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A dialogue on Surrender with Swami

Updated on November 23, 2014

The Guru clarifies

It was a time when we were all having a discussion on surrender. The discussion had been sparked by a poem in the same name written by a brother. In the course of the sharing, one of my classmates recounted an amazing experience of his which brought finality to the discussion. This was during the Athi Rudra Mahayagnam at Chennai in January 2007, which Swami had Graced with His physical presence. This friend of mine was also in Swami's retinue, chosen as a speaker. I leave the rest of the narration to him:

Over to Jagadish Chandra now -

It was during the Athi Rudra Maha Yagna at Chennai and I was to give a talk the next afternoon at Thiruvanmiyur . The previous evening as we were having dinner with Bhagwan, Swami enquired as to who would be speaking. Since Swami had decided the order of the speakers beforehand, I knew it was my turn and presented myself accordingly:

Swami: Yemi maatladutavu ? (What will you speak ?)
JC : Swami I would speak on, ''Swami as our Guru............''

Swami: What is the meaning of Guru?
JC : In the sacred texts it is stated that in the word GURU, 'Gu' stands for Gunateeta (beyond attributes) and 'Ru' stands for Roopavarjita (beyond form).

Swami: Alanti vallani yavarinena choosava ? ( Did you ever come across such a Guru ?)
JC : (In astonishment and awe I pointed my folded hands towards Swami) Swami meeru! (You Swami !!)

Swami: Kani naaku roopam unde !! (But I have a form !!), ( and thus contradicting Roopavarjita!)
JC : Swami roopam undina lekapoyina, meere na Guru. (With or without form, I know only you to be my Guru !!)

The Guru with a most beautiful and bewitching form....
The Guru with a most beautiful and bewitching form....

The car gears and surrender

And then Swami asked the details of my talk. At the end surprisingly Swami said to all of us around :
Naku telusu, me andara manusulu lo chaala 'doubts' unnayee !! E rozu annee 'clear' chestanu !! Adagandi !! (I know, you all have a lot of doubts in your mind, I will clear those doubts today. Ask !)

It was not merely the manna from the heaven but verily the heaven itself !! Each one chose to ask that which was innermost in their hearts and for me it was, 'What is SURRENDER ?' When my chance came:

JC : Swami, Sharanaagati ante yemi? (Swami, what is the meaning of Surrender ?)
Swami: Sharanagati ante neeku yemi ardhamu ayyinndo, mundu adi cheppu. (First you tell me what you have understood of it !)

JC : Swami, of what little I have read and heard from elders, offering my everything to God is Surrender !!
Swami : GOD DOES NOT WANT ANYTHING FROM YOU SIR !! At every point in time if you remind yourself that, "Whatever is happening is good for me" then you have surrendered to me.

(Swami Continued...)

Do you know how to drive a car ?
JC: Yes Swami

How many gears are there in the car ?
JC: Swami 4 !!

Swami: Yes ! First, second, third and the top gear and also a reverse gear. Tell me, is there any problem when the car runs in the first gear ?
LK: No Swami !

Swami : In the second or third or the fourth ?
JC: (I was not able to understand, but our Lord was preparing for a Master answer !! ) No Swami!

Swami: Then where is the problem ?
JC: (I shrugged in ignorance !)

Swami: The problem comes when there is a change of gears !!! So what do you do when you change gears in a car ?
JC: Swami, we use a clutch !

Swami: Correct ! When you use the clutch, the change of gears is smooth !! Similarly in life, there are 4 gears: HAPPINESS, SORROW, HAPPINESS, SORROW. Just as in car, our lives too continue whether we are in happiness or in sorrow but the problem arises only when there is change or transition from happiness to sorrow and vice versa. Thus for life too there is a clutch !! The clutch for life is the thought that, "Whatever happens is good for me !" This is what Krishna told Arjuna in the Kurukshetra battlefield. Do you know what he said ?

Lord Krishna instructs the great warrior and devotee- Arjuna
Lord Krishna instructs the great warrior and devotee- Arjuna

JC : (Nodded pleading ignorance)
Swami: Sukha-duḥkhe same kṛtvā lābhālābhau jayājayau........

(The one who is eqanimous in happiness-sorrow, profit-loss, victory-defeat, is the one who has truly surrendered !! )

"Whosoever, follows this, I assure him complete feeling of surrender towards me !!"

( Now that was the lesson taught. But Swami not only teaches the theory, He also gives a practical experience. And my lesson was coming very soon....)

The next day's proceedings turned out to be catastrophic as there was a problem with the PA system at Thiruvammiyur ! Swami was apparently upset as things could not be heard and I too had my share of the "scoldings" !!

When we came back to Sundaram, Swami looked at me angrily and said, "Yemi baaga maatalad ledu !!" (You didn't speak well at all !!)

My heart sank ! I was not having the strength to face Swami, that too during the entire dinner session ! With a sinking heart as I sat for dinner (closest to Swami ironically), he looked at me with a frown and asked one of the senior devotees (pointing at me),

" E abbayi yela matladedu ?" (How did this boy speak !!) .

Oblivious of what had happened until then, the devotee started heaping praises on me ! Every word was like a scratch on my bleeding heart and I was not able to lift my head !!

Swami: (Ignoring the words of the devotee) Yemi baaga maataladledu !! (Didn't speak well at all !!)

(Then came the biggest jolt !!) "Sharanaagati gurinchi okka mukka kuda mataladaledu!" (You didn't even speak a word about Surrender).

He was referring to the conversation that took place the previous day !!

In spite of all the dejection, my mind revolted. I was screaming within, "Swami this is unfair! I was not supposed to speak on that topic. My topic was GURU ! Why are you doing this to me?"

A meaning behind every action......
A meaning behind every action......

Immediately Swami said, "Yemi Raa Nee Sharanagathi ??" (What is your Surrender ?? ).

All the noise in the head was silenced.And I suddenly understood everything. And even as I understood, a smile seemed to blossom on His face. There was so much love.

I clearly felt that I had not surrendered and was unable to say to myself that ," Whatever is happening is good for me " in spite of it coming from God himself!

I was in tears ! I went to Swami and said, "Tappu ayyipoyindi Swami, kshaminchandi !" (Please forgive me for my mistake Swami !)

Immediately, Swami's smile flowered and was so broad...........that said it all !!

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    • aarthilsbala profile image

      aarthilsbala 22 months ago

      Every article you write always is 'a home coming' to my heart. This book am sure will anchor the readers in their true home.

      Need to mention your article on 'surrender' brother jagadish's experience, is a true life changer to me.

      I had a health issue ( a persistent but non fatal) moment I said with all my heart, swami thanks for this sickness, its good for me, the sickness vanished without a trace trace almost miraculously.

      Can't thank you enough for the seva you are doing. Sairam

    • profile image

      Sunil B 2 years ago

      Sairam, superb article.

    • profile image

      ashok mehta 2 years ago

      Articles appearing here have proved to be Life-changing , as happened in my case. I thank dear Arvind for bringing Bhagawan's messages offering succour and solace to millions like me. May Bhagawan bless you! Ashok Mehta

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 3 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      @Sudha Narayan - Beautiful share enriched with personal experience... Thank you. :)

    • profile image

      sudha narayanan 3 years ago

      Sairam, I have read so many articles on "Surrender" by now from your side. I think I must share something. I was transferred (at work) to Chennai from Baroda, after many years in Delhi & short stint in Baroda,(on Swami's 80th b'day) in 2005 though my family is still in Baroda. My life in Delhi & baroda were so hectic, only partially I could think of Swami. Though all the while, whenever or what ever problem, at work I used to speak to Swami. I really had a very tough boss (She!). So when I got transferred to Chennai, I used to ask Swami why this has happened. I was not given a transfer back to baroda, inspite of reapeated requests. Gradually, in a year's time I became a Balvikas Guru and could see Swami's hand in everything. Now, I am sure, had I not taken this offer of transfer, I would have missed many of the b'ful darshans & sweet memories of Swami (really brings tears ). Now I have decided not to ask for transfer, till my Lord decides it. This meaning of "clutch" is very clear to me now. I have decided now, no matter what happens, to Serve my Sweet Lord till my last breath - that prayer also He only has to answer! Grateful to you for these postings & very happy to be in this Satsangh!

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 3 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      Thank you SSG! :) Appreciate that input

    • profile image

      SSG 3 years ago

      Dear Aravind

      Just to give a sense of completeness to the story as a direct witness to the event... Swami had replied in Tamil to LK's question: "Sharanagathi la kudukarthuku onnumillai" - "There nothing that is to be/can be given in Sharanagathi"... " Naladu nadandalum ketadu nadandalum ellam AVARthan kudukurarne drida nambikai vechchiko... Athan sharanagathi" - "Good happens to you or Bad happens to you, have firm conviction that HE is giving it to you... that is true Surrender"

    • profile image

      Jai Sai Baba 3 years ago

      Today, i was pondering over the topic Surrender !.

      I was thinking whether have i totally surrendered to God and i was curious what Baba has said about Surrender. When i was randomly browsing articles about Baba, to my delight i read this article about surrender.

      Baba again and again reminds me if the search is true and persistent anything could be obtained.

    • profile image

      Jai Sai Ram 3 years ago

      I was in fact searching to understand this very thing and hit upon this timely info. God bless!

      Thanks for posting this brother. Swami is so wonderful in explaining such intricate topics so easily with analogy only a Supreme master can do that. I bow to Swami!

    • profile image

      om sai ram 4 years ago

      Love this article!! Brought a big smile to my face :)

    • profile image

      Chandra Banu 4 years ago

      Superrrrrr. A great lesson taught by dear Swami in his own beautiful style for all of us to remember forever. Each incident s sooooooo moving , inspiring and it brings tears. thank u so much Aravind bro. for posting such elevating and inspiring articles. Do continue to post more and more. jai Sai Ram

    • profile image

      Parmila Singh 4 years ago

      Wow cant describe in words such an uplifting piece. Yes is direct from swami at gurupurnima time.Beautifully explains complete surrender and helps fill closeness of swami with so much love.

    • profile image

      RAVI KUMAR 4 years ago

      Sairam Aravind. Thank u for the reminder about true surrender. Can there be a more positive approach than having the feeling ' all that is happening is good for me?'

      No wonder it is said that to surrender is to connect ourselves to that reservoir of positivity... that ' bridge' is the faith that He is in charge and all shall be well. Thanks once again.

    • profile image

      akshay 5 years ago

      AWESOME as it can be!!!!

    • poornimasrinath profile image

      poornimasrinath 5 years ago from Midrand, Johannesburg, RSA

      How many articles can I appreciate?..Each one is a pearl..I have always felt the small informal talks to students by swami gives more understanding than a long discourse. He has directed me to the articles I enjoy reading by taking my attention to your hub! ...You never know how many lives you are changing by posting such invaluable interesting articles!..good going Aravind :)

    • profile image

      Arpita Mallajosyula 5 years ago

      Lovely experience anna....!! such a great reading experience this was....

      i heard dis incident wen it was narrated as a part of radiosai study circle-2 which was abt positive attitude faith and surrender....then itself i was spellbound the way Swami gave the most difficult concepts of life in the easiest manner ever...

      and 2day i enjoyed even more knwing the actual incident and the context of the just so lvely...

      thnx a ton...!! :) May Swami bless you abundantly anna...!! :)

    • profile image

      vaishnavi nagaraja rao 5 years ago

      anna on the day of athi rudra maha yagyam i was there at thiruvanmiyur as a seva dhal.

    • profile image

      V L Subramanian 5 years ago

      Sairam Bro., It is very moving and inspiring. Request you to continue to share more of these spiritual experiences. Jai Sairam

    • profile image

      S V Swamy 5 years ago

      Sai Ram. Very interesting, educative and inspiring. Humbling too since most of us have surrendered with our lips and not truly in mind...

    • profile image

      shobha 5 years ago

      We have all heard so much being said and discussed on Surrender, but Swami has said it all in such simple words in His inimitable style that never fails to go directly to heart. Sanjay Sahani once while speaking in the Divine Presence had mentioned about a conversation that once Swami had with the teachers in the mandir , before the start of the academic session , where Swami told the teachers, " Whether you have learned anything else from me or not, but learn this one thing, that whatever happens to you, is for your good, for your good , for your good" Here the Universal Teacher gave the essence of spirituality in a single capsule, without even using the word surrender.

      The analogy of the gears and the clutch is so unique, and so effective and one that only Swami can give. And in the end the experience of the person , reminds us so importantly, that even if a concept has been understood by the head and accepted by the heart , it gains value only when it is put into practise.

      Wonderful indeed, thank you , for sharing this wonderful anecdote.


    • profile image

      Ameya S. Kagalkar 5 years ago

      Sairam Bro,

      Sometimes in life one comes at such a juncture where one looks for a DIVINE INTERVENTION!!! Well today that one was me and the intervention was this dialogue!!! As i read through the whole dialogue here, I literally felt like that our Mother is answering me today!!! Blessed indeed was the feel and I am grateful to you brother for sharing this .... SAIRAM

    • profile image

      Rajesh 5 years ago

      Surrender is very essential. Once while speaking privately he explained beautifully in Hindi --- " SAR ANDAR KA MATLAB SURRENDER" ie.literally peeping within our heart is surrendering.

      Swami says, stop internet serfing, rather go for Inner Net Surfing ie. going within oneself to know the truth.Outside world will mostly end up giving pains and inner world will give lasting joy and peace.Now when bhagwan is no more physically with us, we must all try to connect to Swami internally by becoming CIA agents... COnstant Integrated Awareness of Bhagwan At every place and every time.

      It is a great lesson worth treasuring and sharing with others and contemplating constantly to know the truth.


    • profile image

      Hema B 5 years ago

      Pray that all of us remember this every time......

    • profile image

      aparna burra 5 years ago

      When I went through the verse told by Swamy from Gita as a reference to explain what surrender is, It suddenly dawned to me that total and undoubted faith in the Lord and His protection is the foundation for that kind of complete surrender as only that deep faith can bring about the kind of equanimity He was speaking about. Only when we know that "He is doing everything and with a purpose and He will protect us from the effects of what all is happenning with us" can we show such an equanimity and surrender.

    • profile image

      Balasubramanya Subbarao 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Kamesh 5 years ago

      Dear Aravind, Many thanks for making us feel that we are in Swami's Divine presence.

    • profile image

      Siva 5 years ago

      Delightful and Insightful read.

    • profile image

      Shruti 5 years ago

      Your blog is like an encyclopedia... Anytime i need to read His words..... I log on to your blog... Thanks a lot!!!....

    • profile image

      Perry Naik 5 years ago

      Wow.. so precious, a lifetime's worth of lessons in this one incident and teaching! Thanks Aravind.

    • profile image

      aparna burra 5 years ago

      saranagati is a very sophisticated word for us to use but saranagati is the toughest thing in the world! but even that can be had completely only by His 'will'! thanks for sharing! sairam!

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 5 years ago from Isle of Man

      What a beautiful story and once again the relationship between Guru and student is explained so clearly. So many people especially in the West misunderstand the idea of surrender. They imagine that to surrender is a sign of weakness and they fear what might happen once they give up their devotion to the ego. They don't seem to realise that to give up the ego is to gain everything. The Guru is the intermediary or bridge to God and unless the devotee has complete faith in the bridge then how can he make the crossing? Thank you.

    • profile image

      renuka menon 5 years ago

      om srisairam very inspiring!

    • profile image

      Hemanth 5 years ago

      Spell binding. I have never heard it in more precise terms. I am confident this experience will stay with me and keep my heart smiling by grounding my feet when my head balloons with praise and keeping my hands grasping Swami's feet when gloomy nights blight my days.

    • profile image

      jai sai ram 5 years ago

      bahat achha laga

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