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A Speices with Amnesia

Updated on March 5, 2015

Species with Amnesia

I am a believer of dark principalities in high realms. I do believe that they influence, like the 'Predator" that ‘Don Juan’ speaks of in 'Eagles Gift" by Carlos Castaneda"...
I believe in a loving God and a Goddess (Gnostic), however being a scholar of ancient religions for 30 plus years I am aware that the Jesus myth, is several thousand years older than the birth of Jesus. I do however believe in the "Christ" covenant. I am also aware that the Church (Vatican) has more blood on its hands than any other principality in recorded history; they also quelled the very evolution and enlightenment of the entire human species, and did so with great fury and violence.
The idea of the "Luciferians" comes out of ancient Assyrian/Babylon and Sumer. They were known as "The Brotherhood of the Magi" In addition, this is where the word; magic is derived from, the definition of Magi, is the applied science of air vibration (sound, frequency, or resonance), and the applied science of simple's and minerals. Many people ask me what "simples" are, since it is not a modern term; the "simples" are the four forces of Newtonian physics, electromagnetism, gravity, the strong force, and the weak force. It might be a good idea to insert "Quantum Entanglement" here or "Spooky action at a distance." You are familiar with this effect, right. Well, what Einstein would not entertain, was that there is no distance, everything is as one organism, the entire universe is, "Dark Matter" leads to the chaos theory, you know this one too, right? Order from chaos, entertain this concept "All knowledge, power, etc is divine and good, it is the personal possession of divine knowledge for personal gain that makes it evil”. Unbelievably, this is a mathematical variant too.
However, there is a grave mistake in this physics because gravity is not a principal force, it is an 'effect' of electromagnetism, resonance, and angular momentum, ref. Blavatsky's, theosophical glossary and Assyrian/Babylonian Clay tablets. Additionally, the order of the Magi, were said to be a group of thirteen priests, dating from as far back as thirteen thousand years ago, as survivors from Atlantis. (The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, can be attributed to them as well.)
This secretive order were said, to worship Venus, and they wore a crucifix, and a star around there necks. It might be all about the control of mass consciousness; we are finally beginning to understand this truly awesome power, as we learn of quantum entanglement.
Nevertheless, the principal of the Christ; son of God, dying for our sins, I do believe. Just not the Christ of the Roman Catholic Church, this is the darkest cabal of them all. Therefore, I am leery of false God's; yet love is eternal, but the bid for control over mass consciousness, seems to be the greatest 'spoil of war' this spiritual battle seems to incur.
Moreover, three friends and I, were abducted by the "Greys" (yes, a real flying saucer) ―, losing three hours. My take on them, is a large read, which I will post separately, but in my opinion, the Grey's are androids created by the very ancient race of our ancestor's. They originally inhabited an earth-like planet, the size of Saturn, existing where the main asteroid belt now exists. (Ref. Mahabharata), and now they inhabit the bowels of several planets , including earth and the moons in the solar system, you can throw Ceres, Iapetus (Saturn’s, second largest moon) and Venus, into the mix too. These beings, are perhaps millions of years old. The solar system, from my research, seems to be infested with these creatures, and since they mimic nearly all of that of a living being yet they possess no soul. So they might be classified as demons, yet I do not believe they are "Fallen Angels" I reserve this for the Luciferian's and/or the Annunaki.
Yes, I am pushing the date back for the creation of man, to millions, if not billions of years. Perhaps, consciousness came first and then created the universe; the creation of humankind could have followed or even preceded the big bang. These are big unknowns and bigger questions. "Catastrophobia" (ref. Barbara Hand Clow),
"We seem to be a species suffering from extreme amnesia." Quote from; Graham Hancock.
"The weapon could destroy any being in the three worlds" Ref. Mahabharata.
I fancy, simply this; we as a species are suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder, so much so that this is singularly responsible for all of the wars and chaos predominant throughout history. Now, it is hard for me to get my head around the idea that a dark cabal would destroy an entire planet, because where then are the "spoils of war?” ―; UNLESS―, the spoils of the war, are the souls of the deceased.
There certainly has always been a "High Bid" for control of the consciousness of the masses. Then bringing the "Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon" to bare upon this picture, it sure makes me wonder. Am I making any sense, Brother? I know, this is all way out there, but these ideas are a culmination of thirty plus years of research.
Additionally, my research is over a thousand page book, I am working on, and this is just a very brief summery. The facts speak for themselves. In my book, I simply put the evidence forth and let the reader put the pieces together. The evidence is staggering and disturbing. Certainly, we agree on at least on one topic; there is a spiritual war between good and evil. I avoid religious conflict; one is either belonging to the light or is owned by the darkness. People, do need to awaken, though, this is very important, so they can stop participating in the great lie. We are surrounded by ancient occult spells, it’s in every corporate logo, on our fiat banknotes, and even in the very songs we listen to. Many dark incantations are saturated into our consciousness; most is done through mnemonics’ and iconography. There are snares and traps everywhere, this is a dangerous world, and one needs to know this. By nature, I am a very skeptical person. I do believe in your presentation. I am far from having all the answers and I am being selfish, straying from the content of your excellent 'subject matter' forgive me, brother. Keep up the good work, if these topics interest you, you can find me on facebook; Cerey Runyon


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