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A historic assurance of Lord Shiva!

Updated on February 25, 2014

The Saibabas!

None can learn the entire Veda!

Even if we learn for the entire life time, we might have gained only a grain size of knowledge. Once a great sage named Baradwaja wanted to master the ancient Vedas. Hence he was always requesting the gods to extend his life span to complete his Vedic studies. Even after many such extensions, he could not gain even a handful of Vedic knowledge. Hence he was praying to gods to show a way. The Lord presented before the great sage and shown him three huge hills and told him that Vedic knowledge is akin to the huge hills. He cannot pursue all the knowledge. There is only one way out. Perform a yagna to please Goddess Parvathi. The yagna is named ‘savithru yaga’. The Lord has taught him how it should be performed. After completion, the sage would be blessed with the results of chanting all the Veda!

Sage Baradwaja was intent to get the blessings of mother Parvathi. Hence he made an errand to mount Kailas where the Divine couple Shiva and Parvathi was residing. At the time of visit of the sage, Shiva and Parvathi were engaged in cosmic dance as though it was a competition. Sage Baradwaja approached the place where the Divine mother and father were engaged in nonstop dance competition. The sage waited patiently for seven long days in the chilly weather of mount kailash. He thought that the mother Parvathi has not cared even for his presence there. Hence he was retreating from the place. Due to extended waiting in the ice cold mountain, the sage fell down with a paralytic stroke! Immediately, mother Parvathi and Lord Shiva rushed to the place where the sage was lying paralyzed. Lord Shiva sprinkled holy water from his kamandal on one side of the body of the sage which became affected. The sage recovered from the stroke, slowly got up and prostrated before the Divine couple. Parvathi told him, “Oh sage! As soon as you entered here, I blessed you with my eyes. Since you didn’t notice the same due to dance, you thought that I have neglected you! NO. Then the sage invited both Shiva and Parvathi to bless the yagna he propose to conduct.

The Lord compassionately told the sage that he had already blessed him in the venture and surely they will attend the yagna! Without the sage asking, the Lord conferred three boons on the sage. Since you have patiently waited for seven long days in the ice cold mountain and affected by the stroke, during my incarnation as Sathya Saibaba, the right portion of the body will be affected by paralytic stroke and as I have sprinkled holy water, I will sprinkle water in that Avatar on the right side and get well. We will take birth in your lineage! First, myself (Shiva) will come as Saibaba of Shirdi, the second incarnation is a combination of both Sakthi and Shiva and the third one will be Sakthi alone as Prema Saibaba!

True to the declaration given to sage Baradwaja, Shirdi Baba came into the world and resided in the dilapidated mosque for more than sixty years conferring his love, grace and blessings on one and all as well as guiding the spiritual aspirants. He lived for 83 years from 1835 to 1918. Before passing away, he told his closest devotees that he will come again after eight years. But the devotee whom Baba communicated this message noted in his diary after a long time of Saibaba’s Mahasamadhi . Hence he just recorded that Baba will come again as a eight year old in the next incarnation. Today, His Mahasamadhi known as Buti Mandir is worshipped by lakhs and lakhs of people from India as well as other parts of the globe. Saibaba temples were established in several places of India and abroad.

As Shirdi Baba was living in a remote place without moving much, his greatness was known to others through many Sai devotees like Nana Saheb Chandorkar, Das ganu Maharaj, Pujya sri Narasimhaswami of Chennai. Many books in many languages were written on Shirdi Baba!

True to the promise of Lord Shiva to the sage Baradwaja, “Sathya Narayana Raju @ Sathya Saibaba was born on 23 November 1926 @05.06 AM at Puttaparthi in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh in India. Straight from the place of birth, many miracles foretold about the coming of very great soul and it heralded a new age and grand transformation in the mind set of people all over.Sathya Saibaba was humble to the core and he never exhibited his supra human form to any until his fourteenth age. Finding that the school education is of no use to him, he left his family at his fourteenth age around 1940. But as per the genuine request of his mother, he promised to live at Puttaparthi but away from the parents, brother and sisters. Hence he selected a patch of land in the outskirts and a small temple like structure with few rooms and kitchen were put up. Until the present Prasanthi Nilayam was ready, he was living in the old mandir as people used to call. Here, regular congregational singing and rituals took place. Many people from far and near used to visit Sathya and got miraculous cures and removal of problems confronting them. His biography is available in He completed his grand mission by founding free educational university, free super specialty hospitals, drinking water schemes, and construction of houses to flood affected areas in Odissah etc. This list is only a minute introduction. He left his body on 24 April 2011 at 07.40 AM at super specialty hospital at Puttaparthi. Those who follow his life will be aware that he left his body on his own will, predefined by him. None knew that he will suddenly leave at the age of 85 as per our calendar.

But he had indicated about his impending departure to many devotees albeit in a shrouded way. But His mission is continuing and Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust is managing the affairs very nicely and intelligently.

People eagerly wait for the third incarnation of Prema Sai. Sathya Saibaba had indicated that He will take birth in Mysore state in Mandya Dt in a place called Gunaparthi. None knows when He will incarnate again!


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