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A ‘Virtual’ Wiccan Dedication: Meditation and Creative Visualization

Updated on March 17, 2020
WiccanSage profile image

A Wiccan of 25 years, Sage likes to put her background as a writer and teacher to use by helping people learn about this NeoPagan path.

Wiccan Dedication

Once someone has done some research and is seriously thinking about walking the Wiccan path, it’s generally considered a good time for a dedication ritual. A dedication is symbolically making the choice to step upon that path and begin walking it for a time. This decision is marked with a rite of passage.

A dedication ritual is not a lifetime commitment. It is not an initiation. It is not a promise. It is simply an affirmation that you believe Wicca is for you, and you want to make a serious effort to see if it is. A dedication ritual marks this decision.

The intention for a dedication is that over the next year or so (or longer if you like—no rush) you will continue your study and begin incorporating Wiccan into your life. You may eventually decide it’s not for you after all, or this may be the beginning of a lifelong journey. That’s the point—you don’t have to decide now.

Unfortunately, without a group or mentor, some Solitary Wiccans-to-be are in a pickle! How do you have a dedication rite when you have barely any ritual experience, or understanding of Wiccan practices? You may feel a bit stuck, feeling you are without guidance.

Consider this virtual dedication your solution. You don’t have to get a bunch of tools or hold a full-blown ritual. You can go somewhere quiet and read this as you envision it in your mind’s eye. Or, you can read over it, go somewhere (such as a beach, a park, or your own room at night) and close your eyes— visualizing something like it in quiet meditation.

If you are holding a full-blown ritual, you might use this as inspiration or as a meditation. Whatever you get out of it, I hope you find it useful and enjoyable.

What's the difference between dedication and initiation? Read about it here.

Are you ready to walk the path?

The Wiccan Path?
The Wiccan Path?

Before Your Meditation

Read this script and familiarize yourself with it
Find a comfortable, quiet, private place
Get comfortable and relax
Center yourself
Begin your journey

Great Meditation Background Music

The Dedication

You find yourself wandering in a pleasantly green forest. The sun shines through the canopy of green leaves, streaking golden-white light through mid-air where swirling dust dances. You’re not quite sure where you’re going; you simply enjoy wandering around.

The trees, with their graying sphagnum moss dripping from the branches, look like old, wise, bearded beings—wise old beings who sit still and meditate in the peaceful surroundings. The air is laden with the earthy, balsam scent of oak wood and dewy moss. The rustling leaves and chirping sparrows seem to surround you as you weave your way around trunks, over roots and ducking under branches. Every now and then you see squirrels race past in a game of tag, or a butterfly fluttering through looking for a patch of wildflowers to land on.

After a while, you realize you’ve been walking much more smoothly, with more ease. You look down, and you notice you’ve stumbled onto a path. It’s not a very well-defined path, but it looks like it’s been used occasionally—perhaps long ago. You continue to follow it, and it winds casually through the woods until finally bringing you to the edge of the woods. You notice the light is at a severe slant, now, with the shadows of trees stretching long across the ground. The sky is tinged with pink and clouds are shadowed with a deep shade of purple.

A woman in silky green robe greets you. She wears a wreath of leafy greens and tiny white buds on her head. Her wavy hair flows about her shoulders. Smiling, she makes her way towards you. Her eyes are bright and the corners are etched lightly with laugh lines.

“Welcome, seeker,” she greets in a soft voice that hums with the warmth of sincerity. “We’ve been expecting you… we’re so glad you finally made your way here.”

You ask her exactly where ‘here’ is.

She looks at you, a twinkle in her eye and a playful smirk. “I think you know,” she says.

You realize, she’s right. You nod. She puts a hand gently on your shoulder. You can feel the energy radiating from her body to yours, from yours to hers, intermingling in an ebb and flow.

“You’ve been seeking, you’ve been searching; but it was here all along, until you were ready to find it. The path of the Wicca lies ahead. What has brought you here at this time?”

You explain to her what you’ve been going through, what’s been going through your head, what had driven your spiritual pursuits. Normally, you don’t like to unload on strangers—but you feel you can really talk here, and that your feelings are received with caring and compassionate ears.

She nods when you are through, and you can see in her eyes that she understands.

“No spiritual path is a journey to be taken lightly. However, there comes a time when you must follow what you believe to be your calling, and you must take those first steps.

You may begin that journey here, and now—if you’re ready. Are you ready?”

At this point, you could thank her and tell her you are not ready. You instinctively know she would nod with an understanding smile, tell you to return anytime and wave goodbye.

Instead, you tell her you choose to go on.

Go To The Light

Wiccan Meditation
Wiccan Meditation

She nods. “I had a feeling you would.” She moves aside. Beyond, you see a path leading through the meadow and over the hill. It’s lined with lit torches, guiding the way. Small flames dance on the tip of the torches. By now, the sky is a vivid pink and orange on the horizon and the darkness is overtaking the land. “We must go then. They wait for you. You are expected,” she smiles, gesturing toward the path.

You ask who ‘they’ are.

She grins again, her eyes crinkling in the corners. “I think you know.”

She puts her arm around your shoulder. You begin walking the grassy path between the torches. In the distance, you see the lights of fireflies hovering over the field.

“It is a far and long road,” she explains. “A road that will take you through a lifetime—perhaps many lifetimes, if you choose.

“Sometimes your path may weave you into those dark areas, where the way gets rocky and steep, and where you are brought face to face with the shadows. You will face challenges. You will probably stumble occasionally. And sometimes, you will not want to face what lies ahead. No one will force you—you can veer off the path; you can stop, or turn around, anytime you want. But if you confront those things that are difficult, you will learn and grow stronger from them. “

You don’t feel threatened; you don’t feel like she’s warning you of anything foreboding. You get more of a sense she means things that are part of life— things you would have to face no matter what path you chose.

The torch lights spread light and shadows across her face, making her eyes glow and sparkle warmly. Stars are beginning to appear above. To the west, the last vestiges of twilight hang low over the trees in the distance. To the East, the full moon—partially shrouded by clouds—is rising. It almost appears larger than usual, and is a bright silvery white, with a seemingly bluish glow around it.

“Sometimes on your journey you will find yourself on sun-drenched fields and breezy mountaintops, and you will marvel at the beauty, revel in the glory of life and gain new and broadened perspectives. You will marvel at the things you once overlooked, you will grow a new respect for things you once underestimated. At times, you will feel fully and completely alive, and you will sense the connection between yourself and all things.

That would be nice, you think to yourself. The ground slightly slopes upward on a gentle hill. As you approach the top you can see that the path ends, and there is a circle of torches on the hilltop.

“No matter where you are on your path, you will never be alone. Whenever you need comfort, guidance or a helping hand you need only to ask.”

As you reach the end of your path, your guide turns to face you, with a hand on each arm.

“The circle is sacred space. It is a space between the worlds—between the known realms of humanity, and the realms of the deities and otherworldly forces. It is a place of protection and a place of reverence. It's a place where you can free yourself of your ego, and unmask yourself before your Gods. How do you enter?”

You think for a moment, and the words come to you: with perfect love, and perfect trust.

She smiles, leans over and places a motherly kiss on your forehead. “I leave you then. May the path serve you well; and may you serve the path well in return.”

The Gods Are With Us

Pagan Goddess
Pagan Goddess

With a final, reassuring glimpse, she walks past you and back down the hill. You turn and look into the circle before you. You don’t look back; you are mesmerized by what lies before you. Taking a slow, deep breath, you stand tall and step across the invisible boundary— feeling a tingle on your skin as you do.

In the circle there is an altar on the North edge. It’s made of heavy stone and is dappled with patches of moss, as though it’s been there for ages and ages. Upon the altar there is a bowl containing some kind of shimmering liquid.

Flanking the stone altar are two stone figures; a female figure to the left, and a male figure to the right. You wonder who they are. As you step closer, you realize you vaguely recognize these them— if you’re not mistaken, they’re a God and Goddess you’ve heard about in mythology. They look familiar, as if you’ve met them in a dream before.

Wondering what is supposed to happen now, you turn and walk the perimeter of the circle. As you look beyond the boundary of torches, you’re amazed to see that the earth and the sky look different from here—the earth seems to glow with an aura of its own that pulses like a heartbeat. Colors streak across the sky like the northern lights, and each star appears to have its own glowing energy field. You’re suddenly aware of all the animals—all the wildlife surrounding you it what you thought a fairly vacant area. Each seems to shine with a light of its own, and yet as they are all individual they are all connected.

“Welcome, my child,” you hear a woman’s voice say—it is a voice that resonates like a clear, soft bell. You turn around, and the Goddess statue you were examining before is gone. In its place stands a woman—a vision of the Goddess Herself. She looked just as you expected, yet even more beautiful than you could have imagined.

Beside her, the God statue, too, has taken form of a splendorous man, with a strong yet gentle countenance. It is Them— the Ones of your deepest dreams that you have forgotten, the Ones who call to your very soul, who you have somehow always known even though you gaze upon Them for the first time.

They gaze at you with a warm and loving expression.

“We are so glad you answered our call,” He says, with a deep, rich tone that is smooth like silk. “For We are the journey.”

“And we are the destination,” She finishes.

You look at Them, in all Their glory, and wonder what is it you should do. As if you had spoken the words clearly aloud, She answers you. “Give Us honor, as We give life to the universe. And when you are in need, We shall be there to offer guidance, comfort, strength, power, compassion~ not always what you may want, but always what you truly need.”

How do I get closer to Them? You wonder.

He responds to your thoughts just as She did. “To know Us is to seek Us; seek Us within yourself.”

“For if you do not find something within yourself,” She continues, “you will never find it outside of yourself. There is much to learn, and much to think about; the way of the Wicca is a wonderful path, but it is not the only path. It may be your path, if you like."

“You have questions,” He observes. He was not asking; He was giving you and opening.

Moon and Sun Symbols


They patiently stand there, listening to all of your questions, hearing all of your concerns, smiling as you spill all of your excitement and hopes. You don’t know how long you spend there with Them. You do most of the talking, and most of Their answers seem to promise only that there are many things to be learned. Yet you still feel satisfied, feeling you were heard, and you know in your heart that when you talk, They will always listen.

By the time you finish talking, the moon is riding high above. The silver rays it casts upon you are nourishing and empowering. They beckon you to step closer to the altar.

The Goddess reaches for the bowl of shimmery liquid from the altar. It smells like some kind of fragrant oil. She dips Her finger into it. With her other hand She gently pulls your collar down and to the left, then traces a moon symbol on your chest just below the collar bone. The liquid seems to seep into your skin, leaving a luminescent figure behind that glimmers with a magical silver light of it’s own.

The God then dips his fingers into the bowl of oil, moves your collar aside the other way and anoints you with a symbol of the sun. It, too, glimmers, this time a golden light.

“Welcome to the path, child,” He says. Both embrace you. Enfolded in the warmth of their arms you felt comforted and protected.

Bright Blessings

on your Wiccan Path
on your Wiccan Path

“Walk it well,” She says, holding her palm toward the edge of the circle, opposite the way you came in. Another, smaller path led away from the circle. You didn’t notice it before; this one was unlit by torches. This path was well worn, as though many travelers had taken their leave by it.

You turned and glanced over your shoulder at Them. They’re gone; the statues had—just like earlier-- taken their place along-side the altar. You stepped out of the circle and onto the path, confident that you would not be alone; and—at least for now—with the feeling that you were heading in the right direction.

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Parts of this meditation were inspired by:

Charge of the Goddess
Charge of the Goddess
If Gerald Gardner is the 'Father of Wicca', Doreen Valiente-- his High Priest and an amazing writer-- is the Mother. The Charge of the Goddess is probably one of the most significant liturgy used in Wicca.

Image Credits

All labeled images are authors original work and remain under copyright of the author.

All non-attributed images are in the Public Domain, found at Pixabay.


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    • WiccanSage profile imageAUTHOR

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      7 years ago

      It's true, they're not necessary at all. They're beautiful, traditional, and can be useful mind triggers, but not necessary. When I get a student that's been too focused on tools and supplies, I take them away for a while and tell them to practice without any tools or supplies for a while. This really teaches people not to be too dependent on tools. I think beginners are better off learning without them, then adopting them as they go depending on what they think would be useful. But nothing is needed. Thanks!

    • WiccanSage profile imageAUTHOR

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      7 years ago

      Ah, I don't think anyone can shut their brain off or clear it out like that... that'd be like being in a coma. I can't even imagine. Thanks so much for commenting!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      7 years ago from England

      Visualization is a great way to introduce yourself to the wiccan path. I remember reading somewhere that actually all the tools and the rituals of magic are there purely to help you start, after a few years you don't need anything at all apart from your mind, still trying myself as I like to use the proper tools, but meditation really does help too, nell

    • That Grrl profile image

      Laura Brown 

      7 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

      I've never been able to shut my brain off enough to meditate. At night I lie there for hours at times, unable to sleep for the same reason. Now, just the idea of trying to meditate makes me feel antsy and impatient. :)


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