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AA is a cult! It's A No- Brainer

Updated on September 21, 2015

Religious Symbolism, Rituals, Prayers, Sacred Text, Leaders, Followers.....Why is it so hard to figure out? because that is what cult's do!

Basically! | Source

AA is Dangerous Cult

AA is nothing more than a dangerous religious cult, trust me I lived in a cult community for nine months. It was called rehab, and it was an AA based treatment facility just about an hour away from Savannah in a college-town called Statesboro at a place called Willingway. That is until they kicked me out for being “too smart”. What exactly does that mean? Let’s think about this for a second, I’m too smart?

This is the first time in my life that someone has said that being “too smart”, is something that is not admirable. In other words, they had come the conclusion I was unable to be brainwashed. I wasn’t giving in to their psychological and physical abuse that occurred on a daily basis. I was defying them, questioning them even with threats of abuse, daily psychological torture, and the constant state of fear that they purposefully put me under in order to induce stress, and all of this was done for their sick twisted egos.

I was able to survive it and live to tell you about it because I have been through traumatic experiences before in my life and what saved me was knowing I would escape one day to a better place, to a place that was not consumed by these same ideas. A place that didn't treat me this way, a place where I would be happy again. However, this was worse because it was being carried out by people who said they were there to help, and to the general public you would think these people are wonderful souls sent by God to help others. They are known for helping people in desperate times to get their lives back together.

There is just one problem, it is a complete farce, a total lie, a scam! You may even hear people who have gone through the same treatment facility tell you the exact opposite and that is because the fear of what this cult is capable of doing to you is made clear to you on so many different levels. It is really hard to explain to anyone who has never lived through it. They don't say anything that would remotely indicate the truth. As a matter of fact, they will say the opposite. So, many people get to this place because they are in a desperate situation and they need some help. Why would you not believe these people who are here to help?

It helped me a great deal to already have been well-educated on religions in general. Although I had never studied cults in depth, I now consider myself somewhat of an expert. You really have to live through it to fully understand how they work, and they work on so many levels it is so deeply entrenched into every part of your existence.

I remember when I first checked in the first week or so, my counselor was doing the initial inventory, and he was asking general question like address, birthday, marital status, highest level of education! When I said, “Master’s degree", my counselor looked up immediately with this strange look on his face. I had no idea what he was thinking at the time, but now I know what he was thinking. He thought, "Oh no, we have problem, he has already had extensive education, his brain has had many years of formal education. This is going to make it very difficult to deprogram, but I guess we will try." I was thinking this level of education was a good characteristic to have. It at least meant that I had some of my shit together at some point, right? However, I was wrong. They knew it would probably be difficult to get me to follow the cult's teachings, so they made it especially difficult for me. Well, now It is my turn to teach them.

I believe most of the people who work there aren't mean or evil people, they have just gotten sucked into the cult and they have nowhere else to go. They are still waiting on the "miracle", a "spiritual awakening", and who wouldn't want to reach "the fourth dimension"? They either know they haven't really had any of those or they are so brain-washed they think they have, I'm not sure. However, if they have doubts they're kept secret. You learn early on not to question anything. Trust me, you learn quickly. These people are completley brain-washed and living in fear of the cult. It has become their existence. They are nothing without the cult, and they become really mean and evil people if you leave. I'm still figuring things out daily, so a good question is why? I believe they really want to believe that it is the cult, or excuse me the group of AA who has given them a life to live. When in actuality, AA has taken their lives because once they get you, there really is no escape without dire consequences. So, most of the people who go to this place in Statesboro are still there living within the cult, but this applies to almost all AA rehabs and AA in and of itself.

Where else are you gonna go? Willingway/AA has either taken all of your money or you had already lost everything before you got there, and if you haven't lost everything, then they will make sure you have nothing left to go back to if you were to leave. They make you completely dependent upon the group for your survival. If you have a marriage on the outside, well it will be gone. If you have a family, they will not have anything to do with you if you don't follow the cult's orders because they brain-wash them too. They pride themselves as having a great family program. Yeah, that's right they do. The last week you are there, your entire family has to come see you as they get a brief indoctrination into the cult.

What that means to you is that you are now and for the rest of your life an alcoholic or drug addict, and you will never be cured or free again. The only way you are able to live is one day at a time through the 12 step program. Trust me, they are not going to say it is time you take a vacation. Oh no, what is best for you is to stay there and continue to give them money while you are completely indoctrinated and brain-washed, and that normally takes about 90 days. That's why they tell you to attend 90 and 90. Ninety meetings in ninety days. That's if you are one of the fortunate ones who gets to leave after the initial six weeks. If you are one of the unfortunate ones like me then you and your family will be coerced into going to one of their long-term treatment centers or half-way houses for at least a year, probably two, and you will most likely never see anywhere else!

As I started talking to people who lived there. Nobody was from there and no one had left. Why were they not leaving? There isn't much to do in Statesboro unless you are going to college. So, why are all these people still here? That was my first clue as to something wasn't quite right about this place.

Thank God for my education and critical thinking skills. I have always been one to question things and over-analyze everything. I am a very intuitive and a thinking person. That doesn’t work with AA. AA prevents you from thinking and tells you what is true and what is false. There is no gray. Everything is black and white. Well, I have always been taught the opposite. In AA there are no questions to be asked, and if the Big Book says it, then case is closed. That is the way it is.

Hold on a second, there are always questioned to be asked, especially when you are being indoctrinated into a new religion, questions are very necessary. What are people doing when they “work” a step? When I finally started “working” the steps, I looked at my sponsor and said, "so we just “worked steps one through three?”, he said, "yes and we are ready to move on to step four."

That is where I drew the line. First of all, I just shook my head and acted as if I knew what he was saying, which made absolutely no sense at all. That’s why it was hard for me to pay attention and listen. However, he re-affirmed to me that I had just “worked” the first three steps. Now first of all, I remember these steps because I had to repeat them about five times a day (that's part of the brain-washing- repetition), and I had not “worked” anything. I just said I agreed with him, so I could go get back in the bed because I was in a deep depression.

"Oh, so you did't try?" is what many of you are saying now. No, I tried, and nothing got better. Everything was getting worse. Step 3: "We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him." The only thing I told my sponsor was that I believed in something else, something more powerful than me, something that comforts and loves me no matter what. He took that to mean I had turned my life and will over to this "new God"? Hell no, because it says as we understood him. My God isn't a him first of all, and we all have different views of God, if you want to call God a door knob or the group, then you do that, but don't tell me who my God is because you don't know my God. My God is a personal God.

If you think you can use the Christian God of your upbringing, well stick around and bring that up in a meeting. You will be quickly told that "we are not talking about that God!". "We are talking about our new God!" " Whoa, wait, what was that?" Then you would always here them say, your God can be anything you want it to be, it can be a door knob, this chair, or this group. I noticed that they would always say at the very end, "The Group". That's right folks your new God is AA or the group of people who make up AA and you are now indoctrinated into the religion of AA!!! Now, I don't know about you, but I don't want that God, and I was going to be damned if I got stuck there living in this cult for the rest of my life!

At any rate, while in this cult, I started to develop strange phobias, compulsions, delusional thoughts of death and suicide, an eventual escape. If that meant running in front of a semi-truck, so be it. I completely disassociated myself from reality. I didn't know this at the time, but I was recovering not only from drug abuse and dependence, but from a psychosis. I didn’t speak to anyone, and was completely pre-occupied by one particular thing the side of my face. These obsessions that kept my mind busy with my deformed face and ultimately death alone. That was my existence in this cult, while I was working the steps. I figured out how to play the game just give them a bunch of bullshit.

That was until my new counselor Roy came along. This man was a complete idiot. He had no idea what he was doing…so I would mess with him and make him work for it….he would eventually give up because he had no idea what to do. I later found out, when I escaped that he has a gay son that he kicked out of his house years ago. So, that may explain his contempt for me.

Before they kicked me out, I made sure to tell him what an idiot he was. I said..”stop, right there Roy, I know what you are going to say…you are going to give me a choice to go to Louis House," another two year lock down facility or be kicked out on the streets with no money and no place to go. Well, what he didn’t know was that I was already one step ahead of him…I rode my bike to the bank and withdrew two thousand dollars without their knowledge by writing down my bank account one day when I was in the office paying bills. I said, "now tell me Roy how do people at Louis House know that I am coming over there when I don’t know?" He stutters because he realizes this is against the law (although this would be the first time they cared about laws or ethics, so I could be wrong) However, I said “yeah I already know what your plan is because the guys at the house have told me they heard I was coming over there”. Now how could that be, Roy?" '"Ughh, well I didn’t tell anyone", he said.. I said," you didn’t tell anyone? I don’t care who told…the point is someone told them, and it wasn’t me and that is illegal. You do realize that?" I said, "well I am NOT going to Louis, so take me to the nicest hotel in town"…..he looked at me bewildered. He thought I had no money, and since they told my parents that I "was the sickest of the sick", they should have nothing to do with me and the only way for me to get better is "tough love". Even if that means I end up homeless on the streets.

Seriously, this is what they do, and they do it to everyone who questions them or who they think might cause trouble within the group or "group think". Everyone has to think the same way or it will not work. Luckily, my parents finally stopped listening to them as caring professionals they thought they were, but finally saw them for the lying thieves, and abusers that they are. My parents realized that they didn't give a shit about me. Like my Dad always says, "the truth will come out, eventually". Well, it's been a long time coming, but the truth is coming out, and AA will be exposed for what it really is, a dangerous cult.

When my Mom called Roy to ask why they would kick me out, when they specifically asked for them to wait until they could come over and get me? They had already paid for two more months in advance, but they didn't care. My mom called Roy and said, "he is very depressed and suicidal". That's when Roy said "Ma'am he's not our problem anymore, call the police. They like hearing this sort of stuff".

They might have mind fucked me for nine months, but I had the last laugh….stupid AA robots! Beware of this cult. I have been out three years now, and it consumes my daily thoughts to a point where I lose my shit!

Here is a good example of how deep this shit is think about this, I made a page on Facebook for survivors of this cult just out of curiosity to see what reaction I would get and just because I was pissed as hell and I wanted to see if anyone else out there was feeling the same way. I have been astounded at the people, who have found my page because they are up one morning ten years later and are googling "Willingway and cult". Just think about that for a second. Ten years after living on the streets, and ending up in a homeless shelter this woman finally has a job, and she is getting ready for work, but just wants to google "Willingway and cult" quickly before she heads out.

I hear basically the same story. Although each is unique in its on way, they all have one thing in common Willingway lied, stole all their money, and left them stranded on the streets alone. It is so sickening that these sick twisted people prey on the weak and vulnerable and take advantage of people when they are in these situations. It takes an especially sick person to cash in on other's desperation. That is what Willingway and the Mooney family is all about, and if you read anything else, it's from the many brain-washed cult followers.

In Dr. Mooney's Own Words......

"The message everyone leaves Willingway with is that their solution to their addiction depends on what they are willing to do when they walk out those doors. Our goal is to provide a clean slate with an introduction to a group of principles based upon the Twelve Steps of Recovery which will allow them to become whole once again. This is a solution I have witnessed repeatedly since watching my parents get sober when I was 16 years old. I have not found any other philosophy which adapts itself so readily to consistent long-term recovery. " Dr. Robert Mooney

If you need to read that again, I understand. This is the head psychiatrist at Willingway, the son of the Dr. who opened the hospital many years ago. Now, it is really quite a coincidence that all three siblings are all either recovering alcoholics or writers who write about recovery, each taking in large amounts of money from people when they are desperate for help. They prey on people at their most vulnerable these vultures come down and suck your soul and your bank account dry, so you will live a happy, clean and sober life. Unfortunately, it is all a lie, and they know it! They know the 12 steps are ineffective, so why do they push them on people as the only way to get sober? As a matter of fact, they don't even believe that depression, anxiety, or any mental disorders exists. It is all a spiritual disease that can only be cured by the 12 steps, and if you fit the right profile they are going to recommend you stay there for at least one year in their extended treatment facilities or in their two year houses owned by the siblings. Ironically, they have the last name of Mooney. No, it is not the infamous Mooney cult that you may be thinking of but a completely different group of Mooney's. What is up with that name?

Just look at what he is saying here, when you leave Willingway, if you fail, it's your fault because it is what you are willing to do. He also says that the goal at Willingway is to provide a person with a clean slate so that they may become whole again. In other words, their goal is to brainwash you into thinking that it is your fault when you relapse, and when you are there they tell you that you are more than likely going to relapse! So, what the hell are you paying all this money for? I thought AA was free? It is. So, safe yourself a ton of money, and if you think the 12 steps is the only way to recovery, go buy a Big Book and find a meeting. However, I would RUN to the alternatives. He also says that he hasn't found any other philosophy which adapts itself to long term recovery! Philosophy! I thought this was a hospital, and they are offering a philosophy as treatment?

It is a proven fact that AA and this sort of treatment only works for about 5% of the people who try it, and that 5% are just as likely to quit on their own. So, 95% of the people who walk in the doors of Willingway and AA treatments all over are going to relapse and when that relapse occurs, they will be there to help!

Think about this for one second, if you knew that only 5% of the people who use the 12 steps overcome their addiction this way would you pay thousands of dollars to take that gamble? Hell no, that's why they don't tell you that until after you get there. Well, actually they lie and inflate the number, but that is the actual percentage. They say that 100% of the people who follow their discharge plans succeed. Well, duh part of the discharge plan is not to relapse,, so if you relapse you didn't follow the plan. So, it is your fault. I call bullshit. This entire business is nothing more than a money making snake oil salesman scam! Yet, it is still open. My question is WHY?????

I have heard so many horror stories of abuse, neglect, torture (physical and mental), and this establishment still rakes in millions each month. Where is the oversight? Is there any other business that would allow a 5% success rate? No. This place needs to be shut down and countless others just like it. Although, since I was there for nine months I can say without a doubt that what they are doing there is illegal and highly unethical. Their plan is to break you down until you give in to Stateboro and their cult community actually becomes your best option in life. So, if you are in the Boro as they call it, go to the Fork, the local AA meeting where all of the Mooney's and their extended treatment patients attend and you will think you have discovered some magical oasis of recovery in the middle of GA.

It is all designed to seem that way. They bus the patients to the fork on Wednesday nights for the speaker meeting and that is the night that everyone has to be there. So, you are seeing people that you met in the inpatient facility and there is a lot of talking, and handshaking, it's a fun, fraternity party like atmosphere with a bright neon blue triangle lighting the outside porch up. Everyone is hanging outside smoking cigarettes. It all seems like a good time, and it seems that way because they designed it just like that. Hell, you would have probably caught me smiling that night because I knew that for an hour I got to sit there and listen to some one tell there story and then go home and go to sleep. The mental abuse was over for that day. You were even going to get to go get groceries or you already had b/c that was the day they gave you money for food and cigarettes. These people are really good at scamming you, and really good at pretending as if they care about you. I guess its that south Georgia charm they turn on, but disagree with them and see how much they like you.

Just one aspect can make a huge difference!

To many the religious vs spiritual argument is over, it has moved to question rather it is a cult or a new religion?
To many the religious vs spiritual argument is over, it has moved to question rather it is a cult or a new religion? | Source

What is the difference?

The only difference between religions and cults is that cults are not accepted by the mainstream and religions are, so technically AA is a religion. However, since mainstream society still accepts AA as an appropriate self-help group it is at the moment a cult.

However, remember that when cults start out they are very rarely identified as such, which is how they are able to grow and thrive and become larger.. It is only until later on in time, in the case of AA, over eighty years that something happens that draws attention to the cult as being a cult and not what it has always claimed to be. In this case, AA has been seen as a self-help group that aids individuals in recovering from alcohol and now substance abuse, and I would argue that the Internet, documentaries being made including the 13th Step by Monica Richardson and all of the other bloggers and online activists who are now able to call attention to something that has been hiding in our society for so long. It becomes really difficult for the organization to remain silent when murders, rapes, or scandals of widespread abuse and fraud are exposed to the public, That is why the majority of these crimes will never be known because they have been covered up and hidden for such a long time.

This isn't really new information!

In 1963 Arthur Cain discusses how AA has become an ineffective religious cult, yet it is 2015, and people are still forced to go there and basically told it is the only option.

Willingway Hospital

A marker311 Jones Mill Rd. Statesboro, Georgia -
311 Jones Mill Road, Statesboro, GA 30458, USA
get directions

Beware of this place! Here is the location in case you are ever close by, you know to stay away!

Alternatives to AA

So, what are the other options?

You would be surprised how many different options there are, yet AA is still pushed by the medical and judicial system. In essence, forcing people into a new religion. I believe we have something called a Constitution to protect us from this.

HARM reduction therapy is probably the most know of the alternatives. It's kinda like AA is an abstinence-based program. which labels you an alcoholic for life and a life-long membership in AA or you are bound to die. HARM reduction therapy would be like giving condoms out instead preaching abstinence, giving clean needles and safe places for people to get their drugs or working on minimizing the harmful effects to one's life, but doesn't require complete abstinence.

SMART recovery is another very popular method used by many to get help with alcoholism and drug addiction. To be honest, I don't know much about any of these programs myself because I am still deprogramming and getting over the psychological abuse an humiliation I had to undergo by the hands of AA.

Not Sure, yet?

Heretical Cult

Not only is AA a cult or religion, you decide. It also goes against the basic principles of Christianity, yet you will find AA meetings in church basements. See all of these things are not clear on the surface, it is designed that way to suck you in, but once in you realize that they are not talking about any God you have ever known, but a new God. The AA God. Don't believe me try bringing up Jesus in a meeting and see what happens.

Most do not realize they are in a cult....and thus do not speak out, or are scared of what the cult may do to them. They live in fear.


What are your thoughts?

Is Alcoholics Anonymous a Cult, a Religion, or Neither?

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