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A secret in the storm

Updated on November 6, 2012

There are many things humanity can not understand or explain why it has to be. One of these things is what we call struggles or storms of life. Some people expect life to be kind to us, while others expect peace and tranquility only in heaven. In the history of man, only few men have truly and sincerely stood their ground in the midst of great storm. People experience these storms in different ways. Many experience storms in their relationships and marriages. Many see it in their families, finances, professions, arts, among others. It could be a storm that opposes our religious conviction, health and other related issue. But only few men had faced the greatest storm seen in an unselfish quest and sacrifice for others.

This is because it takes great courage and unselfishness for anyone to look into the problems and rights of others when one’s own right or interest is not involved. Only few men had lived, struggled, fought, and even died so that others may live on, better than they lived earlier. It takes courage to walk through that path of loneliness which is usually associated with an unselfish struggle. This is because, usually, only those that at first trade the path saw the need to take a new path despite the usual path followed by the crowd.

The crowd will always insist on the usual path and that was why Pharaoh did not see why the Israelites should be free when God sent Moses to him.

That was the same Israelites that were set free did not see why Jesus should freely teach his gospel.

That was why the Jews did not see why the apostles of Jesus should not be persecuted and killed.

That was why the church did not see why those that taught against its doctrines should not be punished.

That was the kinsmen of Prophet Mohammad did not see why he should freely teach a new thing in his home town.

That is why some Muslim did not see why other religions should co-exist with them.

That is why some people still kill others and make hate speeches for religious sake. That is why, till today, most people have not seen the need for religious tolerance, equity, love, justice, unity, and peace.

That was why people did not see the need to end racism and slavery.

That is why some people still deny equity and justice to women.

That was why Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther king (Jr.) and others were assassinated.

That was why some strong nations did not see the need for the weaker nations to be independent.

That is why an unborn child exclaimed and asked, “why must the persecuted always become the persecutor?’ the same child asked, “if humanity had being conservative from their beginning as a primitive being, what will the conservatives conserve at this time? Will they not conserve whatever they meet? If changes had taken place, it means what they are conserving at any particular time was what the liberals permitted.”

Truly conflict may be a necessity for effecting a positive or negative change but the conflict would not be there if we could all walk our path and let others walk on their chosen path provided it does not stop or deny us our own right and liberty. Truly there are many storms of life and not everyone can stand the storm because even some religious men doubt God in the midst of a storm because they do not expect God to allow such a storm to befall them. The storm of life has made many to stop trusting God. It could be the storms that oppose our religious faith, marriages, finances, health or it could be a storm in our unselfish quest for the liberty, love, justice, unity, and peace among humanity. Whatever, the storm may be and before we decided to quit, I just want us to remember that Jesus was with his disciples in the ship when they met a storm. The storm came despite the fact that Jesus was in the ship but when Jesus woke up, the storm obeyed. I also recalled a voice that said to me, “in the midst of the storm that is where I will be found.” Therefore it follows that despite any storm we may confront, all we have to do is just to have the courage and strength to hang on in the storm and call unto God because we are not alone in it. Truly he will not leave us nor for sake us because his strength is truly made perfect in our weakness. That is the secret of the storm but the truth is that only few men have had the courage to hang on in the midst of a storm even when it seems they are alone in a great storm. To those that are in any kind of storm, especially those that are currently walking that path of loneliness and unselfish sacrifice for the interest of all. Those that are helping and saving life in various parts of the world remember this and have it in mind because storm is like darkness that deny us the greater blessings ahead, “do not fear darkness. The darkest night will surly be the most blessed night because it will require the highest light to remove the darkness from it and turn it to a new morning.” Hang on in the storm and be steady for there is a secret in the storms.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago

      Conflict has shown to help bring a positive change but it is not good that we fail to learn from history and avoid repeating similar mistakes that cause conflict.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Without conflict, how would we know that change was required?

    • munirahmadmughal profile image

      munirahmadmughal 6 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan.

      "A Secret in the Storm".

      The hub is meaningful and takes account of all the sides of the problem wisely, moderately and sincerely.

      From Hadrat Adam till Hadrat Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be on all of them)all gave the message that there is no god save Allah. They all told that God is the Creator. They all told that all besides God is creation. They all told that nothing is worthy to be worshipped save God Almighty and that they also worshipped Him alone. They all told that a Day of judgment is to come when all words and deeds of mankind are to be adjudged by God Almighty and the Balance will be established and fairly dealt with. Consequence of good will be reward and consequence of the evil will be punishment. All told that life and death are also creations and those are with a purpose to test whose performance is the best.

      Hence as human beings we must live with conviction, perform good deeds, stress on remaining truthful and observing patience and perseverance and showing tolerance against all odds and hazards. This is the only way to save our selves from all sorts of losses in both the worlds.

      May God bless all and peace be on those who follow the guidance.