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A Tribute to Two of God's Most Inspirational Gifts

Updated on November 9, 2016

1. My majestic bridges joined islands when horses ruled the roads, and I walked on the moon before the explosion of gunpowder was commonly heard on the battlefields. My magnificent skyscrapers reached to the heavens as my architects slumbered in tents, and I freed the slaves from deplorable shacks before generations died in chains of torment. I relieved suffering and cured disease before the stench of death filled the streets, and I endured years of endless torture as I laid with my love in a meadow of peace. Before my words were written, they inspired victorious hearts, and before my songs were sung, they brought tears to broken hearts. When the other children teased and tormented me, I was a beautiful princess draped in gorgeous apparel, and when I wept through endless nights because I couldn't get a date, my husband was bringing me flowers while my children played in the grass. When I was too shy to ask the pretty girl out for a date, her soft, long hair was cascading over my face, and when the other boys bullied me, I was a fearless knight rescuing my secret love. My eyes see flawless skin upon acne's face; my hands feel powerful biceps within weakened arms; my children are born from barren wombs; I run marathons upon crippled legs; I see splendid sunsets with sightless eyes; I develop powerful thoughts from deficient minds, and I grow crops and build cities upon desolate ground

2. As my shed blood soaked the battlefield's ground, I saw children gleefully play in dirt painted red with freedom's brush, and as bastards---without God---dragged my battered body into hell's camp, I saw millions freely bending their protected knees to the Creator over hell's crushed skull. When I dreadfully heard the steel pipe clash on the cold, damp concrete, I was holding my Sweetheart's soft, tender hand, and when that pipe was used to tear my arms from their sockets, I was kissing her endearing and passionate lips. As my cold feet were mercilessly broken with clubs, and my ankles tore flesh from pain, my loving and compassionate Mother brought hot chocolate to my warm and secure bed, and when those same ruthless cowards crushed my fingers between iron jaws, I was golfing on a cool spring day with my courageous father. My ears hear distant words of encouragement and whispers of better times. My comfort reaches from the past and embraces the future with passion.

3. Nothing significant has been built without my approval; no lofty achievement has occurred without my endorsement, and no invention, technological revolution, or intellectual development or pursuit has happened without my respect. My tongue plants tiny seeds that grow into powerful oaks, and industrial empires have been founded upon my silent words. I was with Thomas when he saw both my image reach across time, and dark rooms lit across America, and I was there when he heard my music from the past. I inspired Albert to put the physical essence of space-time upon a firm mathematical foundation, and I told William he would change the world with his computer software. Politics may steal my vision, tyrants may crush my dream, and political correctness may dole out counterfeit awards; nevertheless, every morning before dawn's light, as Nancy strapped ice skates to her stalwart ankles, I placed the gold metal around her merited neck---everyday---and there is remains, although unseen, to this very day. Then when inutile cowards could not compete with a champion's soul, it was I who relentlessly whispered into her tired ear and anguished heart to embrace a warrior's spirit, endure the pain, and reach for victory. My champions are everywhere: the horribly burned cop who still shows up for work each day; quadriplegics making a living with a stick in their mouths, and all those who sacrificially assist them; martyrs suffering excruciating deaths or torture for the Redeemer, Jesus Christ; the theoretical physicist who refuses to allow his dead body to keep his brilliant mind from being productive. My comfort comes in many forms; my encouragement arrives in diverse ways, and my inspirations emerge from sundry sources. No dream, no vision, and no aspiration has come to fruition without first receiving my acceptance, but then . . . 6,000 failures did not extinguish my light; breaking or disabling my legs does not stop me from raising; deafening my ears did not stop my music from being written, and blinding my eyes did not hinder my mathematical innovations from being published.

4. Although I'm nothing without my father, my father does not exist without me. I can go nowhere without my father, yet my father is aimless without me. All my power, all my sustenance, and all my blood comes from my father; nevertheless, I am the beginning of my father's strength. My dreams, my visions, my words, thoughts, inspirations, comforts and achievements will all slip into obscure darkness without my father's light, and they will most certainly die without my father's breath of life. I initiate action, but my father drives it. I am used by the Creator to command obedience, but my father secures it. I can put the prize-fighter in the ring; my father provides the punch. I get the athlete out of bed; my father gets him to sweat. Yes, my buildings reach for the clouds, but who, do you think, provides the steel? My weightlifters get to the gym, but who packs on the muscle? With only "2% inspiration" my college students, research scientists, engineers, writers, musicians and entrepreneurs will turn on the light, but it is my father who puts on the coffee, and provides the remaining "98% perspiration," then all the world will think them to be "geniuses" . . . or lucky.

5. So, if in your heart, deep in your soul, you know who I am, and if your character has been relentlessly purchased by my father, then---my friend, my companion, my confidant, my child---we can walk boldly across the narrow but majestic bridge, and through the meadow of Truth, and know Life. Now is the time: Who else can my father possibly be, but Faith? What other name could he have more aptly given me, but Hope?


6. I have read that Edison made from 1,000 to 10,000 attempts to get the light bulb to successfully light for a significant amount of time. I believe 6,000 is a conservative figure. Most of the sources I checked had it at 6,000 or more.


7. Although her right leg was clubbed in 1994, she recovered and did some of her best skating during the 1994 Olympics. Many people believe she should have won the gold--me included in that opinion.


8. Leonhard Euler was one of the most brilliant mathematicians in history. He went totally blind in 1766 but that did not diminish his productivity in writing mathematical papers.


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    • Michael Adams1959 profile image

      Michael Adams1959 6 years ago from Wherever God leads us.

      Awesome and inspiring! Great job!

    • Caleb DRC profile image

      Caleb DRC 6 years ago

      Michael, You have been an encouragement since the day I began at HP, and not only for your comment but also for your outstanding hubs.

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