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A collective awareness to change the Worlds by George Tupak

Updated on November 13, 2014

Let us remember that the word “Apocalypse” is the transcription of the Greek “Apocalupsis”, which means “Revelation”.

While it is obvious that we are likely to witness in a time that seems very near, to the “end of a world”, it does not mean that the Earth will stand still. Whether they are aware of this or not, Human Beings are an integral part of the cosmos. And if there was to be a mutation, they will have to evolve according to the laws of this cosmos. For some, those who are resistant to change, it will probably be a difficult passage.

But, the risk of disappearing with the Earth that mankind will have destroyed, consciously or not, does exist. The worst could happen if we do not change our way of thinking and acting. It is not too late but it is important to open our eyes very soon. Because if a large amount of predictions is circulating all over the world, it is not a coincidence. While our leaders bury their heads in the sand and refuse to face the terrible dangers that threaten us.

As shown by the discoveries of quantum physics, each action causes a reaction. In theory, it would not be abnormal to have to face, sooner or later, the boomerang effect of our irresponsible behaviors. Over the past decades, we have kept on looting and destroying nature, so it is normal that the Earth calls us back to order and that the few people who have been able to keep a clear vision of reality warn us of what is inevitable.

Fortunately, nothing is set in stone in the universe and uncertainty may yet prevail. So we still have a chance to change our future or to improve it or even to avoid THE catastrophe through sheer willpower and a constructive way of thinking. But the clock is ticking. Let us hasten to react rather than to listen to the irrational remarks from those who govern us.

It would be time to question our culture steeped individualism and to open our mind to a reality that has nothing to do with our preconceived ideas. Let’s rediscover our common sense and our free will to be able to think for ourselves once again. Without this, we are forced to see the damage caused by our laxity for which we alone are responsible.

Let us cooperate with nature, let us listen, listen to others, no matter how different they are, rather than to continue in our ridiculous warlike logic, which prompts us to fight against everything that we cannot understand.

Modernism has caused us to lose our marks and the end of values is inexorably set in motion, whether we like it or not. We are confronted in a future that draws ever closer with the end of A world. But how will this transformation happen? No one knows. Neither you, nor I, George Tupak, nor others.

What is sure is that our mode of civilization is in danger. We have reached a stage in which mankind will have to make a choice between evolution and destruction. Let us hope that the final choice will be the right one.

Having lived so long in the material world, most of the human beings have lost their soul little by little, without even realizing it. When a change occurs in a sufficiently slowly way, people are not conscious of it and they usually do not react to it, nor oppose it. The time has come to ask the question: “Is it too late to awaken our consciences?

While some mistakenly believe that it is too late to put in place a process that would tip the scales, there is one thing they don’t know: a mere minority of determined citizens could change this world. The laws of nature are not immutable, they change constantly. If we decide to “change” things individually, there is a good chance that things will change collectively. That should cheer us up. Hope is not lost! As John F. Kennedy said: “Together we shall save our planet, or together we shall perish in its flames.”


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