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A passing thought: of the human disease, and self-made prisons of the mind...

Updated on May 26, 2014

Here is a thought to ponder over; there is much talk of awakening these days, reaching a higher state of enlightenment, our true self. And there is also much to say of the government, and those beyond it who are in control of our race, and destroying the Earth. Some believe it is our mission to ascend, become ‘light workers’ and discover our ‘being of light’ in order to escape this existence we find ourselves caught within. But, have you ever wondered? What if there is another side to this story, not one of escaping our captors, but rather why are we held here in the first place?

Light workers could be part of the growing split of polarities, keeping us apart from the possible true duality of all things, of cooperation, even between ‘light and dark’ as so bluntly described at times; the term ‘light’ and ‘dark’ does not really exist, they are one and the same viewed from varying perspectives from individual to individual. For me the truth is that we should embrace both polarities and accept our whole being, for that emptiness inside of each and every one of us, that void is far from empty; yet we run away from it, distract ourselves from learning what is deep inside us; as what we would discover also reflects the physical realm in all its forms and fear keeps us pinned to heels of those who round us up like sheep.


Why are we hidden from the truth of the universe, time and space? What lies beyond the physical illusion that we call reality? What if, Earth is indeed a prison planet, but not one that traps us because those in control dictate our lives, albeit this is part truth; however, what if we are imprisoned here, in the physical, away from our full potential because despite those of us who possess innocent ideals, our being in the grand scale of the cosmos is a virus, a cancer that where ever it lands seeks to destroy worlds. How do we know we have not destroyed countless worlds before this one? Could Mars, a once inhabited plant, be a reminder of what we are capable of?

Take one moment to analyse the microcosm and the macrocosm, and how each reflect one another in almost every single way, are they not there to teach us? I wonder if this reflection is an attempt to educate our stubborn beings of how it should behave. See how nature works in both cooperation and competition; it is in balance, while creatures kill when they need to, and at the same time only take what they need, they never steal more than what they require, for when this happens, that thing whether it is an animal, a microbe, a cell, or even a dying star becomes a cancer; and this cancer spreads, consumes more than it needs, swallows other life around it until nothing is left. Can you see how we are the cancer of this planet? Or how this reflects within the mutated cells within our individual bodies?

We are like a disease, and if this is so what would happen if we spread into other realms through mundane methods whereby quantum technology may possess the power to rip through the fabric of space, time and dimensions instead of visiting these places through a natural course, if we were truly meant to witness such mysteries? What would we do, and where would we go if we are not prepared for what lies beyond? We live in all but a fraction of everything that exists and we remain blind to our own actions;

“To fix that which lies before our very eyes, we must first repair what is broken within, only then can we learn to overcome this plague that we have created; an age of despair that has lasted for many millennia”Richard Mawby

No matter how you look at the wider perspective, the human race is flawed. We are domesticated, trained to ignore our right to a free conscious intelligence of which we can be what we want to be, and achieve what we wish to achieve without the need for struggle or suffering. Nature, despite some of its less favourable aspects is in balance, it lives in both harmony and discord and each support the other; while the human race lives the most part in discord and continue to destroy, maintaining an imbalance that is becoming harder and harder to ignore.


Is this not why we are contained and imprisoned on this planet? Not because any higher being is feeding off our energy or power hungry that they choose to keep us in pens, not because we are trapped on a lower level by corporatism and trained to jump at every whistle, but because we are DANGEROUS, because we are a cancer that if found the means to spread like the Agent Smiths of the matrix into other worlds, dimensions and realms of existence; we could destroy each and every one of them.

But what if there is a cure to all this suffering and eventual extinction? I believe there is, and it is not out there in the world that we witness with our eyes. You will not find it in any drug store, or any hospital or therapist; you will find it much closer to home, YOU are the cure. Look inside yourself, venture into the parts of your being you have always been fearful of. See the destruction within you that reflects in the macrocosm; witness the undesirable face of your being, the negative emotions that you hide every day.

REALISE what you are capable of and witness the fullness of that void within you; Witness that the troubles in the world, in the macrocosm are there inside you, and in order to truly change and cure the Earth, Universe, but more importantly yourself from this cancer, is to embrace the wholeness of your complete being; to realise that everything that occurs in the world around you is there to teach you about yourself, and by striving to change and learn from the inside, it will reflect into the physical illusion and if each individual ‘cancer cell’ slowly cured itself of its self-made disease, then maybe, just maybe we will stand a chance; and this world, in all its beauty and misfortune will no longer be a prison, but evolve into an Eden of our collective creation. Maybe then we will be granted freedom in all its forms, and our hidden past, future and present will be unleashed for us to embrace and explore.



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    • RichardMawby profile imageAUTHOR

      Richard Mawby 

      4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thank you Jodah, and yes I agree the natives in the past especially knew how to live alongside nature. But it is how cancer starts, once a minority, it begins to spread taking more than it needs and soon what was once in abundance becomes scarce. I believe we can use the best of technology to aid a transition, it is simply used in the wrong way, to line pockets rather than the true benefit to ourselves. I am glad you found it thought provoking, it was a passing thought that just happened to find its way into words today.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      4 years ago from Queensland Australia

      A very interesting and thought provoking viewpoint Richard, and not beyond the realm of possibility. I so agree that nature has the balance right, creatures only take what they need, no more...and we have to learn from that. Though man has been here long enough already to have learnt those lessons. In fact the ancient peoples and natives of our world copied nature and lived in harmony with it. With the advent and advances in technology we get further and further away from it, we need to turn around and as you say, change from within ourselves and our thinking. Then together we can save the world instead of destroying it.


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