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A diamond was originally carbon.

Updated on September 28, 2011

Transformation is only through spirituality.

Many of our readers may be aware that it is 'carbon' that was lying underground for thousands of years under great pressure and temperature slowly become 'diamond'. Carbon has least value in the market whereas 'diamonds' are very precious and costly. It acquired its value only when it underwent great pressures and temperatures under the earth for many thousands of years. Some experts say it is more than 50000 years of ordeal. The human mind too has to be transformed into a like fashion in order to become precious and valuable. The ordeals and pain undergoes by an individual in the worldly life is the steps towards this great transformation. Then "Die Mind" occurs. Yes, the mind is finally annihilated in order to merge in the Divine Self from where we all have parted to become individuals. Saibaba used to say "miserable little prison individuality". Why should we remain bound in shackles that were created by our own ways and foolishness? All individuals love freedom. None here wants bondage. This freedom can not be got through materialistic pursuits. Only through spiritual path, we can gain the freedom from this miserable cycle of births and deaths! Rest in next hubTans

Sai with Universal Mother Goddess


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