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God Still having A Plan for Me in spite of Mental illness

Updated on May 19, 2011

I recently wrote a response

to an article called, "Why do bad things happen to good people," and try as I might I had a hard time explaining how I feel about this issue. I have written at some length on some of the goodies that God gave me to deal with and conquer in my life. Those who disagree with some of my more unpleasant articles chalk my seemingly unpleasant expressions up to my mental illness.  While I can't deny that my paradigm is somewhat shaped by my life's experiences, it is worthy of me to try to lengthen my answer as to why bad things happen to good people. I hope that I might be able to help tie some of my other articles I have written into a cohesive statement of Faith thereby.

I frankly reject the Nicaean Creed as being a pagan way of addressing the world without demanding perfection from them. I understand my eternal Parents to be physical personages that are both perfect in form and eternal in existence but very much in possession of feelings and passions that they keep in check but also effect how they set up the plan that I live a part of.  I also understand that it was they who set in place ancient fail safes and aspects to the plan that I can call on when in need.

I understand that in the process of "creating" they spoke to unorganized body of intelligence and gave to those intelligences a plan or outline in spiritual form. That plan described for the intelligences the way creation was to be carried out. The intelligences chose what parts of the plan to take part in. I understand that you and I are some of those very intelligences who instead of choosing the parts of rocks, plants or animals, chose to do something far greater with our existences.

We chose to become part of the eternal cycle of learning and progression that gave our Eternal Parents their position in the first place. Once we all chose what part in the plan to take part in, we were given the spiritual representation of our current state. That part of our existence is still with us as a spirit body that has merely been complicated by our physical body, existence and choices.

I understand that in the fullness of time we were presented with the ultimate plan for our further progression into a physical state that would be ours to grow and learn through. There was one catch. We wouldn't remember any of the things that we had learned in our Parent's presence which for some of us was a heavy concession indeed.

The presentation of that plan caused a contention in heaven that cost a third of our brothers and sisters their shot at mortality and one of the great leaders in heaven his sanity, soul, and ultimately twisted him into an unrecognizable being of menial intelligence but great cunning who marshals all of the other fallen to complicate our existences even more then they already are. Nevertheless they only can influence us and it is our choices that either bind us to their cause or free us from their control or influence and some choices we have available to us can actually make us the masters of our reality including them if we will take those paths of perfection necessary to accomplish this.

I understand that once the contention was over, those of us who remained had the choice of deciding how much truth we were willing to own up to in this life and what laws we were willing to be subjected to and expectations we were willing to live up to in this life and chose time periods and places in time and space that aligned with our agency in this matter. Though our parents couldn't tell us or Christ either for that matter, what everyone would choose on earth or which direction history would play out because if they allowed themselves to know this then they would be bound to already have judgments against us for things we hadn't done yet. As it was, they understood each of our natures and due to experience and wisdom had a fair understanding of where in history and the earth would give us the best opportunities for us to live the best life we were capable of and set us apart for the best experiences we were capable of attaining to or that we even aspired to.

I understand that in this life we are able to choose which blessings we desire in our life and we decide how happy we want to be. Not withstanding our choices we accept that though a man who wants good things may make good choices that such people aren't the only types of individuals who have the right to choose. Those who desire the misery of their fellows or simply wish the selfish gratification of their own desires also have the ability to choose their paths and condemnations that effect their fellows the same as those who desire happiness. As a definition of agency this means that our parents are bound by the rules of the universe to not interfere with our actions unless those actions so warp our surroundings so that no good thing can grow around us if that is the way we choose to live our lives.

I understand that no man dies before his time except those who violate the laws binding them to this life and their fellows. In saying this, I understand that those who die innocent are innocent before God and are safe and it is only those left behind who need worry about their state of affairs. If they abide this part of our progression well all will be united on the other side of the Vail where all men live according to their desires and works on earth.

I understand that the path to freedom and ultimately happiness regardless of how unhappy this life ends up is a simple four step process and can be undertaken by anyone any time they fancy. This path starts with Faith, which is easily defined as a process of experimentation where we act on principles, judge the results and use those results to guide additional action. The path moves on to the process of Repentance or in other words spiritual metamorphosis (which should not be confused with heaven imposed misery because there is no such thing). This process of metamorphosis is the result of judging our actions and intents and with the help of the Holy Ghost we change our natures so that they become increasingly more aligned with the purposes of our Parents. The third part to the path Is a series of ordinances that start with Baptism by one having authority directly given them by God for that purpose. These ordinances are a process of self analysis and covenant making that allow us to promise our Parents certain things and in return we gain grater ability to change and grow. The path ends with the refining of ones own spirit through constant association and ultimately binding of a soul to the path and intelligence, even presence of the Holy Ghost. In other words the Holy Ghost or office of the Holy Ghost consist of those spirits who have passed or will yet come who have bound themselves to the will of our Parents and dwell amongst us to influence us for good. They are presided over by a quorum of mighty men who have given up their imminent resurrection in order to direct the spiritual work and perfecting of those who yet are in this mortal realm.

I understand that the hereafter, regardless of the misery we go through here will be just as happy as we could wish or expect it to be given our perfect knowledge of what level of perfection we attained in this life with what we had to work with. In saying that, I understand that we don't start out as perfect or even acceptable, only innocent. It is the purpose of this life to perfect us and teach us the consequences and realities of the need for perfection within us and we remove the impurities of our lives from us often in the same way a black smith purifies ore before bending it to his or her will.

In proffering these understandings, I understand that you may not agree and still may not comprehend them but I am open to any questions on the subjects I have addressed. Will not argue the point as you are free to feel as you wish about them and accept what happiness ignoring these perspectives might bring.


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    • twolittlehands profile image


      7 years ago from Utah

      I have never read a more beautiful, inviting, or instructive discourse all in one place.

      Thank you for laying it out so neatly.

    • Jaggedfrost profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      I appreciate you stopping by. I will have to check out your article. Other faits may be in store for those who attempt to frustrate Father's plan for his children. I pray that it won't come to that.

    • Truthful Speaker profile image

      Truthful Speaker 

      8 years ago from Liberal-land Ohio

      Nice hub, it really speaks a lot on its own about how similar the pieces of writing are between two different people, once compared. I wrote a hub that explained the basic fundamentals of the plan of salvation and how those same fundamentals are being brutally attacked daily by government. You know, the anything that won't kill you will only make you stronger; trail and error; learn from your trails. It is disturbing to know that we now have a government that wants its supporters to not work for what they have, and therefore do not progress through trials, because no trials are given! They get free everything we have to work for. Its rediculous.

      Keep it up man, maybe soon D.C will spontaneously combust and therefore restart the system.

      God bless....



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