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A Week That Was So Noteworthy That It Impacts Even Our Eternity...

Updated on July 16, 2013

A Week That Was So Noteworthy That It Impacts Our Eternity…

It is another Palm Sunday, and every Christian knows the reverence and import of this week and what happened over a little over two days ago, at least to Jesus, but it has been two thousand years to us. It does not matter how long it has been, the only Son of the Living God, Jesus, is still and forever worthy to be praised. For those who do not know, Palm Sunday is when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a colt and having much of Israel shouting, Hosanna in the highest… proclaiming Him as King. Palm Sunday is also symbolic of how fickle we are… and having sentiments can turn on a dime because many of those same people who laid down their garments and waved palm leaves, shouting Hosanna in the highest in honor of the Christ would be shouting Crucify Him a few days later. We are told in the Bible that Jesus wept for the second time, once for Lazarus before He raised him from the dead and on Palm Sunday for Jerusalem’s people because Jesus foresaw their/our betrayal and their/our assent to his death.

Palm Sunday showed irony too that when the Jewish authorities asked Jesus to quiet the crowd - I mean He deserves the praises… not because He was shooting a basketball through a hoop or scoring a touch down or adept at music - No, it was because He was turning water into wine, literally walking on water, raising the dead, healing the sick, feeding thousands by multiplying a few fish and loaves exponentially that only He could… and, get this, His greatest feats were yet to come. Jesus reminded the authorities that were the people to stop their praise and worship that the very rocks would cry out… paying honor to the Lord who made them in the beginning. For even the rocks knew and know that before Jesus came in the flesh… He was in the beginning with Abba Father at the earth’s creation. It was the disciple John who wrote that in the beginning was the Word, which became flesh and made his dwelling among us and that they all saw His glory who came from the Father, full of grace and truth (John 1:14). What did Jesus say to my Jewish brothers and sisters concerning this issue: before Abraham was, I am and the Christ went on to underscore that the Patriarch Abraham was happy to see His day and did see His day.

A few years ago, I saw a comedy skit which was a take off from the ‘Terminator’ movies; the skit showed the Terminator going back in time just hours after Jesus’ Crucifixion… the scene also showed many women and the Disciples crying and wailing because of the death of the Lord. The Terminator, knowing the future, consoled Jesus’ followers by telling them, in that thick Arnold Schwarzenegger's Austrian accent, that He will be back in three days… confirming what the Biblical Prophets of old wrote about the Jesus’ Resurrection, which would take place three days after His death. Not only does Palm Sunday remind us of the beginning of Jesus’ kingdom, but of the culmination of the Lord’s Resurrection… with Him walking out the grave with the keys to life and death. Who can speak like our Lord, the only Son of the Living God - It was Jesus who told his accusers that He is the One who can lay down His life and can pick It up (His Death/Resurrection)… and He did! And Jesus did not leave us destitute, He dispatched the Holy Spirit, The Comforter, to be with us until His glorious return… Hallelujah!


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