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A Word from the Lord through Linda

Updated on August 20, 2010

A Word from the Lord to Linda and the Body of Christ

On September 18, 2009,
I was in study on the
Glory of the Lord and in prayer

and I felt led

of the Lord to write this down...
I believe it was a

word of the Lord to me,
and as you'll see to
the whole Body of Christ.

This is what wrote...

"Peace, rest and favor are yours Linda. 
You have been faithful in the small things,
I am opening a door for you to do BIG things. 
Get ready,prepare and make ready, 
for the harvest is coming in.

The time for the Church to excel and be
glorified has come. She shall come forth as
a beautiful Bride. There are those who have
made themselves ready. Those who haven't
will miss out. They will lose out on the end-time
revival. They will not carry the anointing that
will be required in these last days.

These are holy days for My holy people
to shine forth in the darkness. There has to
be a great separation from light and darkness.
The True Church will arise out of the darkness
like a beam bursting forth into the heavens,
so My Church will burst forth with it's brightness
into the earth and it will cause the nations to
weep and wail because of the wickedness is so great.

But, My mercies are much greater.
The LIGHT will penetrate into the darkest
parts of the earth. Nothing is hidden that
will not be revealed. The time of revelation and
unveiling is NOW! It's time! It's NOW! Keep watch!
Be ready! Prepare! For I desire to have everyone
partake, but it will take a preparation, a separation
unto Me says the Lord. I am holy. I am coming

back soon. I will not delay. Says the Lord of Hosts."

Wow! I am sharing this with you almost a year since I got
this word and it is as powerful today as it was when
I got it. It touches the inner core of my being.

I pray it touches you too.




Linda Shares on the Book of Revelation


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