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A world inside mind

Updated on August 18, 2016

Everyone has dreams in their sleep. They can be pleasant or unpleasant. When we are inside dreams, we really feel everything that is happening with us. We know how real the world feels inside the dream. Sometimes after waking up from unpleasant dream, you wish if you could have done things differently than probably you might have changed the direction of dream and you could have saved this to become unpleasant.

Now imagine if you somehow can do whatever you wanted in your dream then you will really enjoy them also you will have a different your own world. Fortunately, this is possible and you can create your own world when you are dreaming. Sounds similar to movie Inception?

If you must sleep through a third of your life, why should you sleep through your dreams, too?

— Stephen LaBerge

Initially I had dreams of gliding, jumping enough so that it feels like flying and then finally flying. Also I feel powerful enough to change the situation like sadness to happiness. Whenever I wake up after these dreams I wish if somehow I could have fled on my favorites places. Whenever I have dream of flying I can actually feel my body is weightless and also feel the pressure of wind in every part of body. This feels so realistic probably very much similar if someone could fly in real world.

This whole experience leads to thinking about controlling my dreams, where I can create a world that I wanted. I did not take any help from others if they already knew about this kind of experience or never searched on internet for the same. Because initially I did not give much importance to it. After some time when I realized these dreams are somehow started helping me in real world so I thought about sharing my experience on a blog, I searched for similar experience and was surprised to know that this technique many people try to learn for many reasons.

These kind of dreams are called Lucid dream. if you search on the internet for it you will find this has been scientifically proven and has many advantages of it in real world. Some people says this can be a gateway to your inner self.

Further I am going to share my experiences of lucid dreaming and my observations, also some steps that may help you to lucid dream.

My experiences

You may think while reading my experiences that what is there for you? because these are my dreams. I will say you may get some facts about lucid dreams and probably will get some ideas how you can plan to change your inside world.

Dream 1

One of my dream was a multilevel dream similar to movie inception. This was a 3 level dream.

Level 3

Dream started with a very dark room in which I am sleeping with covering myself with a very thick blanket. And then suddenly I feel that there is some unknown entity in this dark room. So I started to uncover the blanket but then I realized this entity is not allowing me to see it by not letting me uncover the blanket. whatever I try it resists. Even I could feel those hands that was stopping me to do it. When you are really in these kind of situation you felt suffocated, a sensation of fear. but somehow I like this sensation. When trying so much I could not uncover it then I decided to take control of it and then I started thinking that blanket is vanishing. And it really started vanishing. (I will mention here that I heard a sound of bell that I knew that it is coming from the real world).

To control things in your mind you need to believe in you and concentrate on what you want. If you are not able to concentrate properly changes will be unstable in nature.

Now when blanket vanished I wanted to see this unknown entity. But room was very dark so I could not see this. Then I started to concentrate that room is filling with light, and this started happening and now there was no darkness in room. But still I could not find that entity. Now I thought of waking up because I heard a sound from real world. So I tried to wake up.

Level 2

Next I found myself in a room where I just woke up because I tried in level 3. After waking up here I observed that there is no sound source that generates the similar sound which I was hearing sometime back. Also this room was strange I have never been here before. Since I remembered where I slept last night so this did not take time to find that this is again a dream. Now I knew that this is a dream so I thought of exploring this area. I started looking in all rooms of this building. Surprisingly I did not find any person in whole building. Then I thought of exploring the town. I went to the roof and then started flying (I knew this is the dream so I can fly here).

It took many dreams to learn flying. And once i learned it i can do it easily now. I think you have to train yourself in dreams as well to achieve something and once you learn it, it happens in ease. Also this can be a limit kept by me that tells me you need training to perform certain tasks.

After sometime I found that this town has no person so I thought instead of wasting my time here I will wake up, also I remembered that I heard a sound some time back so I should wake up. I tried to wake up.

Level 1

When I woke up I have found myself in a ship. I wondered how I have come here then I start recalling where I slept last night and this place is not matching with it. I realized that this is again a dream. when I got up from bed I found this ship seems unstable. I decided to explore what is happening here. when I started exploring, I found some people and asked to them what is happening here. I was surprised by their answers. because everyone said a different problem. I reached to the top of the ship and I could see only sea in all directions. I thought of flying here too but then I recalled I was trying to get up because of a sound. so I tried to wake up.

Finally, I woke up in real world. I knew it because it was matching with memory where I slept last night. And same time I heard the ending sound of that bell. After hearing this sound, I was shocked because in level 3 I heard the starting of this sound and after that I felt that I was there for some time and also in level 2 I had time to explore whole town. and in level 1 I had time to talk few peoples and get to know what was the problem there. The sound of bell lasts for nearly 2 seconds and in dream I had so much time to do many things. This was an amazing experience. According to inception movie (this is a fiction movie) as person go inside many level time gets slower and minutes in real world becomes years in multilevel dreams. I am not sure about this theory but it looks like I had similar experience in this dream of having too much time when in real world it was only for few seconds.

In lucid dreams you are half awake so you are also connected to real world. When you wake up from lucid dreams you can mostly tell what was happening in real world when you were dreaming.

Dream 2

My another lucid dream was a combination of multiple continuous dreams where I woke up in between many times but then I again slept to complete it.

The dream started in a town, when it started to clear and colorful, I realized that this is a dream. Because things do not change colors in real world in this way. And once you know you are inside a dream you can play with it. Further I started playing with colors and clarity of this dream. I could see lots of people were walking on streets. But all they seem to me strangers I had never met them before. I decided to talk and know them. I introduce myself to one person and he said he knows me, I was surprised. Then I asked him who is he? he told me his name and I just started talking with him and we started walking in a direction together. This is very much surprising that if you ask some question to them you get answers that you did not expected. in this case you may get your questions answered which you are looking in real world. but then I have seen a flash and I woke up.

When I woke up I realized that this was due to wind was blowing curtain of a window that was allowing light to fall on my face that woke me up. Anyway I don't want to miss this dream because we were having some interesting talk. so I just kept my hands on my eyes and again tried to sleep and dream same. After few minutes I was able to sleep and again entered in my dream.

This time location was different. This was nice lake and some trees there. But I knew that I was dreaming so I decided to go to the same place where I was earlier in my dream. I closed my eyes and started thinking of that place and when I opened my eyes I was at my desired place. Now I started to look same person I met before but I could not find him. Then I thought of taking help of people around there and it was helpful. I asked to a group and they pointed me to sky and said he is there. I could see him fly. So I shouted and started running to catch him. But he continued to fly on his way. Then I remembered that I can also fly so I followed him. Finally, I was able to catch him.

I don't know why I asked him his name again (because I knew his name) may be because in real world also we easily forget person names whom we met once. But I was surprised by his answer. This time he said a different name than before. This started to think me lot and was making my dream unstable so left thinking on it and accepted whatever he said because I was much interested in our discussion. Then we again started the discussion. When I thought I don't have much to discuss with him so I came back to same place where my dream started.

I have observed in many dreams for same questions you get different answers.

Also beware of using too much logic in dream. Otherwise you will wake up. If you find out something that is logically wrong in dream, try to accept it and go with your dream where it leads to. Because this may lead to new things you have never seen or an amazing experience.

This time instead of talking to strangers I wondered if I can talk to my friends and spend some time here. So I picked some people there and then summoned my few friends into them. As I started thinking of summoning my friends into those persons, they instantly converted in my friends. Really amazing!!! Then I asked my friends, let's explore town, one of my friend said let's fly to explore it. Then I was surprised by knowing they know how to fly? they said yes. Further we flew together and started exploring town. And it was not only town, we flew over mountains, lakes sea.

In this dream I woke up again due to slip of my hands from eyes and light from the window but I managed to get back in dream and completed my journey till I feel that now the time is to wake up in real world.

You can too have Lucid dreams

If I can have lucid dreams why can't you have. I am going to suggest few steps to have lucid dreams, if this does not work for you. You can search on net there are huge resources available. like guides, apps, hardware etc. Below steps I have figured out for me.

Some perquisites and things to remember

  • Start thinking that you want to have lucid dreams or you want control in your dreams. This is called Affirmation
  • When you are sleeping keep your room dark or constant dim light, otherwise changes in light will wake you up.
  • If in your ordinary dream you are able to think then first thing you should do is reality check, there are many ways to do reality check. For me if I can fly or if I can change things in my dream then I figure it out that this is a dream. You can find many tricks on net what is best for you
  • Once you find out that you are dreaming and you have got a lucid dream, don't get too excited otherwise you will wake up

Steps I follow

  • Try to wake up 3-4 hours before you actually wake up in the morning. Then get up from bed and walk or do some work for 5-10 minutes.
  • Now tell your mind that you want to control your mind. And sleep again
  • Once you start dreaming, first thing you should check if this is a dream or real world.
  • Once you are in lucid dream try not to get too excited or fear or any other emotion, try to keep in control otherwise you will wake up.

If you don't have lucid dreams at once, don't worry this takes time. So keep practicing and keep telling your mind that you want it.

How this can be helpful in real world

The one obvious advantage of lucid dreams are that you can fulfills your desire in dream. You can have superpowers that has boundaries or limit what you put in your dream.

In real world remember how you get ideas for creation or for any problem. When usually you stuck you take help from other and after discussing with real people you learn how they think on these problems and generates ideas. In dreams when you discuss this with virtual people you also get some answers and idea, sometime they seem weird but some time they actually solve the problem. The reason is your subconscious mind knows too much. It's only you cannot directly talk to it when you are awake. Lucid dream gives us chance to talk to our subconscious mind.

When you start controlling your dreams it gives you confidence to tackle challenges in real world. If you have fear of something in real world you can overcome this by help of lucid dreams.

There are many things you can achieve by lucid dreaming. It's only limited by your imagination.

A world inside your mind, which you can control with your thoughts, you can wish to mold it in a happy world or a challenging world to improve your mind's capabilities in real world.

I will stop here for now. Next time if I get chance to write my experience I will tell more about my experiences, observations and facts. Till then Lucid dream

Find More...

Instead of giving some direct links, I will say just try to search about lucid dreaming or how to control dreams you will find huge resources. The more you will read about them more you will command your mind that you want it.

I would love to know you thoughts

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