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A Voice for Persecuted Christians

Updated on May 23, 2012

Serving the Persecuted

Every year thousands of Christians are persecuted for their faith, some even martyred. Release International is an international organization for monitoring and reporting persecution of Christians around the world. It’s considered to be a one of the "leading persecution watchdogs” serving Christians in more than 30 countries.

Release International gives pastoral care and practical support to Christians around the world. They support pastors, Christian prisoners and their families. Release helps churches proclaim the gospel, even to those who persecute them. The organization directly supports persecuted pastors and their families by providing leadership, theological training and financial help as well. They also supply Bibles, Christian literature and work for justice.

The persecution of Christians is the largest human rights violation issue in today's world. According to the World Evangelical Alliance, over 200 million Christians in over 60 countries are being denied human rights and being persecuted because of their faith.

The organization was founded by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand who was imprisoned and tortured by the Romanian secret police in the 1950’s and 60’s because of his Christian faith. The Bible teaches us the apostle Paul was once a persecutor of the early church, until God showed him the error of his ways.

Freedom of Religion

According to an organization spokesperson “The values and practices of Release International, their staff, volunteers and partners around the world are informed by the teachings of Jesus Christ and the inspired teachings and writings contained within the Holy Bible. We affirm the spirit and contents of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights -- 10 December 1948 -- and hold its content as being consistent with our values. Therefore we are opposed to religious intolerance and religious hatred, and support freedom of religion for all people of all faiths.”

Release, formerly Witness, is the official magazine of Release International, heralding the latest news of persecuted Christians around the world. The magazine brings the voice of persecuted churches to fellowships in the UK and Ireland. The publishers regularly ask supporters to campaign on behalf of persecuted Christians by writing letters and using petitions. Release provides a range of resources to help individuals and churches become well informed.

Release magazine is sent free of charge to supporters of Release (UK and Ireland only) every two months. However, it can be downloaded online at their website It contains the latest news about the persecuted church around the world, with practical suggestions for both prayer and action. Accompanying the magazine is a daily prayer diary and Prayer Shield, which gives specific information to help pray for persecuted Christians.


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    • profile image

      Joachim Rana 5 years ago

      A converted Christian woman is in need for your prayers for her save evacuation from Pakistan.

      Highly educated Muslim born woman, mother of 4 children, converted to Christianity from Islam in Pakistan. She is in great fear of death under Islamic law in Pakistan. She has been subjected to allegations under blasphemy law in Pakistan, Muslim religious clerics decreed her liable to death punishment as per Islamic law. And her relatives, cousins in law and Muslim society of Pakistan turned to enemy because of her conversion. The mercy of our Heavenly Father worked through some Christians of locality, by their help she succeeded to escape from the detention illegal. She has taken refuge in the church for protection of their life and belief with her five years son. She is waiting for safe evacuation from Pakistan to avail international protection for Safety of life and her faith in Christ.

      All brothers and sisters are requested to pray for her safe evacuation form Pakistan