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A Target for Destruction

Updated on October 13, 2011

Many Christians don't really understand the depths that satan will go to in order to "get you."

We all know that the thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10), but how is he going to do it in your life? First of all he wants to get your focus on the stuff - the things that's in your life.

You see, if you have a job problem, a health problem, or money problems you can easily think that you are under a demonic attack.

These types of problems get you focused on the Word of God and prayer to overcome the obstacle that you are facing.

This should be pretty straight forward and something that we can all understand. However, there is an area of demonic attack that most people don't even consider as a demonic attack and that is the relationship between you and your church (other Christians) and your Pastor. The devil wants to separate you from the life of the Body.

Have you ever noticed how it is always the super spiritual that leave a church? I say that sarcastically. People, when leaving a church, will always say something like "I'm not being fed" or "I think that Pastor has a controlling spirit." I always have to laugh when someone claims their pastor has a controlling spirit because it is obviously not working on that person.

You can also identify the deception of the gradual in people who the enemy is attacking in this manner. They will come into a church and talk about how friendly the people are, how anointed the ministry is, what great worship they have, and have such a positive testimony about their new relationship. But as the enemy works on them over time their conversation will change as will their testimony. They now will tell you how unfriendly people are, how the services are mundane, and they will become even more critical of the things that they would do differently. They will say how they really didn't want to come to this place, but the Lord told them to and it was only through their spirituality that they have located to this particular body.

Proverbs 16:2 sheds some light on what I am talking about. In this verse we are told:

"All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the Lord weigheth the spirits."

The reason we don't recognize this demonic attack is because it is how we see things. However, we are clearly told that there is a difference in what we think is right and the motive of what we are doing. Because we don't typically judge our heart or judge our life according to scripture we don't see what we are actually doing. I often say that we judge ourselves by our intentions while we judge others by what they are doing. We need to turn this around and judge ourselves correctly while giving others the benefit of the doubt.

I realize that there are times that the Lord will move us from one place or church to another. I also realize that there are churches that transition from being a church that feeds the people and are doing God's work to just existing. Not everyone who transitions is out of the will of God.

The point of my article is to address those that the enemy is trying to destroy and they have no clue how he is doing it. The devil is a patient enemy and will ever so slightly work on you so that you don't realize it, but in the end he will have you exactly where he wants you.

If you are not getting fed it could be your Pastor, but it could also be you. Did your Pastor's teaching go from a spiritual depth that caused you to grow to something carnal that was just entertaining or are you not receiving the same way you once did?

While there is no perfect church and we all have an opinion or two of how we would do things different if we were in leadership, are things really being done in a way that is destructive to the Body or are you becoming more critical and can't see it?

In our church I have seen many come and go. There have been some who it was the right time and right decision to go and there have been others (sadly the majority) who have left only to wander from place to place, become more carnal, or have tried to venture into places that they are not called to.

While Jesus was speaking of the end times in Matthew 24 he uses the term "deceived" several times. The end times (the times that we currently live in) are a time where many will be deceived. As I have said many times, "The power of deception is that you are deceived." You don't know it because you have accepted a lie to be truth.

It is so important in each of our lives that we guard against deception. We have to get in the Word and stay in the Word. We have to understand God's system and operate in it accurately because the devil will go to great lengths to get you out of the will of God. Your eternity depends on the decisions you are making today. Make sure your heart is in line with God.

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    • feenix profile image


      6 years ago

      Hello, Pastor,

      Thank you very much for writing and publishing this enlightening and inspirational post. In my opinion, you delivered a message that many need to hear.


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