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A thoughtless state gives supreme peace!

Updated on July 7, 2014

Thoughts on peace!

Enjoy the interval between two thoughts.

The sky is vast and infinite. That is the reason why there are innumerable galaxies abounding in the sky. The voyages in space by rockets meant for exploring differing planets takes a long time to reach their destinations since the distance is so long. Even with lightening speeds in the range of 25 Km/second, the rockets takes that much time. When the space itself is so vast and immeasurable, how can we gauge the Self which is the subtlest of all things in this world? The term ‘infinite’ actually represents the Self or Brahman! Hence the human mind can never gauge the infinite Brahman. The Vedas, Upanishads and other scriptural texts clearly point out the futility of understanding the Self.

Here, I remember the funny story of a frog living in a small well. The frog in the well, consider the well as its universe and it can not think beyond the boundaries of the well. The mind too is bound by the bodily faculties and it can not go beyond the individual self. Though the individual jeevi or self is identical with the universal Self, yet it is bound by the shackles of illusions. One day, a frog living in vast lake happened to drift and fall into this small well. The frog in the well is astounded at the intruder and asks it, “Wherefrom you have come? The frog from the lake reveals that it came from a vast lake! The well frog jumps from one end of the well to the other end and asked the lake frog, “Is your lake this much wide? The frog from the lake laughed at the ignorance of the well frog. It said, No! The lake is the longest and widest and has a great depth! Being in the well, you can never understand or appreciate about the vastness of lake!

This is the predicament of all human beings in this world. Every one is living in their small world resembling the well. How can we appreciate the vastness of the huge lake? In the like manner, our conditioned mind can never dwell in the vastness of the Self. Recluses in the forest are engaged in deep meditations in forests. But they dispense the mind element in order to progress in the meditations! Mind may help you to concentrate but in the realm of spirit, mind can never take you. Only when one transcends the illusory mind, he can travel into the helm of the spirit!

But the same mind is indispensable for living in this world. Without the help of the mind, man can not recognize or perceive the universe seen through the sense organs. The brain constructs the picture based on the inputs from the senses but it can not recognize it. Brain is like the monitor in a desktop or laptop, it is the individual who is like the mind to read and understand the output shown in the monitor! But, behind this recognizing mind, there is an invisible witness. He is the real seer of the illusory appearances. Sathya Saibaba, a recent incarnation has revealed many secrets about the mind which is really a bundle of thoughts. When you remove those thoughts one by one, there won’t be anything left to be termed as mind. For instance, there is a fortress containing many warriors who are guarding it. There is a narrow path through which they come out in single file. If you want to conquer the fort, there is only one way. Hide yourself from the warriors view. As each of the warrior negotiate a corner, stand there and kill them at once! Likewise, you can face any number of warriors, each one at a time and kill them. Ultimately, when all the soldiers are killed, the fortress becomes yours.

Likewise, when you encounter each thought, kill it at once before it overpowers you! What we normally do when a thought arises? We examine it, judge it or react to it. But if you remain absolutely indifferent to the thought without any reaction, it will pass without affecting you. This is what I mean by killing. Remain as a mute witness to each thought that arise. The thoughts will subside in due course and in course of time, you will come to a thoughtless state, which is a pleasant experience. Most people in this world enjoy dreamless sleep. When they wake up, they tell that they had peaceful invigorating sleep. How? In a dreamless state, thoughts never arise and you enjoy a soothing experience which can be revealed only when we wake up. Hence, every one who is intent to remain peaceful should try to eliminate the thought process slowly by adopting the above method!


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