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A-Z Names for Jesus

Updated on December 25, 2009

Hey! My hub is going to be about names and adjectives for Jesus starting with A and ending in Z. The first one I thought about a lot. Then I decided it should be Alpha.

The next one is really good! Since it's B I thought it should be, Baby Jesus. I like that one a lot.

Next, C. This one is really obvious. CHRIST!!!! See wasn't that obvious!

Next is one of my favorite ones, D. I like this letter because I made up a good name for Him. Deliverer!! Since He delivered His Son into the world to save our sins.

Another one I like is the letter E which can be Everlasting because He never ends.

F is next which is another obvious one! Father! Because He is the Father of everyone of us whether we believe or not.

I didn't even have to think about this one that is next, its easy!!!! GOD!!!!

Lets see if you can guess this one. It starts with an H. It comes to live inside of you when you believe in Jesus. Theres two words in the name. And the correct answer is, HOLY SPIRIT!!!!! Did you guess it right? Well even if you didn't you can go ahead and see what I stands for.

I like I. Since it has to do with Christmas. Its Immanuel. Immanuel means God is with us. We've got lots of obvious ones!!

Next is J. Which would stand for Jesus, So obvious!!

Next one is K. Which would stand for King of Kings. So if our President thought He was ruler of everybody, Hes not, Jesus is.

Next one would be L. This name for Him is a lot like King of Kings, its Lord of Lords. It also sounds like the definition but this one means that the Lord is higher than all the idols and stuff people worship.

Next is M. I sort of had to think about this one a lot but then I got a really good one for it. I decided it should be Messiah.

Next one is going to be a little different. I'm doing an adjective of Jesus. So like N would stand for nice which Jesus is.

Next word was really confu0sing for me; it starts with an O. I don't know how its pronounced or how to say it but the word is Omnipotent?

Here comes another adjective which starts with a P. PERFECT!!!!!!! Since He IS PERFECT.

This one is really random BUT it starts with Q so I guess it counts. Quiet???  Maybe He was quiet or maybe He wasn't, who knows???

Have yall ever taken the time to think how righteous God is, OH wait a minute R is my next letter!! So I have to say its going to be righteous!

The next one is a name for Him it starts with a S and ends in a R. IT'S SAVOIR!!!! Now that one counts!

After S comes R so I thought it should be Teacher since He teached the Disciples and the Jews stuff, INCLUDING US!!!!!!!!

The next one is U which would stand for understanding. Gosh! There are lots of names for Him that are obvious.

God is really victorious, which is my next letter so I'm going to take it and say,"God is victorious"!!

Next is W Which would be Way, for He's the only way to, heaven!

Next is X. HEY THAT RHYMES!!!!! That's funny!!! Also the word I came up with is funny two!!! (even though it doesn't begin in W it begings in X but I made it begin in X). It's X-ellent.

Y doesn't make sense either just like Q. Young doesn't make sense at all.(my brother thought of it.)

Last but not Least, Z which can stand for Zion and that's all the words and adjectives that describe Jesus!!



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    • profile image

      Dorothy 22 months ago

      Q can be for quiet. His voice is quiet at times.

    • profile image

      roki 3 years ago

      y is yahweh

    • profile image

      anyonymous 5 years ago

      I hate it no help and didn't make any sense

    • profile image

      One Direction 5 years ago

      No help at all

    • Anni0605 profile image

      Anni0605 8 years ago

      Jesus and God are basically the same being through the Trinity.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 8 years ago from West By God

      This is a very nice hub. Can you do one for the names of God and link the two together? Keep on hubbing!