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My Uncomfortable path to Enlightenment

Updated on April 7, 2012

A Voice in Favor of Works

The afterlife, due to death’s habit of obscuring one’s view of it, has a tendency of drawing a number of responses and theories about its make up and specificities. If one considers all such thoughts as equal you will stop any fights on the matter but leave yourself utterly confused in the end and no more fulfilled then you were when you had no theory on the afterlife at all.

It would be a shame not to have the chance to muddy the waters a little further with a bit of logic and perspective on the afterlife so for argument sake lets assume that the afterlife will be a place that is completely just and merciful.

Lets assume that if one lives the laws one is aware of to the best of ones ability and fixes anything you break as far as you can that this will place oneself in good stead after one passes on. If it is allowable, one can be aided so much more if one undergoes changes in perspective as one matures in life such that they become different within and without for the better as a result; this aught to result in even greater satisfaction and reward hereafter. If you really want a higher law there are those available here on earth. Every one has the same ability to seek higher learning and knowledge and the use of one’s time in such matters also counts for something hereafter. In the end you get just as much happiness and satisfaction, even responsibility as you worked towards obtaining in life.

As a part of this postulate may one put forward that each position a person wish to have as an agent of the Divine has a prerequisite. One only has to seek the approval of heaven if that person actually wants anything from heaven. If a person only wants to live a life that is honest but not useful then the Atonement can cover that person’s ignorance. Let us assume that almost everyone is ignorant in some respect and is lacking the proper perspective to fix every error in behavior which would cause everyone to be granted a certain amount of lee way in mercy. Willful ignorance, however unpunishable, isn’t rewardable either and to the level of one’s dedication to being ignorant of the way that heaven functions, one is found unworthy of greater functionality in heaven. Ignorance suddenly becomes a rather large load stone in keeping you from actually achieving anything after this life. Anyone who wants to eternally sit on their can will be able to in heaven.

Furthering one postulates that it should be observed that the Divine doesn't punish anyone. Why should the Divine punish the work of its hand which it seems to take so much effort in loving into existence and giving the rights to reason and choose that which one will do for happiness? Such love of it’s self precludes the Divine from being a punishing body. The only one we actually have to face is ourselves and the eyes of everyone else around us who know what kind of lives we lead with a perfect clarity. In this version of the afterlife it is written on our body that will be resurrected one way or another to whatever state we chose to achieve spiritually in life.

If you feel you would be able to handle being right next to God singing his praises for all eternity then go to. Considering how penetrating his eyes are, even considering his love for us I hope you don't feel like you just crawled out from under your car and tried to enter a five star restaurant without cleaning up.

Here is the idiots version

into which category I throw myself for trying to make this an intellectual subject. Most if not all theologians and atheists are entirely stupid in their beliefs in something they neither want to believe is real enough to touch nor unreal enough to die for. Making anyone agree on this subject is futile. I therefore entitle myself the throw as much fuel onto the fire as I desire. I know that God is a real being and he has a body. I didn't do an autopsy or a physicians examination to tell what type. He didn't tell me anything earth shattering. Rather he helped me maintain my sanity. Saying this much, one could argue that it was a delusion of self preservation but... this is my blurb so the rest can ... never-mind.

The process I went through to get even that much comfort was one in which I saw myself as I was and I worked on things that no one else seemed to think was important. I replaced my need to self validate for a desire to validate others. I substituted my need to be self serving with a keen eye to be of service. In fine I went after the ten commandments and the sermon on the mount like it was water and I was crawling through the desert. It is strange how self conscious you can be that way. I then had an even stranger experience with the latter parts of the gospels where it all seemed so real to me that I couldn't deny that the atonement happened.

It didn't really make me happy to know as much as I did once I was done but it fed the fuel that caused me to donate at my expense two years of my life to serve the God I was seeking out. I spent the entire time trying to help everyone else get as far as I had come. I am not sure how well I have succeeded. I am not that big of a narcissist and frankly don't want to be disappointed. Be that as it may, It wasn't until that sacrifice was coming to a close, that I sought out some peace in one the the Temples that is dedicated to my Father.

I didn't see him again. He just called me by name. No one else heard him talk to be but who cares. It didn't benefit any one else but me in that moment and in the next it gave me the tools needed to help a friend. Whether it helped him long term or not, who cares other then him. This is to say, I have no Idea and I am enough of a non voyeur to not pry. I haven't heard from him in a while. I wish him well. I have gotten used to listening for his voice and grown in comfort keeping up my end of the conversations. They are never entirely self gratifying. Often they humble me and push me where I would never rationally go. This happens to be one of those places.

The end result is satisfying. My conscious manner of understanding the meaning of my actions and my life gives me satisfaction as I live it. It isn't easy. Nothing worth anything permanent is. Yet it is stretching on a constant basis. One would think in a humanist manner of speaking that this isn't rational. Why would one willingly make him or herself uncomfortable most of the time. I don't have an answer for that that would make you willingly do it by being blunt. I will try anyhow.

If no one is ever uncomfortable, no one ever changes. If Change doesn't happen, a person chases their own tail and ends up wondering where the years went. I am not really sure where the years will take me and that is one of the most uncomfortable facts. Outlines that i understand don't really deliver the details where the devil and the angels seem to dance. I am, however a better man for the journey.

I wish you luck in either trying to prove me wrong or pat yourselves on the back for agreeing with me. Either way, I know that whatever you work for and are willing to die for you will get. All one can hope for is that you are satisfied with that outcome.


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    • Jaggedfrost profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thank you Habee. Let me know what if any conclusions you draw.

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 

      8 years ago from Georgia

      This is a really thought-provoking hub. Thumbs up!


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