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Use the Law of Attraction

Updated on February 2, 2015
Ancient Blessing Genie Dur Shaaukin
Ancient Blessing Genie Dur Shaaukin | Source

Infinite Mind

Infinity | Source

The Genie is the law of attraction. The Bottle is You.

To be precise this is simply one way to view it.

This is a law of nature that is always at work, use it or be swept along with it. Either way it will always effect you. Think of it in the way that is most powerful for You.

I personally found this in the gap of my empty bliss state of awareness. But that is simply my pattern of perception, yours is certainly different and just as valid for you. The destination is more important than the path or method leading there.

I followed the gap between my breaths and between my thoughts and it led to a huge gap between what I define as myself and what I can only call infinite awareness (infinite light). I found the most amazing thing ... reaching out to me from the other side of the gap. And its reaching out to everyone, patiently waiting life times for them to notice. It began by accident when I was a child and used to frighten me. Sorry there are no words, but I also found that the universe is a kind of genie (if you will?). Reminding me of the old story of Aladdin and the genie in the bottle.

A poverty stricken street kid steals a lamp. He polishes the lamp and a genie appears. He is the master of the genie. The genie says to Aladdin, “Your wish is my command and you have three wishes, what will they be?” But, we know that Aladdin ultimately gets more than three wishes.

The story goes on to tell how Aladdin married the princess and inherited control of the city. It also describes a major nuance of the genie. He is very tricky and does not understand or care about the welfare of Aladdin. The genie only wants to be free of the bottle.

On examination, the lamp is an instrument of illumination. Awareness and mind are also instruments of illumination. Aladdin polished his illumination or awareness to allow him to find the genie. Who just happened to be trapped inside the lamp of Aladdin's illumination. Aladdin honed his awareness and his focus and learned how to make his genie grant wishes. The genie tells him that he is sad because he has infinite power (potential) but is trapped within a tiny container. In effect, he's trapped inside of Aladdin by the limiting patterns of thoughts and beliefs of Aladdin.

The first thing the genie said was, “your wish is my command.” Any desire you have, simply think of it and ask. But there was a condition of only three wishes?

The triad of three is a magic number, as it is the number of creation and displayed in the ancient pyramids. The pyramid shape represents the divine process of creation. This is the same process of creation happening right before our eyes over time. We simply need to increase focus to speed up the natural time lag.

Also it's not realistic that anyone will have only one wish, as one wish leads to another and another to make the wish complete. Three relative wishes weaved into one increases its power because it increases our ability to imagine and focus on it. In other words, break your goal into three parts to make it clearer and easier to focus on.

The genie was always tricky and Aladdin had to be careful about what he wished for. Always be careful of what you wish for, as they say it just may come true. Thoughts and desires can and do trap us.

To wish or pray most effectively, do it with visualization, feeling and conviction (this too is a triad).

  1. Find your desire and break it down into 3 clear components (this act triggers the process).

  2. Clearly define and ask for your desire. You want to be as clear as you can.

  3. Visualize your goal as if it has already happened. Feel the joy your desire has brought you. Experience this in your mind and feel it, imagine with as many senses as possible. Do not think about it in the future, Feel it right Now! See this in your imagination, as best as you can. Pretend that you have already achieved your desire and are now living it. The more powerful you feel it, the more powerful it works. Feeling it as real is the key.

  4. Believe you deserve to have your desire. - Also belief in this process adds power and makes it faster, but this law of nature works if you believe it or not. Belief used wisely is a source of inner power. Or blind belief given too freely can enslave you, either way it has power.


Think about it …

Free Will allows you to make a choice, either be at the whim of this or flow with it and use it in harmony with nature. As long as your desire fits into harmony with nature, or what you might call the plan of god, it will work like pure magic.

Unconscious mind or genie does not know about good and bad, it only responds to consistent thoughts, beliefs and feelings. If you focus on the things you do not want, that is what you will attract to yourself. When you focus on what you do want that is what comes to you. The genie does not understand that you do not want to be poor, it only hears and feels the “poor” and so your wish is its command. If you want wealth, than focus your thoughts and feelings on being wealthy. This works if you know about it or not and it always works in time. Also know that positive feelings and feelings of joy have more impact on this genie than negative bad feelings. Feelings of joy are more powerful than bad feelings because we give them more of our power. Our safety net is the lag of time it takes for thoughts and desires to manifest into reality, allowing us a buffer of time to correct mistakes.

Genie = genius

genius = intellect + intuition focused into one action of mind

The Genie in the bottle is really about each of us … Infinite Potential confined within limited space.

We each are the action in the law of attraction. Each human being is a point of creation for god (infinite awareness).

God is having a dream and we are it. Become lucid within this dream of individuality.

This life goes by in the blink of an eye, as compared to eternity. We, as points of creation of god, are turning infinity into eternity by slowly becoming aware of it a piece at a time and this takes forever. We all live within the mind of the creator.

The universe is a product of pure awareness. The very same pure awareness we each possess and call self. There really is nothing to fear because this is all a passing dream that we will awaken from soon enough and then probably forget because of our new found self identity. Awareness cannot die, but will always transform and change as it cannot remain static. This is what we do, have always done and will continue to do forever.

Big Bang to the Big Crunch is like the breath of god and goes on forever ... over and over again.

Awaken and welcome to the next dream! The goal is to keep making them better and better as we go.

You and I are the same core self.

Reality is dormant infinite potential (Nun of ancient Egypt) always waiting for our next description.

We create patterns and they reflect into the world creating our reality.

Use the patterns already set into motion by nature to help you.

I am … aware and I am what ever I identify with, always and forever.

My true name is Awareness and Love is my true Power.

And so the law of attraction is an obvious from this perspective.

The law of attraction is a force in nature created by the first divine act of creation. But this needs to be explained on another page about the Triad of Creation.

© 2011 Randy Hirneisen


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