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A simple ritual for Ostara

Updated on April 4, 2015


Ostara is the Sabbat of rebirth. It is a fertile season. The Earth comes back to life after a long winter slumber. The symbols of this season are many: all to do with fertility. Hares, seeds, eggs, are all wonderful representations of the life returning again to the world. The Goddess is in the aspect of the Maiden.


The beauty of this ritual is that it does not require much set up nor does it need many props.

You will need :

  • an egg ( one for each participant)
  • Food coloring dye.
  • small paint brushes
  • seeds ( of something you wish to grow where you will have the ritual)
  • athame
  • green candle
  • Incense ( I prefer a floral scent for this ritual)
  • small spade

Ritual set up

  • This ritual is to be performed out of doors. The more natural the location the better. You will need a spot where you can at least dig a small hole in the earth.
  • Mark the quarters : You may be as elaborate or as simple as you wish.
  • Set up your altar facing east in the center of the circle. Here too be as simple or elaborate as you wish.
  • Place the athame, green candle, incense and any other items you wish upon your altar. If you wish to be more elaborate decorate with springtime themes, flowers, Goddess figures, baskets of eggs, dishes of seeds,
  • Dig a small hole near the Altar. It should be room large enough for an egg.
  • If more than one person there should be a digging implement and enough room for each to dig their own hole.

The Ritual

  • Cleanse the area, call the quarters and erect the temple as you see fit. If you need guidance on this please feel free to use my website :

This can be as simple as you turning in a circle and welcoming the four winds to bring blessings to the ritual.

Take your egg and using the dye write upon it words or symbols representing that which you wish to grow this season. This could be anything from wanting to grow your finances, grow a garden to wanting to grow stronger, happier, healthier... .

If you wish this Magick to be directed towards another remember to be sure that it is welcome to them. Use a different egg inscribed with their name or a symbol that represents them.

  • Holding your egg say : " The Goddess is fertile, the earth is reborn. Let us meditate upon that which is reborn around us and within us this season. "
  • After a period of meditation, Hold your athame point down in the hole. Say: "The lord has given his seed to the Earth. The power of life is cast within Her"
  • Toss some of the seeds into the hole. Say: "Goddess accept these seeds. Quicken them within you. Grow them as a symbol of our love for you and each other so that it too may grow stronger each day. "
  • Raise your egg and say
  • "This egg a symbol of life unborn"

Place the egg in the hole. Say

  • "Within the mother we place this morn.
  • So our hopes and dreams now may
  • Come to life this Oestre day. "

Cover the egg with dirt, filling the hole. You may now conclude the ritual, release the circle or perform more growing Magick, share Cakes and Ale or perform other ritual functions.


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    • Brandt Odhinson profile image

      Corey J Polesel 3 years ago from Delanson NY

      Thank you for your kindness. Your input is much appreciated.

    • Brandt Odhinson profile image

      Corey J Polesel 3 years ago from Delanson NY

      @WiccanSage Thank You very much for your kind words and thank You for sharing.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      What a beautiful ritual, so elegant in its simplicity. It's always great for when you're not in the mood to be too ceremonial, or when you don't have loads of tools and things around. This is a keeper-- shared, voted up & all.