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A tale of thoughts and wisdom – a comical encounter

Updated on May 7, 2014

One early sunny morning, a wise man encounters a lone woman sitting on the curb beside a newly cemented walkway. Her head was cupped in her hands as she gazed into the distance, her expression of a troubled, lost and confused nature. He listened to her plea that she voiced aloud…

Woman: I should have gone to sleep hours ago. Instead I have been sitting here thinking rubbish! Why do I do this to myself? Time to stop being a weak pansy!

The woman finds her feet and deliberately places each one firmly in the fast hardening cement, ankle deep… At this point, the wise man felt the need to intervene and so he began…

Wise man: My dear friend, sorry to intrude upon your solitude; but might I add a few words to alleviate your burden?

He briefly gazed at the cement, wondering if she truly knew what a tight predicament she had placed herself within. That was one issue he may not so easily solve. The woman, with an expression of ‘go ahead, you cannot possibly make this worse’, simply nodded. And so the wise man continued…

Wise man: You question your thoughts, you dwell upon them and this is why you suffer; let them go… You CAN think… thinking is good; contemplate, explore and then set that of which flowed through your mind in its rightful place. As you do this, try to reach that state of clearness where suddenly blissfulness will overcome you, where you are on your own, but everything is great and full of content and positive vibes.

Try to explore that realm of emptiness within you, for it is not empty, it is full of what encompasses your true self, and many people fear this emptiness and avoid exploring its abyss.


Of course the woman had a little trouble processing this information, but the essence of his words reached her and she replied…

Woman: But… I am having trouble putting them in their rightful place.

Wise man: Then STOP trying to… and it will simply occur; let it flow, and let the thoughts ebb like the wind. They will come and go if you let them… try not to cling or dwell and simply let them come, understand them and do not cling onto them as they pass in and out of your consciousness.

The woman smirked. She let out a light giggle as she still did not quite understand and found the words of a man who appeared to be that little younger than her spout such incomprehensible sentences.

Woman: Alright, alright… I will try not to try…

She found it hard to maintain a straight face. There was this youthful man who was talking gibberish, and he was a complete stranger. What did he know about her issues?

Wise man: Glad to hear it my friend.

Woman: Yeah…

The woman replied with a little more sarcasm. A moment of silence occurred and during this she truly began to ponder his words. She was the one to break the silence…

Woman: You are wise, you know that… I wish I could think like you.

Wise man: Wisdom shall manifest with time, and with time you shall become wise.

Woman: And old!

She could not help but add.

Wise man: Only in the physique my friend, but what lies within shall never age.

Woman: But I care about that!


The woman pouted and pondered how she might look without make up, she shuddered. The wise man smiled.

Wise man: If you choose to look old, then old you will become; but if you choose to be young and flow with the youth of your timeless soul, then you will retain the essence of your youth.

Woman: Ha-ha! Such words of wisdom….

This time the woman laughed out loud. He had touched on something that affected many women of her generation, their appearance. No… there was surely nothing that could change how she looked as she aged… NOTHING.

The wise man briefly emitted a gentle smile as he knew of her materialistic desires, the desires that plague many a soul on the earth of which he walked. These desires distracted the minds of the humans of which they manifested; they were superficial desires that had been implanted through the dogma of society. There was nothing wrong with wishing to be youthful, but in this world it had been taken to a whole new level where people would dig their nails into their skin and peel it off if it meant that underneath was a new layer of pure unwrinkled flesh.

Wise man: Ah, but as you witness, I am wise yet youthful in my days; for the time is not specified in where wisdom shall graze the shores of your being. Wise does not mean old, and thus you can become wise in the eyes of the material world and still remain youthful in appearance. The speed in which you gain wisdom lies within your individual choices and path you choose to follow.

Here I must bid you farewell. Be well my friend, and remember; let the emptiness overcome you, let your thoughts subside as they wish and learn from them, experience and understand what they wish to show you and simply let it go…

Become nothing; and everything you will become.


And with these final words the wise but young man, continued his path, leaving the woman in contemplation. Finally something had clicked and she stood there, gazing into the distance, this time in a state of creeping content that began to seep its way through the cracks of her frustrated shell. An hour passed that felt like a second and she felt that little more refreshed and ready to continue her day.

Woman: Wow… that was deep!

She contemplated her words for a moment and as she attempted to take a first step into a new state of thought that had never before grazed her consciousness, she realised something was not quite right. Her eyes found her feet still ankle deep in hardened cement. She sighed, but this time gave out a loud laugh of irony, lacking any ounce of worry or frustration. She smiled and said out loud with her hands on her hips and a great big smile on her face…

Woman: Now how the hell do I get myself out of this mess…!


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    • RichardMawby profile image

      Richard Mawby 3 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thank you Wiccan :D

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      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago