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A Tea for Two Ritual

Updated on August 26, 2015

Feeling Stressed? Have a Tea Party!

This idea came to me as I was "christening" my new tea set (a five-piece rescue from a thrift store) and experimenting with homemade rose petal tea. I'd been having a tough time, and had the marvelous idea to pour a cup of tea that I wouldn't drink, and inform a friend that that was their cup and that we were currently having a tea party.

This is a highly simple, informal little spell, perfect for those who need something quick or who do not have a formal altar to practice on. I found that it worked to reduce my anxiety level, and it even seemed to help the friend I performed it with.

Don't let the last sentence fool you; I was physically alone when I performed this spell, but someone to contact is part of the ritual. I believe it might work for calling spirits or deities as well, but I haven't tried it yet.

What You Will Need

  • A teapot and teacups, full set or not; they don't even have to match.
  • Tea, any kind is fine.
  • Someone to contact, texting, Skyping, divining, whatever you like.
  • Anything else you normally use in spells, if you use crystals or candles, have some in the area.
  • Something to invoke whomever you're calling, a picture or something which reminds you of them.

The Spell

  1. Brew your tea, in whatever way you normally brew a pot of tea. While your tea is brewing, set up your space. Cups, imagery, items, milk, sugar, whatever you like.
  2. Pour your tea into your teapot, then fill each cup. Before taking your first sip, contact your friend, via text or whichever. My preferred method was iMessage. It is very important that your friend know that they are part of this ritual, so be sure to let them know.
  3. Simply drink your tea, as many cups as you like, while leaving your "friend's cup" full. While you drink, have a positive and upbeat conversation with your friend about something you both enjoy. Keep the conversation light and happy as much as possible to avoid bringing negativity into the space.
  4. That's literally all this spell requires. You should feel more happy and at ease than if you just had either the cup of tea, or the conversation. It's not meant to stop an anxiety attack or relieve depression, I just intended it to help release a little bit of stress at any time.


My set-up.
My set-up. | Source

Here's my personal set-up for the first time I attempted the spell.

The small, clashing teacup in the back hold sugar, because I put a criminal amount of it in my tea. I think I've offended more than one employee at a tea place by drowning my tea in any and all sugars. I do not take sugar with my tea; I take tea with my sugar.

In the seashell plate (my actual shells are in a box from yet another upheaval of my living space), I've placed hematite, bloodstone, amethyst, and lapis lazuli. The first three for their stress- and anxiety-reducing properties, and the lapis as a piece of my friend, whom we shall call "A," because they love the color of lapis lazuli. I prefer to work with black tourmaline, but all of mine are recharging, which is why none appear here.

I personally like to use crystals and water in my work, I like the texture of, and enjoy being around, crystals, and I've always been very drawn to water. Remember, you don't have to use exactly what I use; anything that helps you work magic is just fine!

As for our conversation to lighten our moods, A and I are unashamed South Park fanatics, and they're making plushies from the show for me and themselves, so we talked about that.

The type of tea you use doesn't matter, I only used rose petal tea because I was making it anyway. I suggest using a tea that both you and the other party enjoy, however, since I have no idea if A enjoys rose tea, I can't speak to whether that actually works better or not. You can use tea bags or loose tea leaves.

This spell has no time frame, it doesn't need to be a full moon or nighttime or daytime, it can be done at any time. You can make it as formal or informal as you like. Serve snacks if you feel it appropriate. Just be sure to maintain an intimately casual setting for the stress to dissipate.


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