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A-Z Gods and Goddesses: Animal Associations

Updated on November 24, 2017
kittythedreamer profile image

Kitty has been following an alternative spiritual path for seventeen years. She encourages others to follow their souls' calling.

Gods and Goddesses have been closely connected to animals for thousands of years.
Gods and Goddesses have been closely connected to animals for thousands of years. | Source

Gods and Animals

Gods and animals go together like milk and cookies. This may seem strange for some, but there are those who understand how the gods came to be in the minds of the ancient people. The mighty gods and goddesses arose from animistic beliefs (the belief that all things have a soul or consciousness), which included animals of all kinds. There were certain places in nature that were considered sacred, with sacred animals, and so were guarded by nature spirits. These nature spirits came to be deified and passed down through mythology as gods and goddesses. So we can see how animals might be very closely associated with gods and goddesses. Not only that, but many of the gods chose to shift forms into the animal form of their choice.

For pagans who want a quick reference to multiple gods and goddesses and their animal associations, I have developed an A-Z reference list. This list is broken up by gods and goddesses, and then alphabetically arranged. The deities are not categorized by culture or origin. Knowing animals associated with your god and goddess will help you learn more about that deity, as well as gives you an idea of what animal spirits to invoke.

This list can also be used as a reference for writers, historians, folklorists, mythologists, etc. If you have a god or goddess that isn't included and you'd like animal associations added to the list, please leave a comment at the end.

Goddesses of ancient times often had an animal ally or they were able to shift into animal form.
Goddesses of ancient times often had an animal ally or they were able to shift into animal form. | Source

Goddesses and Their Animal Associations

Aglauros - snake

Aine - cow, horse

Amaterasu - horse

Aphrodite - cowrie, bear, bee, deer, dolphin, dove, goat, goose, lepoard, lion, partridge, rabbit, scallops, sparrow, swan, toad, turtle, wolf

Arachne - spider

Ariadne - crane, snake

Artemis - bees, bears, boar, cat, deer, dog, dolphin, fish, goat, quail, stag, wolf

Artio - bear

Asherah - aquatic creatures, dog, dove, lion

Astarte - dove

Atargatis - dolphin, dove, fish, snake, whale

Athena - crow, dog, goat, griffin, horse, lion, owl, sea eagle, sheep, snake, sphinx, spider, swallow dove, wolf

Baba Yaga - crow, dragon, hedgehog, horse, owl, raven, snake

Bast (Bastet) - domestic cats

La Befana - goat

Berchta - cricket, fox, goose, owl, swan, wolf

Blodeuwedd - owl

Boann - cow

Branwen - raven, starling

Brigid - horse, pig, snake, swan, white bull, white cow, vulture, wolf

Car - phoenix

Ceres - sow (pig)

Cerridwen - white sow (pig)

Chandra - antelope, rabbit

Chantico - snake

Chinnamasta - cobra

Circe - baboon, lion, pig

Cliodna - songbirds

Coatlique - coral snake, snakes

Damona - cow, snake

Demeter - horse

Dhumavati - crow

Diana - cats, deer, dogs, wolves

Durga - lion, tiger

Echidna - snake

Eostre (Ostara) - birds, rabbit

Epona - dog, horse, raven

Erishkegal - lion, scorpion, snake

Erinyes (the) - dog, snake

Ezili Dantor - Haitian black pig

Ezili Freda Dahomey - flamingo, snake

Fauna - all wildlife (particularly forest creatures)

Ferronia - wolf

Flidais - deer, forest animals

Freya - boar, cat, cuckoo, falcon, lady-bug, oxen, rabbit, swallow

Frigg - stork

Frau Gaude - dogs

Giltine - owl, snake

Hathor - cat, cow, gazelle

Hecate - cat, dog, dragon, snake, toad, wolf

Heket - frog

Hel - dog, horse, wolf

Hera - cow, crab, crow, cuckoo, dove, dragon, peacock, snail, snake

Hesperides - dragon, snake

Holda (Hulda) - goose, rabbit, swan, wolf

Ildiko - bear, deer

Inanna-Ishtar - dolphin, hedgehog, lion, scorpion, snake

Inari - dragon, fox, snake

Isis - cow, crocodile, kite, scorpion, snake, swallow

Ix Chel - dragonfly, rabbit, snake, spider, swallow

Juno - crow, goat, goose, lion, peacock, snake, wolf

Kali - crow, jackal

Keto - octopus, shark, squid, whale

Kuan Yin - (all animals) carp, dolphin, dragon, horses, lion

Kybele (Cybele) - bees, bull, cats, chicken, leopard, lion, vulture

Lady of Beasts - all animals

Laima - bear, cuckoo, duck, elk, lamb, owl, swan, titmouse

Lakshmi - cow, elephant, owl

La Sirene - dove, mermaid

Leto - quail, rooster, wolf

Lilith - cat, dog, dragon, hyena, jackal, ostrich, owl, snake, spider, unicorn

Maeve - birds (especially crow), cow, squirrel, swine, wolf

Ma'at - ostrich, vulture

Maia - dove, pig

Mami Waters - crocodile, snake

Mari - crow, goat, snake, vulture

Maria Padilha - black pigeon with red legs

Mayahuel - rabbit, snail

Medea - dragon, snake

Medusa - lion, snake

Melusine - dragon

Mielikki - bear

Morgan Le Fay - crow

The Morrigan - cow, crow, raven, rook

The Mothers - lap dog, snake

Mut - vulture and griffon vulture

Nekhbet - snake, vulture

Nemesis - griffin

Nephthys - crow, kite, snake, vulture

Nicnevin - geese

Norns - spider, swan

Nu Kua - dragon, mermaid, snail, snake

Nut - cow, hippo, sow, vulture

Nyx - owl

Oonagh - baby animals

Pachamama - llama

Parvati - lioness, tiger

Pele - dog, shark

Pleiades - dove

Psyche - butterfly

Ragana - carp, crow, dog, goat, hedgehog, magpie, owl, pike, poison toad, snake, sow

Renenet - lion, snake

Rhiannon - birds, horse

Rusalka - wolf

Sarasvati - lizard, swan

Sedna - dog, fish, mermaid, whale

Sequana - bull, dog, duck

Sirona - lapdog, snake

Skadi - snake, wolf

Sophia - dove

Spider Grandmother - spider

Tawaret - hippo

Thetis - hippo, lion, snake

Tuonetar - swan

Turan - black swan, dove

Vajravahari - sow

Valkyries - bee, crow, horse, raven, swan, wolf

Vesta - donkey

Wadjet - cobra, lion, mongoose, snakes

Weaving Maiden - spider

White Buffalo Calf Woman - white buffalo

Yami - tortoise

Yaoji - crane, dragon, phoenix, tiger

Yemaya - dove, duck, fish, peacock

Yewa - dove, goat, owl

Indian deities were often associated with cows.
Indian deities were often associated with cows. | Source

Gods and Their Animal Associations

Aganyu - bull, goat, guinea hen, red rooster

Agni - parrot, ram

Agwe - eel, frog, fish

Ammon - bull, goose, ram, snake

Anansi - spider

Anubis - dogs, jackal

Apollo - dolphin, griffin, mouse, rat, wolf

Arawn - dog, pig

Ares - dogs, horses, owls, stamphalian birds, woodpeckers

Aristaeus - bees, cow, goat, sheep

Asklepios - dog, snake

Azaka - field mouse

Ba'al - bull

Babalu Aye - dog, scorpion

Bel (Belenus) - cattle, horse, sheep (flocks)

Bes - leopard, lion

Bran - raven

Buddha - lion, peacock, snail

Cao Guo-Jiu - chilin (chinese unicorn)

Cernunnos - boar, bull, snake, stag

Charon - dog, tawny owl, wolf

Dahoney - crab, leopard

Daikoku - mice, rodents

Damballah - snake

Dionysus - donkey, goat, leopard, lion, mule, panther, snake

Ebisu - fugu, jellyfish, octopus, sea bass, sea bream

Eshu Elegbara (Elegba/Legba) - mouse

Fergus - horse

Fu Xi - dragon

Fugen - white elephant with six tusks

Ganesha - elephant, mouse, snake

Green Man - snake, stag

Hades - bear, black ram, dog (Cerberus - three-headed dog), wolf

Hanuman - langur, monkeys

Hayagriva - horses

Hephaestus - crab, snake

Hermes - dog, snake, turtle

Horus - falcon, hawk

Indra - owl

Jizo - cat, wolf

Khnum - ram

Khonsu - hawk

Ku - caterpillar, eel,, hawk, pig

Lleu Llaw Gyffes (Lugh) - eagle, raven

Loki - snake, spider, wolf

Loko - butterfly, fighting cocks, snakes

Long Do - dragon

Lupercus (Faunus) - goat, wolf

Manannan Mac Lir - horse, pig, seabirds, sea creatures

Manjushri - dog, snow lion

Mars - boar, bull, horse, ram, woodpecker

Mercury - rooster, tortoise

Nergul - lion

Nodens - dog

Obatala - dove, elephant, snail

Oceanus - dolphin

Odin - bear, horse, raven, reindeer, snake, wolf

Okuninushi - white rabbit

Ogun - crocodile, dog, red rooster, snail, snake

Ordog - flea, fly, fox, goat, lice

Osain - goat, parrot, rooster, turtle

Oshun - catfish, cricket, crocodile, leopard, parrot, peacock, river fish, vulture

Oya - antelope, locust, sheep, water buffalo

Pan - goat

Poseidon - bull, dolphin, horse, merman

Priapus - donkey, goose

Quetzalcoatl - quetzalcoatlus (pterosaur), snakes

Reshef - deer, gazelle

Saturn - donkey

Set - crocodile, donkey, gazelle, hippo, jackal, pig, salawa (cryptid dog)

Shango - crocodile, horse, leopard, lizard, pheasant, ram, rooster, turtle

Shiva - bull, deer, snake, tiger

Simbi - snake, turtle

Sir Fish - fish, whales

Tammuz - dog, wild bull

Taungbyon Brothers - tiger

Tezcatlipoca - jaguar, turkey

Thanatos - butterfly, snake

Thor - bull, goat

Thoth - baboon, ibis, snake

Tlaloc - frog

Velinas - blackbird, all animals

Volos - cow, dragon, sheep, snake, wolf

Xochipilli - hummingbird

Yama - blackwater buffalo, crow

Zeus - bear, bull, eagle, snake, wolf

Lilith was once a snake goddess, which is probably why she was associated with the serpent in the garden of eden.
Lilith was once a snake goddess, which is probably why she was associated with the serpent in the garden of eden. | Source

© 2017 Kitty Fields


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  • profile image


    5 weeks ago

    What about Goddess Terra aka Gaia aka Terra Mater lol

  • profile image


    12 months ago

    Its something to think about, Thank you.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    12 months ago from Summerland

    Rperez78 - The owl is either your spirit guide or you in a shifted form.

  • profile image


    12 months ago

    I had a dream I was looking into a mirror and my reflection was a life size real white owl(any movement i would make it would at the same time,it was me) do you have any idea what this could mean? Thanks

  • k@ri profile image

    Kari Poulsen 

    12 months ago from Ohio

    Wonderful list. I find it amusing to think Mercury and Hermes are associated with turtles.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    12 months ago from Summerland

    Heidi - Thank are such a doll! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    12 months ago from Summerland

    Danielle - any god or goddess who is associated with birds in general would have dominion over robins. As for red berries - see my other reference list for gods and plants.

  • profile image

    Danielle Rhoades 

    12 months ago

    Are any of these gods associated with robins or red berries? I've read the list but robins weren't mentioned.

  • heidithorne profile image

    Heidi Thorne 

    12 months ago from Chicago Area

    Another great reference list! Thanks, as always, for sharing your knowledge and insight with us. Blessed Thanksgiving!


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