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A gist of epic Ramayana-Part XIII

Updated on December 21, 2011

Awakening Kumbakarna, In the battle field.

The war commenced!

The entire monkey army along with Rama and Lakshmana safely reached the shore of Srilanka to the consternation of the demon king Ravana! He never had dreamt that monkeys and human would land in his Kingdom for war.But every thing is destiny. Ravana taught that he is invincible due to the boons he obtained from Gods. He considered Rama and Lakshmana as mere human being and they are nothing in front of his powers and strength. The demon king was no doubt mighty and possessed extra ordinary powers of spells by which he can easily hide himself behind the clouds and he can engage his enemy in an invisible war.

Rama wanted to give Ravana one more chance to hand over Sita. Hence he has sent Angada, the son of Vali as his ambassador for peace. This time too, Ravana was speaking with his ego filled mind. Angada has spoken to him the righteous ways and he has conveyed the offer of Rama so that the war and destruction could be averted. But Ravana's fate drove him to the madness of war. He abused Angada for advising him. This time too he wanted to kill Angada. But the wise ministers and Vibishana prevailed upon him not to do so. He is an ambassador from Rama. Accept their offer and there lies the prosperity of Sri Lanka. Ravana almost shoved him out.Vibhishana the brother of Ravana has decided to seek the feet of Rama since he was sure that Rama is an incarnation of Hari(Maha Vishnu). He left the kingdom and he was approaching the camp of Rama. But Sugriva and others said, he is the brother of Ravana. There may be some evil plans in his arrival here. However Rama told them, that Vibhishana is of noble character and he has come to seek my protection. I will never fore sake any who seek my protection. Vibishana reached there and fell prostrating at the feet of Rama surrendering to him. Rama lifted him by the shoulder and embraced him. He assured his protection to Vibhishana.

Vibishana proved an asset in the camp of Rama. He knew the stratagems of demons and their power. Hence he could give timely counsel to Rama during the war. Angada too returned and expressed his inability to change the mind of Ravana. The monkey army were grouped under different commanders and they were assigned different places to tackle the enemy. The demons were already in position and they were awaiting the orders from the commanders. Initially many middle level commanders marched towards Rama's army for commencing the fight. Demons devised many tricks to dupe the monkeys. They caught hold of many monkeys and killed them. Many demons swallowed the monkeys alive. Finding that the monkeys are of no match to the demons, arrows were shot at the demonic forces. Many demons fell down dead. There was utter confusion in the side of Ravana's army. Slowly, the commanders in Ravana's army took control of the situation and they used their skills in magic and hoodwinked the monkeys. In that process, several monkeys perished. Rama told Lakshmana to take care of the situation. At that time, many middle level demon commanders were killed by the fierce arrows from Lakshmana. Finding that the situation is beyond control, Ravana woke up his brother Kumbakarna to assist him.

The demon Kumbakarna was just like a dark hill. He used to sleep continuously for six months due to a boon which turned into a curse due to the twist of the tongue. To wake him up is a gigantic task. Many elephants used to hit him in the sides. Many demons pulled his hair and pricked him with sharp weapons. Once he woke up, he needed sumptuous food which contains mountains of meat, barrels of curd and milk and many such eatables. Once he finished his supper, he was summoned by the elder brother Ravana. He commanded him to fight the enemy! Kumbakarna knew well that the ways of his brother would pronounce the end of demon kingdom. However he has dutifully obeyed his brother and launched the worst attack on the monkey army. They all vanished in no time. Those who escaped his attack ran away for their life. Both Rama and Lakshmana engaged Kumbakarna in a severe battle. Arrows were piercing every one in the arena.All the demons tried to flee away from the arrows. Kumbakarna caught the fleeing demons and gulped some of them and killed some. Finally arrows shot at Kumbakarna bore fruit. He lost his limbs and chariot. Finally he fell down like a huge mountain range. Ravana was informed of the killing of his brother. He felt sad. Rest in next part.


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    • raakachi profile image

      raakachi 5 years ago from Madurai / Tamilnadu / India

      Ramayana now comes to mere an end, the war between the demons and the vanara army which has been the climax of the epic. Good story telling in a nice way.