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A Samhain Apple Spell: Dissolving Links to the Past

Updated on August 25, 2016
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Sage has been celebrating the Wheel of the Year with her family for 25 years as a Wiccan; she's like the NeoPagan Martha Stewart.

Samhain Spell

Transitions can be difficult. Sometimes it’s so hard to let go of the past and move on. Sometimes we can get stuck on a particular part of the past, such as a break up, death of a loved one or losing something important (a home, a job, a way of life, etc.). Sometimes we try to cling to what we consider happier times, and sometimes we just can't get over a trauma and keep reliving it in the mind.

Dwelling on the past only makes it more difficult to embrace the present or look to the future. As it happens, this time of the year is about letting go (you can learn more about this sabbat here). Apples are associated with the season of Samhain for that reason. Another name for the sabbat is the “Feast of Apples”. Apples have long been considered the ‘food of the dead’, but when you cut an apple across the center (not down, but horizontally) you find a hidden symbol: the pentagram, which symbolizes that the cycle of life goes on.

Try this simple Samhain apple spell to get rid of those links to the past that are holding you back.

The Magic of Apples

Apple magic has been around for ages.
Apple magic has been around for ages.

About This Spell

This is a very simple spell; all you need for it is an apple.

When and where you perform this spell is also up to you. It doesn't have to be Samhain night-- it can be in the afternoon or the week before. You can perform the spell during your formal ritual, or if you prefer you can simply go sit quietly on a park bench and cast it right out in the open. Don't worry-- it all takes place internally; there's nothing dramatic enough to draw attention to yourself.

What makes it work is your own personal power that you’re able to build up and put into the intent. We call this ‘raising energy’. It requires working up your emotions and mentally pouring them into it an item (in this case, an apple) to forge a connection.

Samhain: Feast of Apples

Inside the food of the dead, we find the symbol for continuing life. Use that to help transform yourself this time of the year.
Inside the food of the dead, we find the symbol for continuing life. Use that to help transform yourself this time of the year. | Source

Performing the Spell

Meditate on the situation. Think about how you felt in your past situation. If it was a person you loved, think about how you felt when you were with that person. If it was something you lost, consider how it made you feel when you had it. Hold the apple and start pouring those emotions into it.

Make a mental list of all the good things you took away from the situation. If it's a person who is no longer part of your life, think about all the great times you had, the things that person gave you. Maybe it wasn't a good relationship; that doesn't mean you can’t walk away with something good: a few life’s lessons. For example, If you are trying to get over an abusive ex, think about what you've learned about yourself from the experience, such as how you can be strong and how you won't stand for being mistreated anymore.

Take a bite of the apple for each item on your list. Take it in, chew on it, absorb it. You’re bringing it with you. Consume all the sweet experiences, make them part of you.

What you’re left with is the parts you don’t need: the core, the stem, the poisonous seeds (apple seeds actually contain cyanide, and too many can make you sick or even kill you—just like too many ties binding you can be unhealthy).

Think about those things from your past situation that you don’t need anymore. It might be the obsessive feelings for an ex, the lingering grief over a death, fear or anger that continues to plague you today from past abuse. Envision the energy of all those feelings going into that apple core as you chant:

What’s done is done

what’s gone is gone

I've taken my fill,

it’s time to move on.

Chains that restrained

the ties that bind

dissolve and transform

when left behind.

Chant this for as long as you like, thinking about all those unnecessary things that hold you back. When you’re done, bury it in the ground forever—and even better if you can do this on Samhain night.

Blessed Samhain!

Samhain spells are quite potent so think carefully about what you're trying to do.
Samhain spells are quite potent so think carefully about what you're trying to do.

Why Speak the Spell In Rhymes?

Some 'witch fiction' is quite comical A simple rhyme made up on the spot seems to unleash all the powers of the universe. Even though we can joke about fiction ("don't make me use iambic pentameter couplets!" is a common joke in our household since first seeing the show 'Charmed'). There's actually a reason for rhyming, though, when you can manage it. It's not that rhyming phrases are more powerful than non-rhyming words. It's just that it's easier to remember rhymes so you don't get tripped up and have to pull out your notes. It's also easier to get into a rhythm for raising energy. Mental focus is essential during spells, and rhyming just makes it easier than prose.

© 2013 Mackenzie Sage Wright


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