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A Short Truth of The Necronomicon

Updated on September 23, 2012

On the beginning of my occult studies, I have stumbled upon a book of magick called Necronomicon. It was supposed to be writtien by mad Arab Abdul Al Azred somewhere in XIV century. It's purpose – to teach the art of summoning powerful entities later on described by H.P. Lovecraft in this horror novels and stories. Little did I know about the truth behind this book at the time. It took me two years of occult studies to understand how fake this book truly is. This either proves how slow my studies were, or how cluttered the occult books and other resources are.

It's mandatory to say that Necronomicon – that famous book of black magick – is a fake. Or at least no Abdul Al Azred ever wrote this book in XIV century, not earlier nor later. Necronomicon is a creation of H.P.Lovecraft, he created the book for the purpose of his novels and stories. But he never actually wrote it, he just mentioned it in his other creations (which are great, by the way).

Later on, starting with 60s and 70s, first "original" copies of Necronomicon begun to appear on the market. Some occult authors decided to make some money (it's the only reason that comes to my mind) and wrote their own versions of the Necronomicon – including most of Lovecraft's demonic characters within te book. So baiscally, if you have found a book covered with "human skin" then I'm sorry, but it's not really the famous Necronomicon – at best, it's pretty modern fake.

I remember that there was once an occult magus on an online forum I was visiting – so powerful and skilled, with many years of experience. I didn't even suspect anything bad about him until he post in a forum thread about books of magick. He praiesd his library of many old books, "including of course, the Necronomicon itself". Once I posted my reply to his praises "oh, and I thought that Necronomicon was a fake", he never returned to that forum. At least not with his previous nickname.

If you dig into occult, or even more "light" topics like esoteric arts or psychic development, sooner or later you will stumble upon discussions and articles about Necronomicon book. You can simple ignore them – you won't learn anything good from such treads or articles. The book is, was and will ever be just a fake.

Dangerous Fake?

Unfortunatelly, fake or not, Necronomicon is still dangerous. There's a problem with this book – no matter what you will try to summon, in most cases you might be successful. But you won't be able to summon whatever you want, instead you will summon "something". Most modern Necronomicons (and there are many versions) are based on the principles of the summoning magick. Some versions are even based on Babylonian mythologies – thus they have slight connection to very old entities – egregores – conscious thought-forms that has been created thousands of years ago through people's belief. And there are also other, far younger entities on the astral planes just waiting for someone to open a passage – through emotional charge and proper intention. This leads to attachment, obsession and even possesion.

I have heard a story once, of a young man who decided to summon an entity, a vampire entity, with help of his copy of Necronomicon. During the first rite (ritual), nothing happened, but during the second try, something did happened – wind opened the window, and some unknown power begun to attact the boy – like something wanted to take control of him. He run away from the room, fighting with the wind to open the door, but even if he managed to run away, the story only just begun then.

He did summon an entity, other than the one from the book, but similar enough to play the role of the Necronomicon's vampire. The entity possesed the young man, turning him into psychic vampire, and forcing him to feed upon others. The changes in his behaviour resulted in breaking relationship, school problems and constant fear and depression. And of course, energy hunger.

As far as I know, the story didn't end up well – the entity was removed, but the boy refused to stop his experiments, he was sure there's a way to control what you summon. I can only assume that he summoned something more powerful that finally terminated his life.

I truly understand fascination with black magick, but as you can see, Necronomicon is yet another example that black magick and summoning doesn't end up well.

All Necronomicons are just modern books with the same name as the creation of H.P.Lovecraft. But some versions aren't just fakes – some versions are fakes based on real knowledge and mythology. And they can be dangerous, as nearly every book that teaches summoning – of both spirits and more powerful entities.


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    • efeyas profile image

      efeyas 5 years ago from Some Sunny Beach, USA

      Interesting hub. I was unaware of this. Not that you would ever catch me trying to summon something!

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 5 years ago from Central Texas

      Again, interesting read -- thanks for info on a subject I've never delved into. Best/Sis