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A foolish King!

Updated on February 17, 2013

Saint Ramakrishna!

Tales of Wisdom!

A king was ailing from a peculiar ailment. He tried all remedies in vain. Ultimately he consulted a sage for the cure. The sage prescribed that the king should look at green color only. Other colors tend to aggravate his conditions. The king immediately thought over a plan! He started painting everything in green color. For that he commissioned many expert painters and asked them to paint the entire palace in green color. The painters have done a good job and they have left nothing to chance lest the king may become ill. After a month or so, the sage visited the palace to ascertain the condition of the king. He was astounded to see the green color everywhere in the palace. Even the servants, guards and maids wore only green dress. Even the drink of the king bore a green color. The king welcomed the sage and thanked him for the sage advice he gave.

The sage asked the king, ‘how much you have spent in painting the entire palace and changing the color of his retinue? The king replied that it cost him really a lot of money! The sage chided the king saying, ‘you could have obtained a green spectacle for you and this would have cost you few rupees. Moreover, what is the guarantee that you will not look at any different color. By wearing green glasses, you could have saved yourself from the enormous expenditure!

The condition of most of us is similar. We spend a lot to obtain happiness from the world. We travel to many places in search of peace. We study in prestigious institutes, obtain degrees in order to secure a nice job in some foreign countries. We marry in order to enjoy conjugal happiness. We purchase lands and properties, build huge mansions, purchase the latest model cars. We try to make our life as comfortable as possible. In spite of all the efforts, still there lies a void in our mind. We feel that something is really lacking in our life. Had we turned our attention to spiritual truths and philosophy before searching for peace in the outside world, we could have saved our time and energy. A preceptor shows you the easiest way to pursue spirituality. He teaches us that the pleasures from the external world are fleeting. Turn your attention to the inner Self wherein lie wisdom and Bliss!

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, a great saint and sage of India has once told a beautiful story to clarify the above point. A saint has obtained the power to walk on the surface of water after spending twelve long years in Yogic practices. He demonstrated his skill by walking over the water of Ganges! Ramakrishna chided him for his foolishness! He said, “Pay one rupee to the boatman, he would safely take you across the Ganges to the other bank. You have wasted twelve precious years of your life to obtain this silly power! Hence, let us become more wise before undertaking any mundane tasks!


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