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A dog named Peanut and God's grace (a story)

Updated on September 6, 2012

Peanut has a interesting story. She was found by my sister-in-law running around a hotel parking lot at night in the middle of December. My sis-in-law took her home but re-thought keeping her because of the kids (my nieces and nephews) under 8 in the home. That's when I got a phone call from my brother asking me if I wanted her. I went immediately went over to meet the little dog. My first impression was she was very tiny. She was dressed in a cut out sock, ribs were sticking out and there was no hair on her tail. I liken it to a rat's tail. I took her home and that was the start of one the biggest blessings in my life. I put a add in the paper in-case anyone been looking for her and she was a lost dog. Turns out no-one was.... months afterwards she had swollen glands in her stomach area. I took her to the vet for the first time, turned out she was never micro shipped, spade, had a rotten tooth that needed to come out and despite only being around 3 pounds she was 5 or 6 years old. I was able to get everything taken care for her. One can only assume from the condition she was in and lack of care she came from a puppy mill at one time. Today she is a half pound bigger and is very healthy, happy little dog. The main point of this story is, as a Christian, I see Peanut's life as a spiritual allegory, as before and after receiving Christ. The Bible is very clear about the devil being our Father and master from birth and what a cruel, abusive, wicked, father he is. I think about poor Peanut being exploited for money, for her pups, probably lived in a cage and suffered from malnutrition all her life. Isn't that just like Satan though, to run an oppressive human spiritual puppy-mill so to speak. I mean just think of all the oppressive governments and sex trafficking in our world that are ruled by the dark powers of evil. Jesus finds us like an abused stray off the streets, like Peanut was found. He gives us a new name, a new nature, robes us with his righteousness, instead of our filthy rags and provides for all of needs according the riches in Christ. It's just as when I took Peanut in, I gave her a name, took care of all her medical needs, provided food, love,toys and everything she needs to be a healthy happy pet. She has flourished tremendously since the day I first laid on her. She puts a smile on every's face she has ever met and is one of the most loving affectionate creatures. I even loan her to my mom who is a counselor. She spends the days just loving my mom's clients, she has become quite a good little therapy dog. I see Peanut's story in the spiritual story of every born again believer. It's a story of grace, God's grace to be exact. it's one of those stories where goodness and mercy triumphs over the powers of evil.

As horrific as a puppy-mill is, human trafficking is even more heart-wrenching and devastating, please remember to pray for the victims especially the children,


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