do understand each other and can run at the same speed. They’ll be comfortable — to some degree — with loose attachments.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius date ideas: (1) ride bikes together into a forest, (2) dance the night away at clubs, (3) go horseback riding, (4) hot air balloon ride, (5) go camping and swim in a lake.
Sagittarius and Sagittarius date ideas: (1) ride bikes together into a forest, (2) dance the night away at clubs, (3) go horseback riding, (4) hot air balloon ride, (5) go camping and swim in a lake.

Sagittarius and What the Sign Wants

Sagittarius wants to bring a new era into the world. They want to be successful, they also don’t want someone telling them who is their boss. They want to be in charge — or to at least be given the chance to take charge.

Sagittarius doesn’t like to be idle. I can't repeat this enough, but they don't do well bored. This sign is well suited for merriment and silliness. They are born during the holidays, and when fall just starts to get cold. They like festivity, not death and destruction. They saw enough death and destruction from Scorpio — the sign before them — so they’re kind of done with it, and frankly bored of it. Most signs counter the sign that precedes them for example:

  • Taurus wants to give balance, solidarity, and good management to the world after Aries comes in charging after life and leaving things in its dust.
  • Virgo wants to be scholarly and calculated after Leo enters the world begging for it to worship and marvel at it.
  • Cancer comes into the world oozing with emotion and shifting in mood after the "less-than in tune with their emotions" Gemini — who is far more into their thoughts.

Two Sagittarius people together will be exciting! They understand that they’re weird fire signs. The flame burns brighter for Aries, and even more so for Leo. Those two war all the time; Sagittarius isn’t really a solider, but more of a scholar. They like books! But they also like action. This is why their symbol is the centaur: they study the stars. Their symbol is also the archer: a soldier that attacks from a distance.

They think the intense actions of the Aries and Leo are pretty silly. And ineffective. They also don't want to sit around all day and wait for things to come to them. They want to shake up the scene. They want the night life and also the scholarly life.

Sagittarius may struggle with its need for attachment and allowing it to happen. Two together may struggle to get stuff done and will have a great deal of mess. Neither is really the enforcer in the romance. They let things be until their emotions hit a boiling point. Sagittarius goes with the flow; it either works or it doesn't.

Sagittarius in some ways acts more like a wind sign: they’re aloof, unattached, smart, sarcastic, silly, but still caring. It just doesn’t always come out the right way.

They don’t worry about tomorrow. They believe tomorrow will take care of itself! They want to go with the flow, until someone goes a different way with the flow that doesn’t fit with their ideas.

Sagittarius has a party-social mentality. They love events. They live to study people. Romantically they are all over the map. They may love someone, but refuse to move closer. They may be wild and spontaneous, but they can refuse to be vulnerable. They’re caught in between in so many emotional ways. They want to be loved, but not adored like a Leo. They want to be feared, but not like an Aries. Sagittarius sees itself as better than Aries and Leo, as more refined, wiser, and more fun.

You’ll kill a Sagittarius’ heart if you tell them they’re boring. They want to be nothing but living, and boring just won’t do.

A Sagittarius + Sagittarius couple may struggle to: get stuff done, agree on a commitment, have money problems, get lost in the silliness and not the seriousness, be annoyed easily, be bored easily, and trouble with making decisions.

Two Sagittarius together means there will be plenty of interesting conversations. Lots of love, lots of ideas, and extra strength. Overall — they’re compatible! The world might fear them... but they can conquer just about anything they set their minds to. They are willing to be adventurous. They’ll shapeshift to fit new careers. They’ll shapeshift to appease. They’re chameleons when it comes to survival, but they don’t do well to stay in a disguise for long... eventually they will need change. They need flow. A place that sits too long and doesn’t change is appalling. Two Sagittarius in motion will be constant change, and that might be difficult to last for the long term. It will take some amount of work to do that — and if the load is too stressful, it may collapse under the pressure.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius is a combo that allows for wildness. This couple is unpredictable, fun, and big on partying. They like a social atmosphere. They like holidays. They like living life to the fullest and taking risks.
Sagittarius and Sagittarius is a combo that allows for wildness. This couple is unpredictable, fun, and big on partying. They like a social atmosphere. They like holidays. They like living life to the fullest and taking risks.

Top 20 Tips for a Sagittarius and Sagittarius Couple

1. Create more organization in your lives even if it is boring. Split up the chores so everything gets done. You need to tidy up your home, manage your finances, and create schedules. Don't be idle about these things. It will take some extra effort. To make sure you get this stuff done: set aside time for it. Reward yourself for a job well done! These basic movements will give your life momentum and keep you on track.

2. I would highly suggest hiring a financial advisor. You need someone to take care of your finances for the long term. Unless you have an accounting background or something like it, you probably won't be great with your money, neither of you. You need someone who can be accountable to your decision making in the long-term. Sagittarius can be a risk taker, and there is a place for that in the world, but you need a guide. (Sagittarius is one of the more likely signs to gamble away their money.)

3. Always carry a list of things that make you happy. When you go on a trip, take an exciting book or object with you. Travel to places that have an interesting night life. Travel does well for this couple. One of you needs to plan out the luggage situation. Some places are easier than others for spontaneous fun. Know what you like and don't like about travel. This couple for the long term needs regular vacations. You need to meet new people and be presented to new situations.

4. Try new things in the relationship. Look for new restaurants, new recipes, new activities, and new things here and there.

5. Because of the thirst for the "new" you'll need to regularly go through your belongings and cull out items. Sagittarius tends to be a hoarder for this reason. Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius all have hoarding tendencies to certain degrees. Too much clutter will annoy you.

6. Try to think before you speak. You won't always succeed at this, but it can save you from saying something stupid or insulting. Practice patience.

7. Places that help you thrive: concerts, libraries, parks, museums, college campuses, beaches, fancy restaurants, big cities, parties, large gatherings, symphonies, ballets, and international trips. Make your own list of these things and have it handy.

8. Shop together. Sagittarius likes to be independent, but they don't like to be lonely. The two of you together will make for interesting shopping choices.

9. Seek peace. Don't try to setup conflict for the sake of conflict. The two of you could get in a mess of a fight with your fire nature and competitive spirits. Don't try to show off and show who is smarter. It will end in a terrible feedback loop.

10. Sometimes you just need to go outside and start a fire in the old pit.

11. Holidays are part of your spirit. As corny as some holiday stuff may be, double down on the silliness of it.

12. You two are skills builders. Try learning new things together: like languages, cooking, fishing, crafts, music, gardening, and so on.

13. If you don't know how to do something, don't try to force yourself to figure it out. You can call a professional to help you. Sagittarius is sometimes stubborn about admitting they don't know how to do something. Don't pretend your way through plumbing issues, car problems, financial complications, and other stress.

14. Don't assume you know everything about the other person just because they are similar to you.

15. Semi-plan dates. You don't need to nail in every detail.

16. Find what makes you happy.

17. Don't be too critical. Watch the sarcasm. Again, think before you speak. Use your good charms instead of your sardonic nature.

18. Red is your team color. Use it wildly.

19. Let your creative side out.

20. Do what you can to be more emotional and vulnerable with each other. This can take more work as the Sagittarius sign isn't very emotional.

Sagittarius at a Quick Glance

Ruling Planet
November 23 to December 21
Sarcastic, Wise, Funny, Smart, Spontaneous, Free-Spirited, Dynamic, Energetic, Friendly, Aloof
Centaur, Archer
Represented by the Body
Red, Orange, Yellow (think fall colors)
Manager or Leader
Worst Nightmares
Boredom, Lack of Change, Rigid, Dullness, Slowness, Too Much Quiet
Late Fall
Social Atmosphere, Randomness, Liveliness, Travel, Newness, Holidays, Coffee and Fancy Beverages, Books and Knowledge, TV with Action or Humor, Smarts, A Little Bit of Luck, Musicality, Athletism, Variety

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2020 Andrea Lawrence


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