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A gist of epic Ramayana-Part X

Updated on December 20, 2011

Rama meets Sugriva, Hanuman crosses Ocean.

Hanuman crosses the Ocean!

Vali and Sugriva were brothers and they were affectionate to each other. But due to certain events, Vali got angry with Sugriva, drove him away and he usurped the wife of Sugriva too. Though they are monkey clans, yet Vali being a King has chosen unrighteous ways. Sugriva had a confidant in Hanuman, the valiant monkey who is well versed in all knowledge. Having reached the place of Sugriva, Rama promised Sugriva, that he will get him back his kingdom and family. He advised Sugriva to invite Vali to fight with him! But Sugriva feared for his life. But Rama assured him that he will protect him.

As suggested by Rama, Sugriva went near the entrance of Vali's palace and called him for a combat. Vali could not believe his ears. He knew that Sugriva is inferior in strength and he won't withstand his mortal blows. However, he came forward and engaged in a fist fight. This lasted for some time. Though Sugriva fought courageously, he could not equal to his brother's strength. He started feeling tired. He was looking for help from Rama but finding no help, he retreaded from the fight running away. He met Rama again and asked him "Why he had not saved him? Rama told him, You and Vali look identical and hence I could not differentiate between you two. Now do this. Wear this garland. Rama himself has made a garland of wild flowers and put it around Sugriva's chest. He asked Sugriva, "Now you call your brother. This time I will save you. Saying this Rama has hidden behind a huge tree.

Sugriva again called his brother to fight with him! Vali was surprised at the audacity of Sugriva. He came out seething with anger and a great fight ensued. After few rounds, Rama found that Sugriva was gasping for breath, utterly tired. He aimed a sure arrow to the chest of Vali and shot him down. Vali saw Rama coming behind the tree. He could not believe it. He knew Rama was virtuous and won't do any wrong thing. He enquired Rama "Why you have shot me hiding behind a tree? Then Rama explained the reasons behind his actions. He said, you didn't believe your brother. You doubted his sincerity. You usurped the Kingdom and his wife. You drove him away. You deserve this punishment. Now Vali saw the reasons and he prayed Rama to grant him salvation. After Vali died, He asked Angada to perform the funeral rites. After every thing was over,he commissioned his brother to anoint Sugriva as the king of Kishkinta since he won't enter into any kingdom before completion of fourteen years. Accordingly Sugriva assumed the throne and he promised complete support and help to Rama in searching Sita. Meanwhile, the rainy season has started and Rama allowed Sugriva to wait for the appropriate time.

After the rainy season, Rama asked Hanuman to bring Sugriva to his presence. They all met and devised ways to search Sita. Many monkeys were assigned the job of searching the entire land for the whereabouts of Sita. Entire monkey army thus searched each and every bush in the jungle and each and every cave or tree crevices for Sita but none could find any clue. All were unhappy and they all have reached the ocean bed in the southern part of India. They felt that Ravana might have taken Sita to Srilanka, an island across the palk straits. Though the monkey possessed leaping powers, none were confident to cross the ocean in one leap. They were all examining who will be the correct choice. All the while, Hanuman was keeping quiet observing the deliberations. Suddenly some leaders of the monkey clan spotted Hanuman sitting silently. They pleaded, "Oh Hanuman, You are the son of wind god, You can surely cross the ocean in one leap. Please do this and trace Sita across the Ocean!.

Hanuman prayed to Rama, and sought the blessings of elders and made one leap! Though he was confronted with many obstacles en route, he never slackened his efforts. His aim was to reach the land on the opposite side. The kingdom of Ravana was guarded by a huge demon. She watched with amusement a huge animal leaping the ocean at one stretch. However Hanuman assumed a small size when he reached Srilanka. The demon hit the monkey but Hanuman escaped from the hit but he dealt a mortal blow to the demon and she fell down. She knew that when a monkey hit her, that spells the doom for Ravana! Rest in next part.


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 6 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you very much for the continued encouragement and support!

    • raakachi profile image

      raakachi 6 years ago from Madurai / Tamilnadu / India

      Very nice to hear from you,the continuation of the epic Ramayana. Well said and good narration!

      Congrats! for the completion of your 100th hub. May God's grace be with you in all your writings!