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A day in the life of a low lay minister

Updated on February 17, 2013

I wish life were all glorious and worship. It is not. Sometimes it is more like work than celebration.

There are moments of great filling of the Spirit. But a lot of most days is just plain study, work and teaching.

When you almost step on this little guy you realize how precious life is.

Just off sweetwater, yes that is a Southwestern Diamondback rattler
Just off sweetwater, yes that is a Southwestern Diamondback rattler | Source

Life is as good as you make it

Peace to the peace makers

So this has been a brutal day as far as demands go. Ever think about a priest on a Sunday? It is a brutal hard day if you listen to your peeps. I really do not know about real priests. I reckon I could be called a wannabe. We made progress with parishioners and service members like in music and children. We took a little time to raise them up and celebrate contributions and then a young boy that lost his grandpa, we hugged and celebrated him as a child of God. Really little stuff that I do with what someone called laying of hands – that is a nice term.

The Eclipse. Can you imagine before science. The fright!? That is cool, before getting to know me my people were fearful.

Do you know what it is like not to know. I love my breathren without faith. How wonderful to hold their hands/
Do you know what it is like not to know. I love my breathren without faith. How wonderful to hold their hands/ | Source

Can you just stop all your postering and money making and conniving long enough to love, even the little baby making all the racket?

There was a young lady about 17. We shook hands after we awkwardly avoided a hug. Ya just need to be careful, no mixed messages while you wear a white robe. She is so darling and just loves Jesus and daddy and mommy and little sister. We had a good laugh afterwards and talked about love being all about good and never about anything else. I think that her light will shine even more brightly having given some thought to boundaries.The hugs a preacher man gives must never lead to confusion amoung anyone, Too bad kinda because a lot of your people need hugs. Simple solution, have their friend come and give it.

My belt broke and under my robe my pants barely held up. My rope was just fine but my drawers kept sliding past my butt. If you go to a church with robes, be gentle, as things are not always as they seem. Those folks up front have a lot going on because they are just slobs like one us. So go gentle on them and raise them up.

My parishioners were awesome today. I hope my story of the girl who prayed for a “c” who was redirected to pray for an “A” by Joel, and then got one was well received. I hope my story of a man in a “reeducation” prison who became Cardinal in Rome touched their hearts.

But today is a good day because I was directed to and did share the love. These poor folk have been listening to my preaching for well into our second year. And by golly jingles and sakes alive we love each other. That is a very neato cool thing. What it takes to make that happen is just stopping the mind racing around and be still and listen to each other and to God. I am lucky to have such a wonderful Sunday


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