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A Summary of the Isaiah 9:10 Harbinger - Part 4

Updated on December 21, 2013


In Part 1 we looked at the first three harbingers of Isaiah 9:10. They are as follows: A breach in national security; An attack led by terrorists; The falling bricks.

In Part two we looked at four more harbingers. They are as follows: Vowing to rebuild in arrogance and defiance; The hewn stone; The Sycamores cut down; and the sycamores will be replaced by cedars.

Have you noticed the title of this hub, A Summary of the Isaiah 9:10 Harbinger - Part 4? If you have been following you might ask, what has happened to Part 3? The simple answer is that HubPages refuses to publish it. So with that in mind, let us move on to a more personal approach. You see, it is not just about America. It is about you.

The Question

We have seen from the Issaiah 9:10 harbinger that America is in grave danger. So the question now becomes, is there anything that we as Americans can do to prevent this? The short answer is no. God has already declared in His Word that this will take place.

Why would God allow this? For sure, sin in America is out of control. We could look at the homosexual agenda, drugs, abortion, abusive behavior.The list goes on, but I believe the reason for America's failure is ultimately the Christian. We have failed.

Ezekiel 26:22 says, " Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean, and have hid their eyes from my sabbaths, and I am profaned among them."

America has reached this point. Even the religious leaders of the day have placed no difference between the holy and the profane. Revelation tells us that as Christians, we are kings and priests, and we have made no difference. Our families have failed. Our churches have failed. Our country has failed.

Further in the book of Ezekiel God says, "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none. Therefore have I poured out mine indignation upon them . . . ."

God is looking for someone to stand in the gap - someone to stand for Him. I wonder if God were to look at your heart right now (and He is), would He find you standing for Him in the gap?

I hear that the way to cook frogs is to put them in cool water and slowly turn up the heat. If they were placed immediately into boiling water they would jump out, but the gradual raising of the temperature lulls them into complacency. Is that happening in your life? Have you been slowly lulled to sleep? God expects us to make a stand, to go against the grain, to be effective for Him.

God is not a mean bully who sits in Heaven and throws lightning bolts at His creation. But He is a holy God, a God that must by His nature and character pass judgment on sin. Our nation has sinned grievously against her Creator and must therefore answer to Him.

In the midst of the necessity of judgment, He made a way to escape judgment. In His great love, God always warns first. If the warnings are not heeded, then judgment will come. It is not God’s will that America be destroyed. He would choose to rescue her, but her sin stands in the way. Her haughtiness and pride cannot come near a holy God.

Eventually the judgment will come. We will have gone too far. We are so close to the point of no return. Still, there is time left. The inevitable will happen, but we can postpone it if we return to God now. The past civilization of Nineveh was under God’s judgment. God sent the prophet Jonah to the city to declare its destruction. From the king to the commoner the people repented, and God spared them for another 150 years. God would be pleased to do that for America if she would turn back to Him with her whole heart and follow the God of the universe again. A wise man once told me, “As long as there is God, there is hope.” And so it is.

The Answer

II Chronicles 7:14 tells us specifically what our part is – “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

The verse also tells us specifically what He will do. If we humble ourselves under the hand of God, and pray seeking His face and His will, and turn from the wicked sin that brought us to this point, then He will hear our pleas, forgive our sin, and heal.

Whether the nation repents or not, each of us is responsible for ourselves. In the face of horrific judgment you can find peace in the presence of God. Individual repentance is possible, and truly is the only sure hope. God has placed a warning in your hands. He wants to spare you from the heartaches to come.

What About You?

The nation may be destroyed, but what about your soul? Jesus asks in Mark 8:36, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Your only hope of eternal life rests in His hands.

God’s holiness demands judgment in hell, but His love has reached out to you in the person of Jesus Christ – “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

Have you settled the question of your eternal destiny?

See results

Eternal life is found in a person, the person of Jesus Christ, God’s own Son. If you will come to Him and claim Him as your Saviour and repent of your sin, you will not have to meet Him as your judge. Truly, there is no greater love. He will forgive you of all the wrong you have done and save you from the wrath to come. I urge you to trust Him today for He, and He alone can save.

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6) “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast". (Ephesian 2:8, 9)

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

This nation needs the healing touch of God desperately. In these last days, will you join me and return to our Maker.

At the Crossroads

Time is Running Out

There can be no denying the history of Isaiah 9:10, but America is filling the same shoes as ancient Israel. The end is approaching swiftly, and time is running out for us to make things right. Regardless of how our nation might respond, you have now become responsible for what you will do with the message. America is at the crossroads. You are at the crossroads. Claiming ignorance is no excuse. Feeling it is someone else's job to spread the Word will not excuse you either. Hiding your head in the sand will not change the facts of what is about to happen. God holds you accountable for what you will do with His warning in Isaiah 9:10. So - what will you do?

“. . . O LORD, thou hast spoken against this place, to cut it off, that none shall remain in it, neither man nor beast, but that it shall be desolate for ever” (Jeremiah 51:62)

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    • lifegate profile imageAUTHOR

      William Kovacic 

      4 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Hi PandN and Happy New Year!

      I have to agree with you. The harbingers don't mean anything to America. We have turned our backs on the only Hope we have. Your analogy with Egypt and America is interesting. I never put the two together before. And there is for sure a lot of phony hype around.

      I see judgment looming on the horizon although the principle of II Chronicles 7:14 is still true. Unfortunately, the ball is in our court and we're not doing much about it.

      Thanks as always for your input.

    • PlanksandNails profile image


      4 years ago


      I myself found the Harbinger quite fascinating and interesting with a desire to see revival in the nations, but looking at Scripture it doesn't paint a picture that it will be happening on a large scale. Many of the modern "churches" keep promoting revival, but the question is, revival to what? What has any "revival" done from the past to where the nation(s) are now? The "revival" to preach the Gospel to the world has been rejected by most and replaced with another “gospel” that promotes more wealth and materialism. Do we want "revival" for revival sake?

      It should be obvious that the harbingers mean nothing to America because they have not repented and made Jesus Christ Lord of their lives. All the wars, storms, earthquakes, tsunamis have not brought mass revival or repentance. Does anyone see great "revival" coming?

      Even Egypt, before the Exodus obviously knew that through the ten judgments that God was in control, but they remained defiant and still attacked the people of God. Does this not look like what is happening today? The typical US citizen shakes their fist, blames God rather than falling on their knees, and persecutes the true believer.

      The true Church has become like the two witnesses that bring a testimony of repentance through individuals; it not about mass production. There are no world “revivals,” or American ones happening, except for the phony hype that many are promoting, or selling. Most professing Christians have their heads in the affairs of world rather than Kingdom ones.

      We need to understand that there are no Christian nations, but Christians in nations. Many fail to understand that the Gospel will not come from the pulpits of man, but must be done in the public arena that requires the fear of God within us to reach the unregenerate. A true witness will bring persecution, but many fear it.

      It is important to make the distinction that the Church does not need to repent. It is an oxymoron, the true Church has already repented; otherwise, they would not be the body of Christ. Those who are part of the "church" institutions have not repented, or are even saved. That is why they are not going to start any true revival anywhere except for the false harlot one (dominion theology and ecumenism). There is no end-time revival taught in Scripture. The false revival of the massive influx of believers in the "church" is happening right in front of our eyes, but it is not the work of the Holy Spirit.

      The sad fact is the realization that a nation that once sent missionaries now needs missionaries sent to them. God is calling more those from outside the man-made establishments to reach out to those who are willing to hear.

    • lifegate profile imageAUTHOR

      William Kovacic 

      4 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Hi Tammy,

      Sorry about the confusion on part 3. Sometimes I can't figure HP out.

      Anyway, I'm glad you got the chance to stop by for this last part in the series. Have you read Jonathan's Cahn's book yet? I really hope you get a chance to read it. It's a real eye opener. There's so much more detail that I couldn't include here. Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

    • Tamarajo profile image


      4 years ago

      I was a bit confused by the missing part 3, thanks for the explanation.

      What a beautiful piece you have presented!

      I couldn't agree with you more on this statement...

      "the reason for America's failure is ultimately the Christian. We have failed"

      I also appreciate your call to repent and persistent hope as well as the beautiful presentation of the Gospel to those who have not considered or yet decided concerning this eternal matter. The accompanying video was beautiful as well.

    • lifegate profile imageAUTHOR

      William Kovacic 

      4 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Good Morning Mylinda,

      I ditched part 3. Long story, but if you get a chance get a copy of the book, The Harbinger. There's much more detail there than I have given. It really brings the facts of the prophecy to life. America is on the threshold of disaster. Our only hope is to return to God before His mercy runs out. Thanks for stopping by. It's always good to hear from you.

    • mylindaelliott profile image


      4 years ago from Louisiana

      This is a good installment to the series. Are you still having trouble with the 3rd part?

    • Cgenaea profile image

      4 years ago from Illinois

      I have watched the transformation of TV from the time I was a kid. Biiiiig difference. School was a place where the adults were in charge and violence never included a gun.

      For certain, there is much more disregard for all that is right. And yes it seems to coincide with the American citizen war on God and all things holy. It seems as long as we were contented beneath his covering this nation prospered. We have fallen away.

      We have been warned.

      Thank you.

    • lifegate profile imageAUTHOR

      William Kovacic 

      4 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Hope you have a great Sunday, Lori. And more than that, that you have the best Christmas you ever have. Hopefully, next year we'll be celebrating Christmas in Heaven - and the focus will all be in Him. Still praying for your family.

    • lifegate profile imageAUTHOR

      William Kovacic 

      4 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Good Morning Jackie,

      " He has proved His love and now we must prove ours. We can never be good enough but our love for Jesus will keep us on the right road doing as He would have us do." - Well said Jackie. The road is narrow and only a few ever find it, but to those that have heard, they become responsible for what they will do. Jesus is the answer. No church, no baptism, no amount of "good" works can ever take His place. Thanks again for being part of the conversation.

    • lifegate profile imageAUTHOR

      William Kovacic 

      4 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Hi Bill,

      As always, it's good to see you and I completely agree with you. The mirror - that's where it's at. Until we use the mirror and act upon what we see, there is little hope. Thanks for making the point.

    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 

      4 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Well done series Bill. Hope you are doing well. Merry Christmas.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      4 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Well Bill I believe God chastises to this very day and so I think of Him as a stern Father that I love but somehow when I think of Jesus, although I know He has conquered and is Lord I just can never stop being overwhelmed at His love for me and it rarely fails to bring me near tears that He loves me that much. All of us. He has proved His love and now we must prove ours. We can never be good enough but our love for Jesus will keep us on the right road doing as He would have us do.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      There is no doubt that America is in trouble; the reasons are so many and I simply don't have the time to list them. Anyone paying attention to life in general senses major problems in this country.

      It all begins with the individuals. Governments cannot legislate moral behavior. They can't even agree on a budget. No my friend, this begins by looking in the mirror, and there seems to be a great number of people who can't seem to do that. :)

    • lifegate profile imageAUTHOR

      William Kovacic 

      4 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Hi Faith,

      "The gift of salvation is a free gift to us, and we must make a choice...." That is true. We are each responsible for what we will do with Jesus. Pilate washed his hands of Jesus. Far too many people do the same. But a day of reckoning is coming for we must all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. Yep - let's keep praying!

    • lifegate profile imageAUTHOR

      William Kovacic 

      4 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Glad you could stop by, Jackie. I never really thought about fearing God and adoring Jesus in that way, but that's a good point. After what Jesus did for us, can we do anything but adore Him. "Greater love hath no man..." Thanks for making the trip and adding your thoughts.

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 

      4 years ago from southern USA

      Hi Bill,

      Great wakeup call for Americans! As Christians, we are Ambassadors for Christ and I believe we should continue to pray for our Nation and that its people turn away from their sin and be saved. God is a Holy God, and when we are a Nation full of sin, then we cannot have that personal relationship with Him until we deal with that sin through Jesus Christ, who paid the highest price for our sins. Praise Him! He bore the weight of the entire world's sin on His shoulders on that cross long ago.

      The gift of salvation is a free gift to us, and we must make a choice, although it cost Jesus a lot!

      We know how the story ends. The victory has already been won, and so satan knows such and will come at us and those who are not saved to take down with him as many as possible and prevent us from being those Ambassadors for Christ.

      Up and more and sharing

      God bless you. In His Love, Faith Reaper

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      4 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Beautiful Bill and such a good reminder to us all the one way to salvation. The easiest to love of All. How great He was to go through what He did for our salvation. Odd just speaking off the top of my head now, lol but we should fear God and I do really believe that, but have you ever feared Jesus? I love God the Father and really respect Him, but God the Son I just adore for what He did for me. I know it was through the Father but the Father even had to turn His back at that final minute didn't He? When Jesus said not my will but thine be done. It was not a magical thing He did for us, it was very personal and very real.


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