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A Poem To My Beloved!

Updated on February 20, 2010

To my Beloved

This is a poem to my second beloved

It is to say I shall always have a place in my heart for you!

Though you rejected me for material things

Though you gave me gifts then took them back again

Though you made promises you had no intention to keep

Though you physically, emotionally and psychologically hurt me

Though you did not know me

Though you were cruel at times and gentle at times

I still love you!

I only wanted to be your wife yet you wanted a friend

I wanted to spend the rest of my days by your side, you wanted money by yours

I wanted to share everything I owned with you yet I was accused of wanting all you had

I wanted our own home you wanted YOUR home

I wanted to be part of your family you wanted to steal mine

I wanted to share the Lord with you and you said you couldn’t

Now we go our own ways

A missed opportunity that will never return!

I will always love you!

I will never forget how you made me feel a woman!

I will never forget how I felt loved

I shall never forget how you looked after me

I shall never forget your comforting hugs

Though we go our own ways

A missed opportunity that will never return!

I will always love you!

I have though, returned to my first beloved – The one who never lets me down,

who never hurts me! 

 never takes back the gifts he once gave,

 that is why he is my first beloved 

 he is faithful and true – He is my saviour and Lord- Jesus Christ!




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