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A mute witness is unaffected by any events at any time!

Updated on May 5, 2017

Effects of pictures on the viewer!

Does the screen recognize the cinema?

Does the screen recognize or react to the cinema falling on it? No! The screen remains a mute entity. Let scenes of fire or flood fall on the screen! The screen neither gets burned nor drenched by the flood! Without the screen, the cinema can not exist independently while the screen is a free entity. This is how our inner self reacts to the external world. The self remains a mute witness to the external world. There is no reaction in the self even if the body it occupies is tortured, the mind agitated. Hence the self is akin to the pure white screen of the cinema hall. Again, the screen is present always, even when there is projection of cinema. During the cinema, the screen is not visible to the audience. Only after the conclusion of the show, the screen is visible. Similarly, the creation depends on the creator while the creator is absolutely free. While the creator is eternal, creation is temporary affair like the cinema show!

Heart at Peace!

Basic philosophy of Life!

This is the basic philosophy of life. While we are afflicted by various events around us, the inner self remain serene and calm but our mind is agitated. When we are affected by ill health, we are concerned. When some problems confront us or our kith and kin, we are deeply worried. This is nothing but attachment to the perishable form and name! Once we are attached to our physical form, we are naturally concerned with all that is related to the form like the immediate family, our wealth and properties. If we incur loss, we become sad and dejected. If we gain some thing, we become joyful. But how long we can exult over gain? It is just an imagination of the mind. Soon some new problem crop up! This is the passing show of life. Look at the sky when it is clear, what a beautiful scene? In another moment, winds move the clouds from one place to other. Now it is summer time. People are affected by the scorching sun. From nowhere, the wind drives the clouds and the sun is hidden by a group of clouds! While the sun is thus hidden, we become happy and want the cloud to remain static. But it is not possible. The same force of wind drives the cloud again and the sun is showing its scorching face once again. This is how human life passes through pain and pleasure. Neither the pleasure is constant or the misery! As the day follows night, life is alternating between pain and pleasure!

Reality about Atma (Self)

The wealthy are not Happy!

People imagine that the wealthy and affluent people have no trouble and enjoy life. On the contrary, the millionaire seated in his air conditioned chamber is agitated in mind over many financial and business affairs. Though he earns a lot, even a little loss affects his mind. A man standing on the ground sustains a fall. But his injuries won’t be severe since he just fell down while standing on the ground. The rich millionaire is like a man standing on the third or fourth floor. If he slips down from the fourth floor to the ground, he will be sustaining very serious injury which may be fatal. The need of the poor is little. Few morsels of food will satisfy him. But the rich needs delicious meal every day. The spicy meal will affect his digestion while the poor man eats gruel or rice soaked in water which is a healthy diet. Though the poor lacks the comfort and luxury, he is healthy and content if he earns for his daily meal. This is the dilemma of life. The rich man always gobbles up several tablets before meals and after meals. He lacks peaceful sleep. After a hard day labor, the poor daily wage earner eats his fill and lies down on the road platform. He enjoys very sound sleep!

Nothing matters without peace or joy.

Sensual pleasures are temporary and ephemeral.

Hence, the so called pleasures of the senses are temporary, ephemeral and fleeting. Today we find electronic gadgets in every nook and corner of market place and they are sold a dime a dozen. Communication has become instantaneous. Hence rumors and gossip spreads like fire. Instant communication causes more peril than benefit. Everywhere agitations and civil war is spreading. What man really need today is peace of mind but man gathers pebbles with great effort and he neglects the pearls that lie deep down. The worldly treasures are mere trash and tinsel compared to the precious peace. But, peace cannot be obtained from markets where material goods are sold. Since peace is precious treasure, it is embedded deep in our soul. Hence those desirous of peace should dive deep within oneself and with one pointed focus search it in the inner realm. The world is pieces since the human beings lack the inner discipline and human virtues like Truth, Righteousness, Peace, selfless love and Non-violence. But we find only hatred everywhere between people, between countries and between Nations. There is no respect for sages, saints and prophets. Man questions the very values which nourished him so far. He disrespects his own mother and father! Out of anguish many elders seek asylum in old age homes and senior citizen homes. Wealth is worshiped by all whereas values are given the go bye.

The screen and image!

Love, sacrifice and do not harm anyone!

If we want to live peacefully and harmoniously in this world, we need to cultivate true love, sacrifice and non-violence. Help the poor and distressed since all are embodiments of one god everywhere. Never distinguish people based on their affluence or lack of it. The colors of skin of people of different countries may be different but their blood is only red in color. All people survive through food and water. Everyone breaths the same air and lives on earth! Where is the distinction? It is only in the foolish and ignorant mind! Love All; Serve All. Help Ever; Hurt Never!

Pictures will never affect the screen!

Does the cinema affect the screen?

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