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A proffered view on Eternal Life.

Updated on June 16, 2010

Wow, what a loaded question full of jargon. It assumes a knowledge of your specific theological leanings on the nature of god and what you have been taught on that subject. I won't worry about altering your frame of mind that wouldn't be helpful but I might share my understanding of the afterlife with the indulgence of those who might be interested.

One: we exist and are eternal beings or in other words we will always exist.  Two: God exists in the same manner. The connection between us is as strong as we want it to be so I agree with FduToit. Usually that connection is a matter of agency or choice if you will. If one keeps those connections strong and maintains the flow of knowledge and wisdom from God through out their life and submits to whatever God asks of them they will change in nature to fulfill the desire to be like God as that is the sort of thing that God will ask of that person.

If that is taken to its logical end then it will be observed that that person who has stayed within the grace of their God all of their days will desire to be where their God is. The mortal journey then if you want to think of it that way would be thought to affirm the possibility of uniting with God in a sense.

Basic physics and even celestial physics bears out that matter cannot be created or destroyed but changed in nature.  Thus if we have a spirit which is used to a body now then it will desire a body hereafter and even when we lay down our bodies, they don't stop existing in a physical sense.  They decompose but if we as beings were created or organized as individuals with physical bodies, even accepting that those bodies have limits that must be respected, is it far fetched that hereafter we shall crave physical existence without the limitations and be granted that boon according to the connection that we have with God?  

Furthermore as you would never consider sharing bodies with your earthly father I doubt that any two intelligences, even as alike as the afore mentioned connection might make one might be would be comfortable or would it even be necessary for them to share the same place in time space or all eternity. Proximity should be enough. I hope this helps.

Now as I heard from the original author that the sexuality of his question was a factor in the question that he wanted addressed, I wish to propose that if God in every religion under heaven seems to favor the connected talents of man and woman in joint connection with God's will then would it not be fair to consider that God is not one but two or more and that their connection and existence as one office is something that we would carry with us here after if we have excepted that fact through our connection with them and that they would provide a way to make it last?

Let it be observed that  The unity we should have with God who answers for both men and women alike because they have both genders in their hearts and bodies, should be complete and whole and that our desires should be one with their desires that we might find ourselves with them anon.  Though in the spirit we see them now yet in the flesh shall we see them eventually.  


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    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      What you say in this Hub has good substance. We all start out as spirit, all become human, all take on a soul, all will die a physical death and depending on whether or not we made the right choice or not will return to spiritual life whether in Heaven with our creator or not.


    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 7 years ago

      Very well I addressed how I see those matters as well.

    • Neferkaptah profile image

      Neferkaptah 7 years ago

      In my aporcyphal and esoteric book, The Theosophy of Twt-Mos Djoser I fuse myself spiritually speaking with the Androgynous G-d sitting on the Great White Throne having 70 steps on the other side of the universal singularity that gave rise to the universes or at least this universe conscious that I was outside and separated from my earthly form.

      I thank you for your answer and hub, but I am trying to find people that know and understand my esoteric experiences so I can promote my book and their wisdom.