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A one man show

Updated on October 22, 2012

All embracing Form.

He is All in All!

Many agnostics argue, "why there is so much of disparity in God's creation? Looking at everything superficially in this world creates such doubts in every mind. Once a saint named Swami Ramatirta was asked a similar question from a disciple devotee. The saint beautifully explained the phenomenon. He said, "It is God everywhere". There is none other than God. What you perceive as the 'other' is none but the same God. The seeming differences we perceive is due to the ignorance of basic truths. There was a story of a recluse who was venerated by several people in a village. When he was moving away from the village to another place, some miscreants beat the recluse blue and black. The recluse swooned due to the severe beating. Some good natured people poured water in his mouth and fanned him. When he regained his consciousness, the man who poured water in his mouth asked the recluse, "Do you recognize me? The recluse replied 'the one who has beaten me is now pouring the water in my mouth".This is exactly the message of Upanishadic scriptures.

"See God in all" is the message of the sages and saints. But the fact is "Every one is God but we are disillusioned due to the body mind complex which creates all hurdles in realizing this great Truth. When a coir is seen in twilight, it gives the impression of a snake. But it was only coir at all times. The mind has created an illusory picture of a snake hiding the coir. Likewise Only God is there. But the illusory power known as Maya hides "God" and project the creation instead. This is the Truth behind Advaita philosophy propagated by Adhi Sankara and practiced by many sages and saints in India. But, the worldly minded won't buy this theory. For them, the world is very much real and hence they are swayed by the ups and downs of life.

Escaping from this illusory mind is the aim of Vedantins, who practice the Advaita philosophy. However, there are some preliminary practices which are suited to ordinary human life. For them, the worship of some form of God initially suits. When they progress further, they realize that every thing is as per the will of God. Then they surrender to the superior will to escape from the clutches of illusion and to get released from this miserable life of birth and death. There are certain basic truths. Though every one is an embodiment of the supreme Self, they fell under illusion due to the physical form and name. Every one considers themselves as a separate individual which causes all grief and pain.They feel isolated from the rest and undergoes the turbulence of earthly life. Once they realize that they are not separate from God, they will experience the unity of the soul and gain enormous courage and power from it.

Every one possess the inherent immense potential to realize his identity with the Self. Many fail in the path because of the enormous influence, the mind wield. Senses play havoc misleading the individual through faulty pleasures. It is like the case of a drunken man. First he consumes liquor. Then liquor consumes more liquor and the person is doomed. Senses entice the man in many ways due to sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. The illusory power of Maya created many attractions in the world that man is unable to escape from its clutches. The wise one among them ignore the pulls and pushes of the mind and concentrate on the Self.They ignore the world and they live like a tortoise which withdraw its head and feet within the thick unbreakable outer shell. The Yogis withdraw their senses from sense objects and instead concentrate one pointedly on God.

God has hidden behind the creation, and make every one(who are none other than reflections of God) to search for him. When the individual turns his attention from the outer world to the Self within, he is on the path towards God. One day when he relinquishes the idea of a separate body and mind, he reaches the Self as the river merges in the Ocean!


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